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Airline FUBAR in 2022

Disaster Zone

Airlines are a major component of our transportation system.

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How Data Can Take Some Hassle Out of Holiday Travel

Pure Storage

million bags lost by US airlines in 2022, checking a bag can feel like a big leap of faith. Alaska Airlines is allowing customers to purchase electronic bag tags so they can check in their bags via the airline’s mobile app and skip check-in lines entirely. Airlines are also trying to take the guesswork out of layovers.

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Choosing the Right Crisis Leader


The aftermath of this incident resulted in a significant reputational crisis for United Airlines. In April 2017, the internet exploded with the viral video of a passenger being dragged from United Express Flight 3411 by security and law enforcement officers in Chicago after refusing to exit the aircraft after the flight had been overbooked.

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An Old Threat Returns…Computer Outage

Plan B Consulting

If air flights only ran from 9-5, then airlines could do some evening work to catch up. I suspect there was a sigh of relief among the airlines that it was not their IT system that had failed and caused the issue. In this case, the airlines have no choice but to use NATS, so they can legitimately blame them.

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The Logistics of Flying People from Place to Place Can Be Broken

Disaster Zone

American Airlines had 2,000 flights canceled this past weekend.

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Leading by (Bad) Example: Companies in the News Show What Not to Do 

MHA Consulting

Two of the latest are Ticketmaster and Southwest Airlines. These helpful negative examples come to us courtesy of Ticketmaster and Southwest Airlines. The Secretary of Transportation tweeted that his agency was watching to ensure the airline took care of all passengers impacted by the outage, and the chairwoman of the U.S.

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See Resilience AI & Automation LIVE!

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Exclusive Walkthrough For CIMC Attendees – Click Here For 30 Minute Demo At CIMC 2023 See how Delta Airlines and Pepsico are realizing 80%+ reduction in RTO and over 50% operating cost savings using Resilience Automation & Cyber Recovery. Sponsored by See Resilience AI & Automation LIVE!