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Survey: Disaster Preparedness Doubts Creeping Across the U.S.

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Motorola surveyed 1,000 people for their experiences with severe disaster weather, and found 66% said they’d missed work because of a natural disaster, while 40% had been unable to access necessities during that […] The post Survey: Disaster Preparedness Doubts Creeping Across the U.S.

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Coast Guard Should Improve Its Disaster Preparedness says GAO

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From HSToday: Coast Guard Could Improve Unit Disaster Preparedness, GAO Says. Officials from three of nine districts and eight of the nine sectors surveyed stated that their unit or their subunits did not have enough or consistent unit funds to purchase emergency food or water.


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Pet Disaster Preparedness Is Important

Disaster Zone

Pets have become family members.

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Training with the National Centre for Disaster Preparedness 

Crisis Response Journal

CRJ Advisory Panel member, Rob Fagan describes the virtues of a comprehensive online package put together for disaster preparedness and emergency management by the NCDP

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5 Steps to Disaster Preparedness for Your Business

Alert Media

The post 5 Steps to Disaster Preparedness for Your Business appeared first on AlertMedia.

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Is your business ready for any disaster? Review this 5-point disaster preparedness checklist

Online Computers

That's why it's important for you to have a disaster preparedness plan (DPP) to help prevent or lessen the damage of a disaster and quickly resume normal business operations. But how can you be sure that your strategy to mitigate disasters will actually work?

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Children’s Book on Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Zone

This one comes from the UN.