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Recovered, but Not Whole: U.S. Jobs Rebounded, but Not for Everyone

The Rand Blog

But the pandemic recession and its recovery treated men and women differently, and treated women of color differently from white women. labor market is on track to hit a milestone this month or next: It will have recovered all of the jobs lost in the pandemic recession.

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Fine by Me: The Proposed $1 Million Fine of Colonial Pipeline  


The Department of Transportation recently announced a proposed $1 million fine of Colonial Pipeline for shortcomings in its recovery planning that increased the societal damage in the wake of the cyberattack on the company last year.


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Guest Posting on Hurricane Sandy

Recovery Diva

Are there scholars still working on post-Katrina New Orleans through analysis of its recovery and transformation over the last 15-20 years? Now may be the time to revisit the excellent scholarship on post-disaster recovery conducted after Katrina and to do a retrospective assessment of 20-years of long-term recovery in New Orleans.

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Rehearsing Plan B: The Importance of Mastering Your Workarounds

MHA Consulting

It’s worth remembering that these workarounds are not separate from the recovery plan; they are the plan. In working with the departments to practice their manual workarounds, you are helping your organization get better at executing on its recovery plans.

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Safeguarding Your Computer Systems: How to Build an IT Disaster Recovery Team

MHA Consulting

The BC professional on the team ensures that IT recovery plans align with business needs. Business needs are determined by a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) completed before disaster recovery planning begins. The coordinator also helps resolve problems encountered and removes roadblocks that might slow the process down.

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The Importance of Business Continuity Whitepaper

Erwood Group

The Importance of Business Continuity is a great resource to have at your fingertips or close by to facilitate discussions with your executive management team, crisis management team, IT recovery team, and anyone else that you might want to discuss business continuity or disaster recovery with.

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Every Business Continuity Plan Should Include Disaster Recovery


Developing a disaster recovery plan concurrently with the overall BC plan is an essential and efficient use of an organization’s time and resources. The analyses will identify critical components of the disaster recovery plan, such as IT recovery time and recovery point objectives.