Hit or Myth: 5 Common Misconceptions About IT/disaster recovery

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Today we’re going to look at five commonly held myths about IT/disaster recovery. These … The post Hit or Myth: 5 Common Misconceptions About IT/disaster recovery appeared first on MHA Consulting.

Fine by Me: The Proposed $1 Million Fine of Colonial Pipeline  


The Department of Transportation recently announced a proposed $1 million fine of Colonial Pipeline for shortcomings in its recovery planning that increased the societal damage in the wake of the cyberattack on the company last year.

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Guest Posting on Hurricane Sandy

Recovery Diva

Hurricane Sandy at 10, Katrina at 20: How do we study recovery over decades? As I was wrapping up my book on long-term recovery after Hurricane Sandy, due this fall from Lexington Press, I realized that we are fast approaching the 20 th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Decadal milestones are important in the study of long-term recovery because they provide opportunities for assessment and stock taking.

Separating the Best from the Rest: An Analysis of Why Business Preparedness Is Critical in an Uncertain Future

Erwood Group

It also left 1400 hard drives, and 400 SAN disks soaking wet and caked with mud and debris. It is important to note that even delayed revenue can have a significant impact on a business’ cash flow, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Notice this is preparedness, not recovery efforts.

The Importance of Business Continuity Whitepaper

Erwood Group

It is newly updated with fresh content, new stats and important new information. The best part is it’s free. The Importance of Business Continuity is an extensive Whitepaper first written in 2009 by our CEO & Principle Managing Consultant – Keith Erwood.

PRA’s Operational Resilience Roadmap: Looking Ahead to the March 2025 Compliance Deadline


If the output is simply “Process a money transfer,” it may be ok to keep it at a high-level. It may be ok to have one IBS in this example. It isn’t just a driver of purely internal impacts.

Defining RTOs – Help Needed

Plan B Consulting

This week, Charlie needs your help and advice when it comes to RTOs! Setting the RTO at 2 years is the amount of time it would roughly take if the generator sets and infrastructure were lost to a storm surge to rebuild and recover to what they have at the moment.