Redux- EP04: Integrating Continuous Improvement into BCM Programs | John Hill

The Failover Plan Podcast

On this week's show, Shane interviews John Hill, a seasoned consultant with over 20 years of experience in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. John is ITIL certified and a Certified Business Continuity Professional.

Ep. 04- Integrating Continuous Improvement into BCM Programs | John Hill

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: On today's show, Shane interviews John Hill, a seasoned consultant with over 20 years of experience in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. 18:33min- Using continuous improvement techniques to resolve the problems he was finding during the BIA.


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Your Leadership Improvement Plan – jumpstart your continuous improvement

Business Continuity Today

These leadership-building activities target certain areas of development to improve them. These leadership-building activities target certain areas of development to improve them. Recognizing areas of leadership development and prioritizing your growth may help you become a stronger leader. While self-reflection and a conscious change in behavior can address these areas, there also are productive and fun leadership-building activities that also promote better leaders.

How Business Continuity Leaders Can Shine a Light on a Dark Day

On Solve

That means business continuity leaders like you must be able to communicate and execute crisis response plans quickly and effectively. In today’s complex threat landscape, you’re tasked with optimizing a continuous improvement process.

Customer Centric Resilience in Account Management

Fusion Risk Management

For many continuity , risk, and resilience professionals, the last 2.5 The focus should be on where their program is at today and how to create a roadmap with tangible, continuous improvements that will drive it towards that goal.

Tips for building a high performing team

Beaumont Resilience Training

5. The importance of learning is emphasized: To establish a high-performance team, cultivating a culture of continuous learning is critical to navigating difficulties such as skill shortages and various digital transitions. What do you mean by a high-performing team?

Combining AIOps with Service Intelligence: Critical for Digital Service Uptime


For years, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) applications have helped organizations streamline and improve their IT processes for better business results.

xMatters Surpasses the Competition


Within that report, you can also gain insight into key xMatters features that allow users to rapidly assess and act quickly on service disruptions before they impact customer experience, and analyze problems and processes with 360-degree post-mortems to continuously improve processes and services.

NexusTek Ranked on Channel Futures MSP 501 List of Best-in-Class Businesses


Our dedication and customer service has fostered a loyal and collaborative relationship with our clients, who we continue to empower year after year. August 19, 2021. NexusTek Ranked on Channel Futures MSP 501 List of Best-in-Class Businesses.

RIMS ERM Conference 2021: Introducing the New RIMS Maturity Model

Risk Management Monitor

Risk Governance: Integrated governance leads to performance improvements. Success is then measured along five tiers, with Tier 1 being “No formal capacity in place” and Tier 5 indicating that “Capability exists in a continuous improving cycle, informed by internal/external inputs.”

Unlocking Climate Change Resilience Through Critical Event Management and Public Warning


Additionally, as an organization turns to a more proactive stance, its ability to track and predict many of these events improves. ANALYZE – Evaluate actions taken and understand patterns to improve disaster risk reduction.

Ready for Anything with the PagerDuty Operations Cloud by Dormain Drewitz


Continuously Improve. From there, teams can identify opportunities for fine-tuning and improvement. In a world of digital everything, teams face increasing complexity.

Alert 87

Top Takeaways from the BCI’s Operational Resilience Report 2022


My Reaction: No matter how you define operational resilience and what you include in terms of key outcomes, this is a great finding because it highlights the innovative nature of our professional and how we strive for continual improvement.

From Reactive to Proactive: Challenges, Trends, and Perspectives from Top Financial Services Firms

Fusion Risk Management

A growing set of data needs to be interrelated and support the plans shown to regulators; through data, firms can better prove resilience and demonstrate continuous improvement. 3) Merging taxonomies and finding common ground on continuity and risk processes.

Strong Incident Response is Business-Critical


So much energy is required to make the system work that once the incident is resolved, there is little energy to do retrospectives and figure out where improvements can be made for next time. Most importantly, the processes and rosters are updated and improved upon with every cycle.

Testing and Exercise Outputs are the Building Blocks of a Successful Resiliency Program


That’s why it’s critically important to test, exercise, and document your business continuity and disaster recovery plans frequently. In addition to creating reports, a key output of your exercise should always be continuous improvement.

Improve IT Operations with Response Analytics


Postmortems require specific data that can highlight where your team is succeeding and where they can improve. This data is called response analytics, and it is integral to improving efficiencies across IT teams. Analyze incidents to continuously improve processes and services.

How can the best IT services get even better?

Behavior Group

By Joaquim Pereira on March 11, 2014 The answer to this question is simple: through continual improvement. Due the large number of technologies available, is not always easy to choose the one that… Continue reading. On today’s business environments, technologies take an important role as being one of the key elements for the success of any business. The post How can the best IT services get even better? appeared first on Behaviour Portugal. IT Best Practice

Business Resilience vs. Business Continuity: Overlooked Differences You Need To Know


And further confusion over business resilience vs. business continuity. Let’s start with business continuity. Defining Business Continuity. Business continuity planning is essential to this. But what is the difference between business resilience and business continuity?

Extending Automation Actions Across the PagerDuty Platform by Joseph Mandros


It’s day one of PagerDuty Summit, and we are looking forward to a full day of expert presenters, actionable content, and educational sessions to boost your PagerDuty IQ and show you new ways to improve your team’s operational excellence.

Program Assessments: How to Identify Gaps & Improve Maturity


So, how do you get an accurate, complete look into your existing program and risk landscape so you can improve your readiness and response capabilities? Get The Business Continuity Operating System Book by Brian Zawada. Get The Business Continuity Operating System Book by Brian Zawada.

BBVA: What it Takes to Secure Tomorrow


They will be continuously improving automation of preventive techniques as well as developing hunting capabilities to manage the deeper, more important events that cannot be easily detected with current tools and techniques.

Democratize Your Team’s Automation Capabilities With PagerDuty® Automation Actions by Joseph Mandros


And as service and application development continues to grow in complexity, “time saved” becomes an even more important metric to track, quantify, and continuously improve. Let’s face it. Incidents can be expensive— really expensive.

Why the Human Experience Will Make or Break Your Digital Transformation

Pure Storage

Yet, time and again, businesses fail to deploy technology in ways that improve the human experience. . A true DX experience does require a holistic modernization of all core business processes—but it also means visible improvements for employees or customers. .

Why FlashBlade Is Truly Evergreen

Pure Storage

Our goal is to help you continue to modernize and upgrade the hardware and software that serves your data over time, without disruption—continually keeping you online. Designing non-disruptive, continuously improving, and future-proof products is no small feat.

Pure’s Earth Day Commitment: Sustainability for Customers and the Planet

Pure Storage

Reduction of e-waste: Continual upgrade of array components also eliminates the industry’s traditional method of upgrading storage by replacing (and junking) existing whole systems.

British Grand Prix: A Data-driven, Dramatic Win for the Mercedes F1 Team 

Pure Storage

Following every race, the Mercedes F1 team of drivers, engineers, and mechanics analyzes the extensive amount of data gathered to glean insights from it and make improvements.

Non-Financial Risks are Increasingly Financial


With sprints and continuous improvement, we give our people the training and tools to “wear the risk hat” to ensure ongoing consideration and risk management. Identification and authorization of transactions are key functions that we must secure and continuously manage.

Leveraging Technology to Foster Effective Compliance Programs

Fusion Risk Management

Continuous Improvement – Remember, your compliance program is never complete; rather, it is an ongoing process requiring continuous iteration and innovation.

Scrum Ceremonies: A Beginner’s Guide by


The goal of the retrospective ceremony is to encourage continuous improvement and drive development forward in the best way possible. This is where plans are made to smooth out any process issues, add or adjust tools, and improve relationships and communication.

Demonstrating business continuity’s return on investment

Plan B Consulting

Worried about your business continuity budget? Every year you get a budget of £20,000 (some of you are already saying “I wish”) and you have this money to deliver your business continuity programme. Your organisation buys into business continuity as it feels it protects value within the organisation and there is a demand from numerous suppliers to have it in place, so it is assured that it will be needed within the organisation. ROI on budget?

Operational Resilience Self-Assessment: Achieving the March 2022 Deadline


In March 2021, The Bank of England, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published policy documents about operational resilience.

How to Pick the Best Incident Response Software by Hannah Culver


Teams can manage higher incident volumes with streamlined end-to-end response, and continuously improve their response processes with retrospectives. Incident response software should also help teams improve over time. Improved responder health and experience.

AWS io2 Block Express and Pure Cloud Block Store

Pure Storage

Pure Evergreen Storage ™ subscriptions deliver continuous improvements and innovations to keep your storage modern and agile. AWS recently announced GA support for their new block storage offering, io2 Block Express. This is exciting news and a great step forward.

Implementing Multi-Region Disaster Recovery Using Event-Driven Architecture

AWS Disaster Recovery

This makes your infrastructure more resilient and highly available and allows business continuity with minimal impact on production workloads. Based on the success and misses, you can make nearly continuous improvements in the DR process.

Visit PagerDuty’s Booths at KubeCon North America to learn more about our partner integrations by Mandi Walls


Honeycomb delivers observability for modern engineering and DevOps teams to observe, debug, and improve production systems efficiently. Improve Reliability and Reduce Alert Fatigue with Gremlin and PagerDuty. KubeCon and CloudNativeCon North America 2021 are coming up.

Alert 65

How Mercedes F1 and Pure Storage Lead the Way with Sustainability

Pure Storage

Improved thermal efficiency and energy recovery. Improved aerodynamics in the car’s design boost efficiency even more. . This year, we’re excited to share Pure’s official carbon footprint and use it as a benchmark to continue improving and reducing our impact with efficient storage.