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Learning from European Experience

Recovery Diva

From HSNW: WILDFIRES – Unprecedented Change in Europe’s Fire Regime Driven by Climate Change


Finding Good Job Candidates for Emergency Management

Disaster Zone

Some Holdeman advice


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Oregon Emergency Management Moves Under the Governor

Disaster Zone

This is effective July 1, 2022

Uncomplicate Data Storage, Forever

Pure Storage

In the IT world, we witness rapid innovation every single day. But if you listen to the boots on the ground, it would seem one area tends to lag: data storage. . At Pure Storage®, we tend to disagree.

NexusTek Ranked on Channel Futures 2022 MSP 501


June 29, 2022. NexusTek Ranked on Channel Futures 2022 MSP 501—Tech Industry’s Most Prestigious List of Managed Service Providers Worldwide. For the Fifth Consecutive Year, Annual MSP 501 Includes NexusTek Among Industry’s Best-in-Class Businesses Growing Via Recurring Revenue and Innovation.

B2B 74

How to Champion Your Business Continuity Program as an Executive Sponsor


Are you an executive leader wondering how you can more effectively champion your business continuity and crisis management program across your organization?

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FlashBlade//S and Evergreen: Future-proofing the Next Decade and Beyond

Pure Storage

Back in February, Rob Lee, CTO, Pure Storage, wrote about Why FlashBlade Is Truly Evergreen , and with our recent announcements around FlashBlade//S ® , it should be clear why building storage platforms designed for sustainability and scalability is so critical to our customers.

Your first steps to closing the cybersecurity talent gap


According to the 2021 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, while the cybersecurity workforce gap is closing globally, it is growing in North America. As of June, 2022, over 400,000 cybersecurity professionals are needed in this region.

Say Hello to VOI: The Best Way to Assess the Value of Your BCM Program


There’s a good reason business loves the concept of return on investment (ROI); it expresses the worth of an activity in terms everyone understands: dollars. However, in evaluating intangible assets such as a business continuity program, it’s more helpful to look at VOI, or value on investment.

BCM 56

Staffing 911 Centers

Disaster Zone

The challenges are still here today


Award Announcement

Recovery Diva

Shirley Jensen, Cal State University at Long Beach, has created the Claire B. Rubin award, which is given to a notable graduate student each year. Here is the latest winner: Deputy Fire Chief Eleni Pappas in Los Angeles County


Real Storage as a Service vs. B.S. (Broken Subscriptions)

Pure Storage

In the storage industry today, everyone is talking about delivering a service. I’ve previously written about subscriptions vs. as-a-service models.1 In short: Subscriptions start with financial discussions (CAPEX vs. OPEX).

Ahead of the holiday weekend, NFPA offers tips to stay safe in short-term rentals, hotels, and elsewhere

National Fire Protection Association

This Fourth of July weekend, nearly 48 million Americans are expected to travel, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Thinking In Systems Make it Simple

Business Continuity Today

Complexity bias is a logical fallacy that leads us to give undue credence to complex concepts. Faced with two competing ideas, we are likely to choose the most complex one.

HVAC the Bane of Many an EOC

Disaster Zone

A critical building function


Exciting new features available in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 22.06


This June release of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 22.06 is particularly exciting. It not only introduces new features that will help MSPs deliver better service and value to their clients, but also enables them to automate routine tasks via brand-new, out-of-the-box scripting.

Adaptation or Extinction. How’s Your Storage Vendor Doing?

Pure Storage

The greatest existential threat is the lack of adaptation. Once upon a time, giant apes roamed Southeast Asia. Believed to have stood 10 feet tall and weighed around 1,000 pounds, Gigantopithecus is gone now.

Make Rapid-Fire Reporting Standards Work for You


The age of speedy incident reporting regulation is here. To minimize disruption from third-party attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, ransomware, and nation-state threats, regulators around the world are implementing landmark incident reporting standards.

Russia's Ambitions and the War in Ukraine: Q&A with Dara Massicot

The Rand Blog

Dara Massicot is a senior policy researcher at RAND who specializes in Russian military strategy. In this interview, she discusses Russia's war in Ukraine, its incorrect assumptions about Ukraine's will to fight, and how hard it's going to be for Russia to restore its military capabilities


Mitigating Heat Takes Planning and Action

Disaster Zone

It starts with the "as built" environment

CEF at the Finland Futures Academy Planetary Futures Conference

Engaged Foresight

Last week the Center for Engaged Foresight Chief Futurist Prof. Shermon Cruz and Ph.D.

Electrifying Changes Are Coming to the Automotive Industry

Pure Storage

The automotive industry was once considered slow to change and technologically behind the times. But it’s not your grandfather’s auto industry anymore. It’s undergoing massive technological ferment. In particular, the use of data analytics in the automotive industry is expanding rapidly. .

Zero-Days Are Here to Stay: Here's How You Can Prepare


More than six months since Log4j made the headlines, the threat of zero-day exploits, or previously unknown vulnerabilities, looms large over the heads of business leaders and cybersecurity teams.

How The Development Of A Crisis Response Program Strengthens Resilience Management


Article Originally Published on Forbes in May 2022. In your role as a board member or a member of your organization’s leadership team, it is your job to set and inspect the organization’s overall vision while also steering the company toward a sustainable future.

People Are Headed Back to Work

Disaster Zone

My train survey


Get Inspired: Microsoft recognizes Citrix in Partner of the Year Awards


Citrix is more engaged than ever as one of Microsoft’s strongest and most reliable partnerships.

Comparing Data Formats for Log Analytics

Pure Storage

This article originally appeared on and has been republished with permission from the author. Observability and diagnosability require collecting logs from a huge variety of sources, e.g. firewalls, routers, servers, and applications, into a central location for analysis.

Supply Chain Resiliency: Beyond Third-Party Risk Programs


With SolarWinds, Accellion, Kaseya, and Log4j, the world realized that third-party suppliers are a key vector of cyber risk.

Call for Nominations Open! Nominate Our Next SIA Standards Committee Chair

Security Industry Association

Attention Security Industry Association (SIA) members! As you may know, Brivo’s Steve Van Till, who has faithfully served in the position of chair of the SIA Standards Committee , will complete his term in October 2022.

Disaster Zone Podcast: Integrating Technology into Rapid Damage Assessment and Recovery

Disaster Zone

It's time to move away from paper based systems

Cybersecurity and the metaverse


While there’s still some debate about precisely what the metaverse is, more and more people are participating in metaverses both on the blockchain and on existing web interfaces. Unfortunately, today’s metaverses are being developed with security as an afterthought.

MPI Storage Benchmarks with Docker

Pure Storage

This article originally appeared on and has been republished with permission from the author. Two common benchmarks used in HPC environments are IOR and mdtest , focusing on throughput and filesystem metadata respectively. These benchmarks are based on MPI for multi-computer processing.

War of the Worlds: How Cognitive Dissonance and Repression Shape Russian Perceptions of the Conflict in Ukraine

The Rand Blog

Cognitive dissonance theory offers a compelling explanation for one of the confounding phenomena emerging from the war in Ukraine—Russians who refuse to believe their Ukrainian family members' lived experiences of the war.

Now in Preview: Service continuity for ChromeOS and Safari for MacOS


It has been a busy Q2 for the service continuity team at Citrix. We have been focused on growing the adoption of the feature in Citrix Cloud and have been working with customers on testing and validation.