Children’s Book on Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Zone

This one comes from the UN

5 Steps to Disaster Preparedness for Your Business

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Training with the National Centre for Disaster Preparedness 

Crisis Response Journal

CRJ Advisory Panel member, Rob Fagan describes the virtues of a comprehensive online package put together for disaster preparedness and emergency management by the NCDP

Is your business ready for any disaster? Review this 5-point disaster preparedness checklist

Online Computers

From hurricanes to fires to cyberattacks, a wide range of disasters can befall your New Jersey business at any time. That's why it's important for you to have a disaster preparedness plan (DPP) to help prevent or lessen the damage of a disaster and quickly resume normal business operations.

The American Red Cross on Disaster Preparedness: Q&A

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The post The American Red Cross on Disaster Preparedness: Q&A appeared first on AlertMedia. Emergency Management

Puerto Rico: The case for disaster preparedness 

Crisis Response Journal

The ongoing rise in deaths in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria exposes the devastating consequences of inadequate planning for natural disasters and how miscommunication impedes relief efforts, says Anastasia Kyriacou. By Anastasia Kyriacou

Disaster preparedness training on the Hungarian/Romanian border 

Crisis Response Journal

Editorial Advisory Panel Member Christo Motz is part of a European-funded disaster preparedness programme to strengthen cross border and inter-sector operability. This is his report. By Christo Motz

Disaster Tip of The Week: Set Meeting Points to Reunite With Family and Loved Ones

Disaster Preparedness

Odds are when a disaster or other unexpected event occurs you are likely to be at work. Make sure they know to go to these meeting points after a disaster. Meeting Points.

FEMA: Don’t Leave Disaster Preparedness to Chance

Continuity Insights

It’s important to do everything you can not to leave disaster preparedness to chance. Although we can’t control when or where disasters happen, we can take the luck out of preparing for them! Crisis Communication Disaster Recovery NewsAs Spring approaches, so does hurricane and wildfire seasons, along with an increased threat of tornadoes. Here are some ways you can. Source.

Workplace Disaster Preparedness Is Your Team Ready?

Business Continuity Today

Are members of your team ready for a disaster at the workplace? As we explore how we can keep our employees safe at work from COVID, we need to think about other disasters as well. Are members of your team ready for a disaster at the workplace? As we explore how we can keep our employees safe at work from COVID, we need to think about other disasters as well. Even during this pandemic, people spend most of their time in two places. Home and at work.

BCM Basics: The BC Professional’s Role in Data Protection

MHA Consulting

Business Continuity 101 Creating a Continuity Culture Disaster Preparedness IT Security Risk Management Security Plan data breach data protection data recovery data security IT data breach

BCM 68

How to Protect Appliances from Brownouts & Other Power Supply Changes


Disaster Preparedness brownout protection brownouts protect appliances from brownoutsBrownouts aren’t common; however, understanding brownout protection can be helpful to safeguard expensive devices. Keep reading for information about what causes brownouts and how to prevent brownout.

How to Set Up a Crisis Response Team (and Why You Need One) 

MHA Consulting

Crisis Management Disaster Preparedness Emergency Response Planning crisis management program Crisis Management Team crisis management team roles crisis response crisis response team crisis teamEvery company should have a crisis response team.

Disaster Preparedness is Not Seasonal but Year-Round

Continuity Insights

Crisis Communication Disaster Recovery Enterprise Risk Management NewsBy Deanne Criswell, FEMA Administrator: November 30th marked the official end to the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which produced 21 named storms, making it the third-most active Atlantic hurricane season on record. As a result of climate change, the novelty of breaking records has lost its weight; we’ve become desensitized to it, because we’re doing it. Source.

How to Help Your Organization Get Through a Ransomware Attack

MHA Consulting

Crisis Management Disaster Preparedness Risk Management Business Continuity get through a ransomware attack ransomware attack ready for a ransomware attack risk mitigationRansomware attacks are increasing in frequency and severity.

Dropping the Ball: 6 Common Crisis Response Mistakes

MHA Consulting

Crisis Management Disaster Preparedness Emergency Plan crisis communications crisis response crisis response mistakesHas your organization ever dropped the ball in responding to a crisis, thus making a bad situation worse?

Scenario of the Month: An Ice-Storm Wrecks Havoc

Disaster Preparedness

Melted Fiber-optic Cable. It is Mid-November. After a week of above-average temperatures and some heavy rain. A massive cold front has moved into your area causing an ice-storm and covering everything in layers of ice.

The Major Things I am Doing Now To Up My Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

Food Storage for Preparedness. In the last month, I have stepped up my preparedness efforts in a major way. Below are the major things I am doing now to up my preparedness for my family. Food Food Shortage Prepare Prepare Now Stockpile Storage Survival preparednessI have always been well prepared. I keep a nice stock of many things. From Food, Water, Medicine, and other items.

Table Service: 8 Ways Tabletop Exercises Can Benefit Your Company

MHA Consulting

Business Continuity Planning Disaster Preparedness mock disaster excercises Mock Disaster Exercise mock exercise tabletop exercise tabletop exercises

Want to know the top three things that scare me?

Disaster Preparedness

The Top Three Disasters That Scare Me. As a prepper and a preparedness professional there are still things that scare me. When this is over, this will likely be the biggest single disaster impacting the United States from an economic standpoint. Interestingly, it is known that when small businesses close for just ten days or longer, due to a disaster they tend to go out of business. What scenario(s) or disasters scare you?

Disaster Tip of The Week: Prepare to Adapt to Changes In Your Life

Disaster Preparedness

Bug out Disaster Tip of The Week bug in bug-in bug-out preparedness preppingSometimes, life causes us to make changes. One's we didn't really plan for. In the last few years I have had to change my plans and the way I prep. I went from being a Bug-Out person to one of Bugging-in. Let me share the story. I started “prepping” when I was quite young. Around the age of seven I believe. Back then we would go to the Otsego County fair in upstate NY.

Medicine and Preparedness: The 22 Medications You Need in Your Personal Stockpile

Disaster Preparedness

Medicine and Preparedness: The 22 Medications You Need in Your Personal Stockpile NOW! I have seen and read many posts over the years about adding or using medicines meant for pets during preparedness or survival situations. Mdeicine for Survival.

Proactive Tips for Businesses Facing Hail Damage Claims

Risk Management Monitor

As companies assess their natural disaster preparedness, there are some proactive measures that should be taken specifically for hail to leave organizations best positioned for any resulting insurance claims. Claims Management Disaster Preparedness Disaster Recovery International Legal Natural Catastrophes Property/Casualty hail hailstorm legal risk natural disaster natural disaster planning natural disaster preparation severe weather Weather Risk

Recovery in the Aftermath of a Hurricane

Risk Management Monitor

Regardless of whether or not you experienced damage this year, if your business is in a hurricane prone area, or has the potential for a hurricane, you need to put your hurricane preparedness plan into action by building your hurricane kits, gathering needed supplies, and training your employees in pre- and post-hurricane activities. If history has taught us anything, it is that a common thread across the responses to all natural disasters is a lack of awareness and preparation.

RIMS ERM Conference 2021: Lloyd’s Chairman on the Vital Role of Risk Management in Fighting Climate Change

Risk Management Monitor

As evidenced by the increasing number of weather and climate-related natural disasters in recent years, the stakes couldn’t be higher for organizations and communities around the world, according to Carnegie-Brown. Climate Change Crisis Management Disaster Preparedness Emerging Risk Enterprise Risk Management Environmental Risk Natural Catastrophes Risk Management Strategic Risk Management environmental risk ERM ESG RIMS ERM Conference

Tornadoes Devastate Midwest and Southern States

Risk Management Monitor

Scientists say that climate change may have changed normal weather patterns and led to these tornadoes’ increased intensity and reach, with record warm temperatures across the region potentially exacerbating the disaster. Climate Change Cyclones Disaster Preparedness Disaster Recovery Environmental Risk Legal Natural Catastrophes Safety Tornadoes Tornados Workplace Amazon natural disaster natural disaster planning

Should You Revisit Insured Property Value Estimates?

Risk Management Monitor

Claims Management Disaster Preparedness Disaster Recovery Insurance Loss Control Property/Casualty Risk Management commercial property insurance insurance claims Insurance Policies insurance premiums property damage Property InsuranceOne of the first steps in obtaining commercial property insurance is to determine the value of the property being insured. The reported property value will drive premium amounts and, importantly, represents the property loss exposure.

Navigating the Supply Chain Crisis

Risk Management Monitor

Business Interruption Crisis Management Disaster Preparedness Disaster Recovery International Natural Catastrophes Pandemics Risk Management Supply Chain covid-19 global risk global supply chain international risk pandemic recovery pandemics supply chain supply chain disruption supply chain interruption supply chain risk

Hurricane Risk Management: Key Considerations Before and After Storms Strike

Risk Management Monitor

This plan should include everything from the identified incident response team and the established internal and external communication protocols to the selected offsite workspace and disaster recovery plan. When a storm of any magnitude hits, multiple businesses will likely be affected, so establishing a vendor rapport beforehand allows you to pre-negotiate rates and availability guarantees, helping to save time and money after a disaster.

If There Was Ever A Time To Prepare, The Time Is Now!

Disaster Preparedness

We were well prepared before and I recently began scaling up our family preparedness efforts and put out the word to my followers that now is the time to stock up. 2020 COVID-19 Election Great Reset Prepare Prepare Now Preparedness preparedness

RIMS Risk Forum India 2021: Building Resilience As COVID, Cyberrisk Top Business Risks

Risk Management Monitor

Asked to rate their organization’s preparedness from 1 to 5 (not prepared to fully prepared, respectively), the majority of India-based risk professionals ranked their organization a 3, and only 10% said they are fully prepared. Marsh identified four “common behaviors among companies that are on the path to becoming more resilient”: anticipating risk, connecting risk management to business strategy, avoiding gaps in the perception of preparedness, and measuring relevant data.

Cross-border disaster exercise in Csenger, Hungary-Romania 

Crisis Response Journal

Christo Motz provides some initial observations on a cross-border exercise designed to improve disaster preparedness and strengthen co-operation between professional and volunteer emergency services in the Hungarian-Romanian border region. By Christo Motz

Hurricane Ida Is Part of a Cycle of Disasters—Mitigating Their Impact Means Building Back Better

The Rand Blog

Building back better means focusing on recovery that not only restores damage from a disaster but also reduces future risk.

New Research: Almost Two-thirds of Orgs Have Responded to a Cyberattack with a DR Solution in the Last 12 Months

Continuity Insights

Zerto commissioned IDC to conduct a major ransomware and disaster preparedness survey, which revealed that 79% of respondents have activated a disaster recovery (DR) response within the past 12 months. Cyber Disaster Recovery NewsNearly two thirds (61%) of these incidents were triggered by ransomware or other malware with 60% of organizations reporting they had experienced unrecoverable data during. Source.

Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11: Where we have been and where we are headed in disaster management

National Center for Disaster Prepardness

It is also a time for us, particularly in the disaster preparedness community, to reflect on what has changed since 9/11 and what has not. The state of preparedness in the United States is evolving.

New Book Review

Recovery Diva

Keywords: cultural competency; crisis management; emergency management; disaster management; disaster response; disaster preparedness; disaster relief; case studies; special needs populations; vulnerable populations; social vulnerability; at-risk population; religious minorities; autism; hearing-impaired; homelessness; shelters; safety; active shooter; displaced population; HAZMAT; evacuation; refugee camp; conflict zones.

Insights into creating a successful Disaster Recovery exercise – Part 1: Objectives


With more than three million consumer households at stake, they have designated disaster preparedness a ‘mission critical’ program. Periodic testing and validation of their documented Disaster Recovery Plans are the only way to certify their DR Program as credible and viable.

Mass Shootings: Reassuring Children After a Traumatic Event

National Center for Disaster Prepardness

As a pediatrician and director of Columbia University’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness, I am offering some guidelines on how adults can speak to, comfort, and console children about these latest tragedies.

Feeling helpless at home? Try giving

National Center for Disaster Prepardness

But in our research on past disasters, we have found that even though all are affected, the impact varies tremendously based on economic class. Such centers are often forgotten among the basic needs that communities require after a disaster. By: Gregory R.

The 11 Best Free Disaster Recovery Plan Templates Online

Solutions Review

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best free disaster recovery plan templates available online. With cyber-attacks and natural disasters threatening your data at every turn, being prepared with a disaster recovery plan is your best defense.