SIA Tech Brief: Upgrade Path to AI –Video Over IP, Sensor Fusion and Aggregation of AI Processors

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An outage to the fiber infrastructure linking IP cameras to the command center may have an aggregation point close to the command center itself, resulting in a wider outage. Introduction.

Unlocking Climate Change Resilience Through Critical Event Management and Public Warning


Siloed solutions complicate processes, causing confusion when teams and command centers should be working in sync. When teams and command centers operate from a centralized platform, responses are rapid and coordinated.


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Space Made Simple: How PagerDuty Enabled Loft Orbital to Achieve Incident Response Lift Off by PagerDuty


Another requirement was rethinking the mission command center. The next great space race is on. Today, there are multiple companies competing to earn their slice of a global space industry set to be worth more than $1 trillion by 2040.

SIA New Member Profile: Constant Technologies

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New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Constant Technologies specializes in mission-critical audio/visual (A/V) integration and custom control center furniture for command center environments in the public and private sectors.

Severe Weather Preparedness: Managing Severe Weather Events During Other Crises


And, as National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham told CNN earlier this spring, “It doesn’t matter if there’s 30 storms or one. Siloed solutions complicate processes, causing confusion when teams and command centers should be working in sync.

SIA New Member Profile: Infusion Direct Marketing

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IPVideo Corporation headquarters in Bay Shore, New York – Security Command Center. New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Infusion Direct Marketing, Inc. specializes in developing marketing programs for the security industry.

Top 4 Ways AI in Healthcare Is Making a Difference

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For example, it took 13 years—from 1990 to 2003—for multiple teams at 20 universities and research centers in six countries to map the human genome a single time. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how we do practically everything, and the medical field is no exception.

Evaluating the Global Risk Landscape and Creating Actionable Responses


With Everbridge Control Center , organizations can maintain operational control by correlating events from disparate safety and security systems into a single operating picture, ensuring rapid, consistent responses to potential and existing security risks as they unfold.

The Still Essential 90-Year-Old Technology: Radar Can Do What Visual Security Solutions Alone Cannot

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Today, radar has drastically improved the protection of airports, utilities, data centers and many other sites. Data Centers. Typically, for large enterprise data center locations, multiple data centers are built within a single perimeter in a remote environment.

SIA New Member Profile: Hakimo

Security Industry Association

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Hakimo is a technology company that integrates into physical security programs to improve the efficiency of access control monitoring and reduce the operating cost of expensive security command centers.

Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Physical Security: Intelligent, Autonomous Systems That Prevent Incidents Are Coming

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Command centers can leverage high-definition, zero-bezel displays as a flexible canvas for security, all made more intelligent by sensor fusion-driven AI for events. Gopal Paripally, global head of technology and vice president for Johnson Controls.

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Corporate Security Predictions and Trends 2021

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Our prediction centers around how organizations will reframe how they manage change. 24x7 Operation Center creation and expansion. The Security Operations Center could become the Services Operations Center as the need for rapid reaction and continual response increases.

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