Late Season Hurricane Strikes the Southeast Are your employees ready for all-hazards

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Todd is in Georgia this week at the International Association of Emergency Managers’ 70th Anniversary Conference. When he landed in Georgia, Hurricane Nicole hit the coast of Florida, and the tail hit Savanna.

Be Prepared for Anything: The All-Hazards Approach to Emergency Management

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September is Preparedness Month 

Crisis Response Journal

August 2021: Monika Al-Mufti describes the campaign that involves an all-hazard themed daily programme, collaborated on and shared by a wide range of stakeholders and officials, NGOs and advocates

Low-cost online learning for professional development 

Crisis Response Journal

In the first of a new series of blogs, CRJ Advisory Panel member Rob Fagan explains how you can enhance your professional development and training in all hazards understanding, crisis leadership, and global emergency management topics writ large on a cost By Robert Fagan

Organisational resilience: Protecting your people and business from fire 

Crisis Response Journal

Gary Villeneuve, Director of Education at DRI International, outlines how an all-hazards approach is crucial for protecting an organisation and the people that make it valuable By Gary Villeneuve

Comment re flood insurance

Recovery Diva

Reply from Jerry Quinn to the previous posting: Congress & the Executive branch are responsible for all hazards/risks. Their best & brightest can’t/don’t control hazards/risks brought on long ago by federal actions and decisions. There are only 2 viable alternatives: 1) National all hazards risk ratings with the premiums being a tax credit.

Book Review: Constructing Risk

Recovery Diva

179] After a number of chapters about the failings to influence construction and land planning, chapter 15 imagines headlines of the future, visions of the good that all-hazard risk management could achieve: 2031 School Life Safety instituted so that classrooms in the 450,000 primary and secondary schools around the globe are less vulnerable. Constructing Risk: Disaster, Development, and the Built Environment by Stephen O. BenderNew York: Berghahn. 4 of Catastrophes in Context.

Make Rapid-Fire Reporting Standards Work for You


Roles and responsibilities of the incident response team and all other teams involved. A contact list with all required information, forms, and timelines for notification of all parties. Given the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, no one firm can anticipate all threats.

The 2019 Global Assessment Report (GAR)

Emergency Planning

It could be argued that political decision making is the greatest barrier of all to successful disaster risk reduction. Unofficial voices have suggested that the 'cure to damage ratio' for natural hazards is 1:43. The GAR notes that "we all live in communities".

SIA New Member Profile: Swan Island Networks

Security Industry Association

We focus on all hazards events that are correlated to customer locations and communicate the information through visual dashboards and text/phone alerts. Pete O’Dell, CEO, Swan Island Networks.


CCEM Strategies

These programs are founded on the National Strategy and Action Plan for Critical Infrastructure , which emphasizes an all-hazards approach for strengthening the resiliency of Canada’s CI. As the floodwater in B.C.’s

Using Budget Principles to Prepare for Future Pandemics and Other Disasters

National Center for Disaster Prepardness

Preparedness funding has ebbed and flowed over the years, peaking a few years after 9/11 and gradually decreasing with health security grant programs decreasing by a third to as much as half from their peaks, with similar reductions across all-hazards emergency management grant programs.

Everything You Need to Know About Business Continuity Plans

Erwood Group

For small businesses, it is common to have just one all-encompassing plan. One important thing to know is that the Business Continuity Plan should contain all the information required to implement the processes and strategies to perform the business functions contained in the plan.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Exercises

Business Resilience Decoded

Episode 75: This week’s podcast is all about sin. As Rick puts it: “After I break all your windows and fill your basement with water, I leave.” • Organizations don’t put enough effort into our Exercise Evaluation Guides. He is a former firefighter who designs, delivers, and evaluates readiness exercises to improve resilience to all hazards. LinkedIn: [link] • Disaster Recovery Journal: [link] Episode 75: This week’s podcast is all about sin.

The New Normal

BCP Builder

All aspects of Business Continuity, including planning, training, stress testing and exercising of Business Continuity Plans will be seen as a priority. An impacts-oriented all-hazards approach will be worthwhile planning going forward (as it has been in the past).

BCP 52

What is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)?

Stratogrid Advisory

The BIA engagement will require a partnership with business stakeholders across all business units and departments. The Risk Assessment can be completed by using a traditional Operational Risk Management (ORM) methodology, or an All-Hazards Risk Assessment (AHRA) approach.

Mitigating the Impact of Severe Weather


As severe weather continues to threaten more people and cause greater harm, building resilience against natural hazards and climate threats is paramount: the time for governments and enterprises to act is now. Over-notification: Severe weather events happen all the time.

Corporate Security Predictions and Trends 2021

Swan Island Network

It’s a challenging time for all of us. Our prediction is that many more companies will adopt 24×7 all-hazards threat monitoring as a “must have” corporate security function, and devote more dollars to contingency planning and capability.

Emergency Alert Systems Both Then and Now

Alert Media

All of the television and radio test sirens you have ever heard were initiated by your local authorities. The truth is, we don’t read all of our emails. Relief poured in from countries all over the world, making it one of the largest humanitarian efforts in history.

Alert 52

Risk Managers: Is Today’s Violence Worse than the 1960’s? Yes, and Why You Should Care (Sorry, Jim and Max)

Alternative Resiliency Services Corp

Technology All of the above points are enabled with technology that the 60’s would have marveled at. An unbiased external Risk Assessment can render independent opinion and help avoid risk bias Adopt an all-hazards approach to contingency planning and response.

Business Continuity Guide for Smaller Organizations

Stratogrid Advisory

We all live in an unpredictable world. Business Continuity should be one of the top priorities for all organization leaders, and response plans should be implemented in organizations of all sizes. The implementation of the BCM Program will touch all parts of an organization.