They Called Me ‘The Queen of Doom’

Disaster Recovery Journal

What a ridiculous title â?? The Queen of Doom.â?? But that was my unofficial designation when I worked for the largest insurance broker in the world some 20 odd years ago. My peers and direct reports gave it to me. I realize it must have seemed that way to them at the time. Then 9/11 occurred.

EP17: Building My Own Online BIA App | Michelle Marx

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: This week on the podcast, we’re going to speak with a practitioner who faced the challenge of needing a BIA tool. But when she saw that a BC software wasn’t in the cards, she created her own!


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6 Ways to Build A Heart-Centered Business

Norita Omar

So you wanna be a soulpreneur? With a heart business to make an impact in this world and get paid for it! Whohoooo! Deciding to go into this journey of entrepreneurship is no easy feat but with these six ways, I hope it can help you build your dream heart-centred business! Set your intention.

What’s Changed for Our Customers? The Pandemic Power Pivot

PEAK Learning

For so many businesses, one of the potentially brutal but high-octane upsides of this pandemic is that everything is on the table. It’s a time when we strip it all down to the essentials, and get Real. .

SolarWinds Cyber Attack Update 12/17/2020

Scott R. Davis

Intelligence from the SolarWinds Cyberattack, which is being called Sunburst, continues to come to light as security professionals around the globe are trying to understand what happened and what the risk is to them and their clients.

Do Your Due! Post-COVID Business Continuity Due Diligence

Alternative Resiliency Services Corp

… And just like that… every business in the US and internationally is operating in Business Continuity mode! Employees displaced, workplaces inaccessible, supply chains disrupted, customers unavailable, products not moving.

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Why You Should Test Your Disaster Recovery Plan


If 2020 taught us anything, it was to expect the unexpected. It’s time to ensure your disaster recovery plan can stand up to whatever 2021 throws at it. The post Why You Should Test Your Disaster Recovery Plan appeared first on TierPoint

The challenges facing crisis management

Crisis Response Journal

The Covid-19 crisis is not an unprecedented or unpredictable event. Roger Gomm considers the difficult tasks ahead for crisis managers and asks: What lessons should be learned and what strategies can we use to move forward? By Roger Gomm

Want to know the top three things that scare me?

Disaster Preparedness

The Top Three Disasters That Scare Me. As a prepper and a preparedness professional there are still things that scare me. Few things do, but there are some things that even if you’re prepared for can still be a nightmare. What are those three things? I’ll tell you. A Pandemic (sorry but this one COVID-19 Isn’t it – I’ll explain why). A HEMP (High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse). Civil Unrest (Civil War). Pandemic. Coronavirus. Yes, a pandemic scares me.

How Business Continuity Provides Value to A Business

Erwood Group

How Business Continuity Provides Value to A Business. There are many ways in which Business Continuity can provide a business with tremendous value.

Download Your Planning Templates

Disaster Recovery Journal

Business Continuity Policy Template. This template helps you define your business continuity program and associated objectives, including roles and responsibilities. Download. Crisis Management Plan Template.

EP21:Reaching the Next Generation of Planners | Burley & Navarro

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: Industry Groups are an essential part of any profession. They allow practitioners and thought leaders to share knowledge and generate ideas with their colleagues in a collaborative setting.

Dream the Big Dream

Norita Omar

The beginning of the year has been hard for all of us. Plans were thrown out of the window and 2020 planners weren’t used as things get more uncertain each day. You might think that what’s the point of planning for next year when things are still uncertain like this year.

Media 130

The Pandemic Opportunity—Build Your Dream Team

PEAK Learning

Use the Real Deal, to Hire the real deal. Who says you can’t produce your brightest results—improve productivity, engagement, performance, innovation, and enjoyment— during the darkest times? Sure, the new world of work is rife with challenges and opportunities.

Pennsylvania residents are unprotected against modern data breaches

Scott R. Davis

Pennsylvania residents are unprotected against modern data breaches. Over the last fourteen years much has changed with technology. The first Apple iPhone was released in 2007, Ransomware became a common word in 2011, and Microsoft Windows 10 was released in 2015.

COVID, Meet Cognitive Bias. CB, Meet COVID. You Two Have Much to Talk About!

Alternative Resiliency Services Corp

Flash ! COVID is in the news! How could it not be? Our world is changed. Face it, we are inundated with this global threat, and rightly so. This is the most transformational event in recent history.

COVID-19 and climate change

IT Governance BC

Today is Earth Day , an annual global event that aims to raise awareness of environmental issues.

This Year in Disaster Recovery & DRaaS: Looking Back at Trends and Insights


A wrap up of all the disaster recovery, DRaaS, and Business Continuity trends we wrote about in 2020. The post This Year in Disaster Recovery & DRaaS: Looking Back at Trends and Insights appeared first on TierPoint

A European Health Union

Crisis Response Journal

On November 11, the European Commission announced that it was the taking first steps to build a European Health Union, reports Lina Kolesnikova By Lina Kolesnikova


Disaster Tip of The Week: Prepare to Adapt to Changes In Your Life

Disaster Preparedness

Sometimes, life causes us to make changes. One's we didn't really plan for. In the last few years I have had to change my plans and the way I prep. I went from being a Bug-Out person to one of Bugging-in. Let me share the story. I started “prepping” when I was quite young. Around the age of seven I believe. Back then we would go to the Otsego County fair in upstate NY. My favorite place to go was the area where the Red Cross and Civil Defense were set up.

5 Must-Haves in Enterprise Data Storage for Security and Compliance Needs


Data security is complicated. Compliance with security regulations has never been more important than it is today. It takes a lot of work to ensure your organization has a solid security program in place. How can you ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect your organization’s data?

Business Continuity as a Business Strategy

Disaster Recovery Journal

A recent trip to a local grocery store demonstrated organizational understanding of business continuity. While checking out my grocery purchases the storeâ??s s point-of-sale system went down. Sounds of angst reverberated from all of the checkout lines.

EP22: Gamifying Business Continuity | James MacDonnell

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Today on the podcast, we’re talking with James MacDonnell - Director, Crisis Management and Business Continuity at BDO USA.

It’s Possible to Reach Your Dreams + Life Update

Norita Omar

First off, I’m sorry that you haven’t heard from me these past few weeks. It has been incredibly crazy over here as we moved our home and office to a new location which I have been manifesting for years!

How to Bust Through Zoom Gloom!

PEAK Learning

So, how enthralled, engaged, and energized was everyone on your last video call or webinar? Did you look at those faces? How can you, or anyone, reignite virtually any virtual team? The team mojo sinkhole happened so fast. Isn’t it just insane?

Maximize the Value of Your Emergency Communication Software

Alert Media

The post Maximize the Value of Your Emergency Communication Software appeared first on AlertMedia. Communications Featured Remote Work

Self-Defense - An Important Aspect of Resiliency

Alternative Resiliency Services Corp

I normally firewall my Facebook persona from my Twitter and LinkedIn personas, keeping FB personal and the others professional. This keeps me from letting my personal views on issues and politics interfere with being completely dedicated to my clients and eliminates any judgments I may have of my clients' views, even perceptually, from influencing my opinion of them or the advice I give. I've had clients and colleagues from all over the political or issue spectrum and plan to keep it that way.

Face recognition software making progress at recognizing masked faces

Behavior Group

A study of face recognition technology created after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic shows that some software developers have made demonstrable progress at recognizing masked faces.

The difference between a generic response and contingency plans

Plan B Consulting

This week I look at the differences between a generic response and contingency plans. This week has been very busy for me, and amongst other tasks, I have been conducting a debrief for a multinational company on their response to date on COVID-19.

Supply chains, interconnectedness and pandemics: From global value chains to Covid-19

Crisis Response Journal

Many basic questions have remained unanswered, structural uncertainty and the streetlight effect (a type of observational bias that occurs when people only search for something where it is easiest to look). By Paolo Garonna

Protecting Employees No Matter Where They’re Working

Ready for Anything

How can organizations ensure that their employees are kept safe and informed during routine events or as they get used to a whole range of new scenarios, like returning to work in the midst of a public health crisis?

Feeling helpless at home? Try giving

National Center for Disaster Prepardness

By: Gregory R. Witkowski and Jeffrey Schlegelmilch. This piece was originally published on April 7, 2020 in The Hill. This pandemic, so pervasive it seems dreamed up in Hollywood, can lead to a feeling of helplessness as we sit at home doing our best to practice social distancing.

AlertMedia Improves Emergency Management with the Launch of Event Pages: Connecting People with Critical Information in Real-Time

Disaster Recovery Journal

AUSTIN, Texas â??  AlertMedia , the fastest-growing emergency mass notification software  provider in the world, has improved how organizations manage and communicate emergencies.

EP20: Developing Your Skills Through Service | Michael Crooymans

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: Participation in industry association’s governing boards, oversight committees, mentoring, and consulting groups, can have considerable influence on the development and direction of your profession. .