2022 Predictions: How Much Damage Could an IT Outage Do?

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Prediction 7: An extended outage of […]. The post 2022 Predictions: How Much Damage Could an IT Outage Do? Conference News Presentations DRI2022 IT outage Trends and Predictions

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The Great Facebook Outage of 2021: 4 Key Lessons

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4, Facebook suffered one of its longest outages of nearly six hours, which was long enough to majorly disrupt online retail and global communications networks and create panic and confusion among users. The post The Great Facebook Outage of 2021: 4 Key Lessons appeared first on DRI Drive.

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Powering On: How to Be Ready for a Power Outage


Extreme weather is making power outages more frequent, and work from home has not made the issue go away. government has concluded that climate change and extreme weather are raising the incidence of power outages.

Power Outages in Nursing Homes

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Nursing home deaths rose 25 percent after Hurricane Irma, study finds In an article in JAMA Health Forum, a national team of researchers associates power outages in nursing homes with a 25 percent increase in deaths

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Canada Suffers Widespread Wireless Outage

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This time it was a software issue

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In the Battle Between Wildlife and Power Grids, Never Bet Against the Beaver

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On June 7, an outage in northwestern British Columbia left residents without internet, landline or cellular service […]. News beavers British Columbia ospreys Power Grid power outage wildlife

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Are you ready for a power outage

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The rising rate of power outages, the strain on the system, and the closing of power plants across the US are just some of the symptoms. The rising rate of power outages, the strain on the system, and the closing of power plants across the US are just some of the symptoms.

All Outages Like British Air are ALWAYS Human Error!

Alternative Resiliency Services Corp

Humans conflate Availability with Contingency Many outages are caused or exacerbated because ‘fail-proof’ systems failed. In the outage described above, the IT organization response was delayed by almost two hours and was initially sluggish.

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Rota Power Cuts and an Old Incident Revisited – Auckland Power Outage, 1998

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The thought of a power cut in a city reminds me of the outage in Auckland in 1998, which made a big impression on the emergency planning community. The Auckland power outage took place in the central district from 19th February to 27th March, 1998.

Rota Power Cuts and an Old Incident Revisited – Auckland Power Outage, 1998

Plan B Consulting

The thought of a power cut in a city reminds me of the outage in Auckland in 1998, which made a big impression on the emergency planning community. The Auckland power outage took place in the central district from 19th February to 27th March, 1998.

Facebook, Instagram & WhatApp Outage Reveals AI Image Tags

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The post Facebook, Instagram & WhatApp Outage Reveals AI Image Tags appeared first on Behaviour Portugal. Billions of users were frustrated by not being able to see their images on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp this week due to glitches in Facebook’s platform, which was triggered by “routine maintenance.”. Image Tags Instead of pictures and videos, users were shown grey boxes with text describing what was in the image. This is believed… Continue reading.

Computer says no! NHS Glasgow computer outage

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Staff were having to manually enter the records written over the days of the outage and tried their best to re-arrange appointments. NHS Glasgow computer outage appeared first on PlanB Consulting.

The British Airways IT Outage – An Alternative View

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I have been scouring the internet for any information on why the outage happened, but the only information released so far is that it was due to a power surge. The East Coast Amazon data centre outage a couple of months ago should have taught us that however many backup systems an organisation has, their IT can still fail. The post The British Airways IT Outage – An Alternative View appeared first on PlanB Consulting.

Understanding the Anatomy of Cloud Outages and Best Practices for Recovery

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Learn about the anatomy of a cloud outage and best practices to help your business ensure maximum uptime against all odds What really happens when the cloud goes down and how do you protect your critical business applications in such an event?

True or False: Your organization isn’t responsible for protecting against cloud outages

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What you don’t know about the cloud can hurt you. Did you know that organizations experience 22 minutes of downtime/month on average in the cloud? ( you can read more about that here – The new truth in cloud ) Read more

Latest Test of TX Utility System

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Power outages in February 2021 were largely a failure of the natural gas system, a reality that state officials don’t acknowledge, blaming wind energy instead From Inside Climate News: One Year Later: The Texas Freeze Revealed a Fragile Energy System and Inspired Lasting Misinformation.

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The Retro Revolution:  Why Manual Workarounds  Are a BC Must 


The scenario was, “A regional internet outage has occurred; you have no internet access to the outside […]. Because technology is vulnerable to disruption—and disruptions are on the rise—every organization should devise manual workarounds for its critical business processes.

Top 3 FAQs About Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery


A single data breach, ransomware infection, equipment failure, or an unexpected power outage could quickly become a catastrophic event, especially when it […]. Data is piling up in organizations, challenging their IT staff’s ability to keep pace with security and backups.

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for MSPs in a comprehensive cyber protection strategy


In the event of a sudden and unexpected disruption, from a power outage or natural disaster to equipment failure or system crash, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Outsourcing Business Continuity Planning - Outsource BCP

Virtual Corporation

If your enterprise has a disaster recovery plan, you’re on the right track, but these plans don’t always go into the details of how your business will operate and regain access to your data during an outage.

Document Core Processes (aka “What’s that post-it?”)

Kings Bridge BCP

It usually takes a large-scale outage to convince a team to get their core processes written down. An outage on the scale of a few hours could have been measured in minutes if documentation existed.

BCP 83

Scenario of the Month: An Ice-Storm Wrecks Havoc

Disaster Preparedness

A fire has broken out downtown at an underground sub-station causing both a power outage and melting of fiber-optic cables impacting the internet and 911 calls. Melted Fiber-optic Cable. It is Mid-November. After a week of above-average temperatures and some heavy rain.

Security teams need to become more proactive and risk-driven

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83% of companies would suffer business damage during the first 24 hours of an outage and thereafter, which comes as no surprise with recent surges in ransomware and other attacks wreaking havoc across IT infrastructures, a Dimensional Research survey reveals.

Drought, Weather, and Why We May Have an Electricity Shortage

Business Continuity Today

When we think of Business Continuity Planning, we ought to have a plan for a power outage; however, have you ever thought about a power shortage? As we see, the price of fuel impacts the supply chain. Can the drought in the American Southwest impact the electrical grid?

Better Data for Public Health: How Nexleaf and PagerDuty are Monitoring Healthcare by Rachel Schmitz


With little to no data to understand how and when power outages occur, it has become increasingly challenging for bioengineers to manage. . Without data showing exactly how long and costly these outages are, it’s difficult for these hospitals to justify additional funds. “O

S2, Episode 6 - Katherine Corbishley

The Business Continuity Podcast

We discuss her experience of dealing with power outages around the world and how prior experience in the hospitality industry has helped her as a continuity professional. Katherine Corbishley is Business Continuity Supervisor at a large, global corporate law firm.

Don’t Let Your Data Go Away In The Case Of An Emergency

Continuity Insights

Because modern businesses depend on data, so that any unplanned IT outage can have a detrimental effect on profitability, productivity, sales, and customer experiences (CX). Using a disaster recovery as a service is a very clever thing to do today. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses choose a dependable method to reduce data loss and. Source. Crisis Communication Cyber Disaster Recovery Enterprise Risk Management

Why Should You Care About Water Issues In Your Community

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Power outages mean pumps can’t process and treat drinking water or sewage, and heavy stormwater flows can damage water mains. Power outages mean pumps can’t process and treat drinking water or sewage, and heavy stormwater flows can damage water mains.

What to do to your home before and after winter weather strikes

Disaster Safety

In case of a power outage, follow these guidelines when using a generator: Using a generator poses certain risks that must be addressed for safe operation, including fire, damage to electrical equipment, and even injury or death to those operating the generator or inside the home.

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Disaster recovery with AWS managed services, Part 2: Multi-Region/backup and restore

AWS Disaster Recovery

Using multiple Regions ensures resiliency in the most serious, widespread outages. The Amazon EKS control plane and data plane will be created on demand in the secondary Region during an outage via Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC) such as AWS CloudFormation , Terraform, etc.

Comparing Resilience: Business, Operational, IT, and Cyber – Part Three


Aside from data backup and replication considerations, IT organizations and teams also need to design robust disaster recovery (DR) plans and test these DR plans frequently to ensure quick and effective recovery from planned and unplanned outage events when they occur.

AlertMedia Improves Emergency Management with the Launch of Event Pages: Connecting People with Critical Information in Real-Time

Disaster Recovery Journal

While an emergency can be many things – a winter storm , natural disaster, power outage, or man-made incident – streamlining and centralizing communications can play a major role in improving the outcome of an event. AUSTIN, Texas â??Â

How flexible is your BCP?

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You should be able to use the same BCP to respond to a fire, a train derailment, a power outage, or an active threat. Is my plan enough? As Business Continuity professionals, we see a lot of plans.

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The 5 most common causes of server downtime and how to prevent them

Online Computers

Network outages. In a network outage, the server can't communicate with other computers, causing work to grind to a halt. The difficult thing about network outages is that they can be caused by anything from router failures to cable cuts to internet service provider problems.

Can You Afford Business Continuity Planning?

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We recently worked with a small development company that experiences frequent power outages. We calculated how much direct salary money they were losing with the power outages. In a word: Yes. Really, you don’t have a choice but to afford Business Continuity Planning.

Make Sure Your SaaS Data is Covered: Back It Up!


Then, regardless of how much SaaS has benefited your company, it’ll only be talk when the data you thought was backed up isn’t there or when productivity grinds to a halt because an outage is keeping users from the resources they need to get their job done.

Cloud Alone Is Not Enough. You Still Need Disaster Recovery.


The world has become increasingly reliant on access to data and digital services, and prolonged outages may cost your organization lost business, impaired productivity and irreparable reputation damage. Even the largest public clouds experience outages as seen in recent news events.

The Most Crucial Element of Any Counter-Ransomware Strategy – Operational Continuity

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It took the Meta group (Facebook, Instagram, et al) going offline for hours (an outage blamed on networking issues) for the world to realize how much it relies on Social Media and the importance of operational continuity. The pain of ransomware. In this Forbes Technology Council post, Ziv Kedem, co-founder and VP/GM of Zerto, discusses. Source. Cyber Disaster Recovery

Is Climate Change an Emerging Risk for Business Continuity?


The top 10 potential disruptions shared in that report included: Cyber-attacks Power outages Data breaches Network/communication outages Pandemic/diseases Computer viruses Brand/social media damage Hurricanes Fires (not natural) Earthquakes.

Disaster Recovery Implementation: Four Key Steps to Success

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Step 6: Test the Plan – Use scheduled power outages or major upgrades as a chance to test the plan. RTO is the maximum tolerable length of time of an outage. RPO is the amount of data that you can afford to lose in the event of an outage.