Navigating Your First Crisis – 8 Tips

Continuity Insights

Develop your business plan, launch your company, maintain it, and execute your growth strategy. Now that your business is rolling along, how are you going to handle your first crisis? Sounds logical, not always simple, but it sets you on the right path. In this post from, the author breaks down eight major crisis. Source. Crisis Communication

Bridging the Gap Between CIOs and CFOs


Moving your business forward with its digital strategy requires common ground between technology leaders and financial decision makers. However, 66% of business decision makers reported routinely purchasing new IT without the involvement of technology leaders 3. READ TIME: 4 MIN.


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Unitrends is Hiring Channel Account Managers


Align partner plans with needs of business and requirements/ suggestions from Sales Region. Develop partner specific sales and marketing plans to increase marketing and selling efforts. Coordinate with partners to develop joint business plan to mutually agree with business objectives. Perform business reviews and recommend improvements. Experience in understanding IT related business problems and developing and proposing appropriate solutions.

CCPA vs. GDPR: Compliance Comparison


Both laws govern how businesses can use the data they collect about consumers. On the other hand, the definition of a “sale” under CCPA states that neither a business’s use or website’s sale of personal data to a third party requires an individual’s prior consent.

Audit 52

What You Need in Your Business Continuity Plan

Assurance IT

Business continuity is a term that often gets thrown around but it has more than 10 parts to it. So stay tuned for Assurance IT’s other blogs about business continuity. Only 20% of the businesses have a formal business continuity plan and this is not enough.

How to budget wisely when purchasing new tech

Online Computers

New technology has the potential to transform and improve your business process, making it a critical factor in doing business. Follow these tips to make the most of your IT investment for your New Jersey business. Plan purposely.

Why Operational Resilience Ignores Resilience Professionals

Plan B Consulting

Since 2008, the business climate has been fairly stable and so organisations haven’t needed to be that resilient. Operational resilience thinking, planning and preparation have been about planning for disasters or crises, where a specific event effects a particular organisation.

Why Operational Resilience Ignores Resilience Professionals

Plan B Consulting

Since 2008, the business climate has been fairly stable and so organisations haven’t needed to be that resilient. Operational resilience thinking, planning and preparation have been about planning for disasters or crises, where a specific event effects a particular organisation.

The Link between Business Continuity & Organizational Culture

Stratogrid Advisory

The link between Business Continuity and Organizational Culture? Organizational culture is an often-overlooked factor in the long-term viability of Business Continuity Management (BCM) Programs. Business planning and organizational resilience. Business Continuity Planning.

Why Companies Should Put Superior Service and Support First

Security Industry Association

Business lessons in customer support and service from the world of monitoring. When building a successful business, everything needs attention. At the same time, businesses must also cultivate interest from new contacts looking for companies that will support them.

Securing Your Remote Workers

LAN Infotech

Cybercriminals are aware of business’s shortcomings concerning the online workforce. Hampering of business growth: Cyberattacks hamper your credibility and reputation in the market. Business paralysis: There has been a massive rise in DDoS attacks over the last few months.

Lessons Your Business Can Learn from Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack 

LAN Infotech

Lessons Your Business Can Learn from Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack. On May 7, 2021, a ransomware attack happened to one of the biggest businesses in the United States, the Colonial Pipeline. With such glaring figures, your business cannot afford to be casual about cybersecurity issues.

What is Business Continuity?

Erwood Group

What is Business Continuity. So, what is business continuity anyway? So, what is business continuity? Before I give you my answer, let me provide you with the definition from the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1600 (Which is their Business Continuity Standard).

What The Pipeline Oil Ransomware Attack TAUGHT Us

Assurance IT

The Colonial Pipeline Company is taking action and are starting to create a system re-start plan to close this attack and regain their assets. However, now hackers are attacking businesses from the comfort of their own homes. How They Plan These Attacks.

Considering robotic process automation to enhance your business resilience? Here are some key considerations

Plan B Consulting

Robotic process automation can bring resilience advantages to mission-critical IT and business processes but its introduction requires wider business planning. Here Ravi Dirckze looks at key considerations on the path to effective business automation.

Net Promoter Score Is as Much about You as It Is about Us

Pure Storage

It builds long-term loyalty by listening and helping support their business needs. which puts us in the top 1% of all B2B businesses tracked by Medallia. It makes us a stronger partner: Research shows that organizations with high NPS scores are healthier businesses.

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What Is ESG? [Complete Guide]


Let’s take a look at each of the 3 ESG considerations and dive into what exactly they entail: Environmental criteria evaluate how strongly a business acts as a steward of the environment. It’s important to note that social criteria looks closely at your organization’s business relationships.

Departments you need to involve to achieve BS25999

Plan B Consulting

Why develop business continuity training when you have a training department who could help you develop the training and has the capability to develop e-learning. Audit – audits and assessments Internal Communications – embedding business continuity and communicating the business continuity message to all staff. Human Resources – for getting business continuity built into the job descriptions and the rewards and recognition system.


Plan B Consulting

As we know football clubs are much more than businesses and much more than watching 22 men kick a ball around a park for 90 minutes; they come with large numbers of supporters who care passionately about the fortunes of their club.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Plan B Consulting

They have had to implement business continuity due to the requirements of one of their key customers. PlanB Consulting was lucky enough to get the work to implement business continuity into the company. So what is the relevance to us business continuity people?

Pure Leader Named CRN Rising Female Star 2022

Pure Storage

It takes focus, determination, a fierce passion for partners, and a great sense of humor to be successful doing business in the IT channel in 2022. Her impact is evident in the pipeline growth that drives expansion in partner business every day.

Business Continuity Guide for Smaller Organizations

Stratogrid Advisory

Business Continuity Planning Guide for Smaller Organizations. We recognize that many business continuity planning terms and industry-leading methodologies can be foreign to your organization. Section 2 - Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program Implementation.