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Health System Emergency Preparedness

Recovery Diva

From BMChealthservices: How can we strengthen partnership and coordination for health system emergency preparedness and response? Findings from a synthesis of experience across countries facing shocks. This site provides access to full 19 page report. Thanks to Dr. Lois Cohen for the citation


How to Make Your Christmas More Sustainable


These sustainable Christmas tips will help fully celebrate the holiday in ways that benefit the environment, reduce stress, and are easy on your budget.


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How to Build a Crisis Communications Strategy from Scratch


When your company ends up on the news for its next (inevitable) data breach, will your company know what to say, who will do the “saying,” and how you plan to follow up with media requests? In other words, has your company learned to build a crisis communications strategy?

Fire Safety for Electric Vehicles and Other Modern Vehicles in Parking Structures

National Fire Protection Association

In spite of the global supply chain issues and loss of vehicles in the Felicity Ace cargo ship fire, the sales of electric vehicles (EVs) has been on the move, hitting 6.6 million in 2021, which is more than triple their market share from two years earlier.

Hazard 104

Super Charging Your Communications Capabilities

Disaster Zone blog

Have you looked at satellite communications

New Report on Cost of Wildfires

Recovery Diva

From the Pew Foundation: Wildfires: Burning Through State Budgets. Increased spending on suppression threatens fiscal stability and impedes cost-saving mitigation efforts

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How to secure your smart home with Synology Routers


Hundreds of thousands of users fall victim to cyberattacks and the situation is only going to get more complex, especially with the seemingly unstoppable rise of smart devices in our homes.

Data Resilience Strategy: Consider a Multi-Layered Approach

Solutions Review

This is part of Solutions Review’s Premium Content Series, a collection of contributed columns written by industry experts in maturing software categories.

Disaster Management and Information Technology

Disaster Zone blog

Professional Response and Recovery Management in the Age of Disasters

Climate Change and Slow Onset Disasters

Recovery Diva

New Report from the Congressional Research Service: Climate Change, Slow-Onset Disasters, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Self-Care – 1st Pillar of Resilience

Beaumont Resilience Training

Self-care, self-awareness, mindfulness, respectful relationships, and a sense of purpose are the five foundations of Resilience. We can increase our overall Resilience by focusing on fortifying these foundations.

A look at the future of Citrix with our CTPs


We recently had a great Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) session where we shared the go-forward plans for Citrix and talked about our vision, strategy, and priorities.

8 Ways Your Small Business Is Wasting Electricity


Wasting electricity at work is an all too common problem; but one that is easy to fix. Wasting energy by a business, especially during the holiday season, affects your bottom line and the community.


Community Involvement: Where do You Stand?

Prism International

Editors Note: This article was previously run in a 2018 NAIDNews publication. i-SIGMA decided that its information still proves accurate and relevant today, especially in light of Giving Tuesday. By: Gina Lentine of Legal Shred. “How can I help?”

The 2022 Hurricane Season

Recovery Diva

From the WashPost: Hurricane season was tamer than expected and horrific all at once. “The 2022 Atlantic season, which ended Wednesday, was quieter than average despite Hurricane Ian, which was among the most disastrous U.S. storms on record ”


A Framework for Writing Exercise Objectives

Plan B Consulting

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie talks about what may be useful to consider when developing objectives for your exercises, and discusses the importance of risk assessments and also teamwork. .

The role of IT architecture in a transformed banking experience


The banking industry has seen unrivaled transformation over the last decade — from significant regulatory reform to the establishment of multiple digital banks changing the game for incumbent high street players.

Why employee resilience training is important

Beaumont Resilience Training

In today’s world of constant technological advancement, the workplace may be a very unpredictable and even unpleasant place to work.

Electrical Room Basics, Part 1

National Fire Protection Association

This is the first in a series of blogs on electrical rooms Frequently, people associate an electrical room with Article 110 of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®). More specifically, they associate it with section 110.26. But is that accurate? The answer would be kind of. Section 110.26

Lack of Hospital Readiness in FL

Recovery Diva

From Politico: Florida hospitals weren’t ready for Hurricane Ian. Some fear the next big storm. “ Despite being under evacuation orders and in the path of the catastrophic storm, five hospitals remained open and removed only a handful of patients before the Category 4 hurricane made landfall ”

The Best Gets Even Better: Zerto and DRaaS Updates


Why DRaaS? Implementing a disaster recovery (DR) solution can be a complex task for an organization that is new to the process.

How retailers can embrace hybrid working to drive efficiencies


When you think of hybrid working, retail probably isn’t the first industry that comes to mind.

We Have a Science and Risk Communications Problem

Disaster Zone blog

How do we reflect the science so people are warned

The Four Cs of Sustainability

Pure Storage

I consider myself to be a passionate guy on many topics: my family and friends, my profession, and helping partners bring true sustainability solutions to customers in Europe. . Is my focus too narrow? I’d argue it’s not. .

7 Duty of Care Examples—Clarifying the General Duty Clause

Alert Media

The post 7 Duty of Care Examples—Clarifying the General Duty Clause appeared first on AlertMedia. Emergency Management Emergency Preparedness Safety Culture Security and Safety

Media 52

What’s New: Updates to Incident Response, PagerDuty® Process Automation Software & PagerDuty® Runbook Automation, Mobile App Experience, and More! by Vera Chan


We’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud in addition to the November Product Launch announcements made earlier this month.

Alert 52

Digitalize to Decarbonize: The emerging manufacturing imperative


As the world grapples with the immense challenges of decarbonization, headlines often focus on points of failure. New fossil fuel exploration or biodiversity loss, after all, are more attention-grabbing than making marginal improvements to existing systems.

Nursing Shortages Are Everywhere

Disaster Zone blog

Not to mention truck drivers, cops, firefighters, cooks, wait staff


Purity//FA 6.4: Effortless Workload Mobility and Foolproof Security

Pure Storage

Drum roll, please! Today, we released Purity//FA 6.4.0 with the latest data services for our FlashArray™ customers, including new workload mobility capabilities and enhanced security and ransomware protections.

A Glimmer of Hope: Resilience at the BCI World Hybrid 2022 Conference

Fusion Risk Management

Since the lift of the first lockdown in June 2020, we have talked incessantly about returning to the ‘new normal.’

Introduction to Analytics Engineering

Advancing Analytics

Analytics Engineering is a relatively new term in the world of data, having been pioneered by dbt Labs, since being founded in 2016. In the last couple of years, it has gained traction becoming an established discipline. What is Analytics Engineering?

What’s new and next with Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Webinar Q&A


Recently we delivered our “What’s new and next with Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops” webinar.

The Head, Not the Tail, Wagging the Dog

Disaster Zone blog

When policy people cross over into operations


Self-service Storage Provisioning That Takes Only Minutes

Pure Storage

It’s been a few months since the official launch of Pure Fusion ™, and things are getting very exciting! This is the year of Pure building a complete cloud anywhere operating model, and Pure Fusion is a key component of this powerful portfolio. .