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8 Considerations for Retailers Investing in AI-powered Video Surveillance

Pure Storage

8 Considerations for Retailers Investing in AI-powered Video Surveillance by Pure Storage Blog One might think retailers started the new year feeling festive after wrapping up a robust 2023 holiday shopping season. But a concurrent trend—rising retail shrink—is eroding retailers’ profitability and feelings of good cheer.

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Business Continuity Planning for the Retail Industry


Business Continuity in the Retail Industry. Enduring the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a unique opportunity for businesses in the retail industry to reshape how they operate. A BCP is vital for the retail sector for several reasons. Top Threats to Business Continuity in Retail. Cyberattacks. Product recalls.

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Cybersecurity tips for retail companies

Online Computers

Retail companies have a huge target on their back when it comes to cybercrime. That's why it's so important for retail companies to take steps to protect themselves from cyberattacks. In this blog post, we will discuss some cybersecurity tips for retail companies. Elevate your compliance profile. Audit your system.

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Are you ready for hybrid retail?


Hybrid retail has been a buzz phrase in the industry for some time. And while for some it brings to mind elaborate web stores in the VR metaverse , for others the hybrid model is happening right here, right now, … The post Are you ready for hybrid retail? first appeared on Citrix Blogs.

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Helping Achieve Sustainable IT in the Retail Industry

Pure Storage

Everywhere you look in the retail industry, the business landscape is changing. Omnichannel marketing is revolutionizing how retailers reach customers. Another topic shaking up retail is sustainability. Another topic shaking up retail is sustainability. But how much progress are retailers making?

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Retailers Must Use SaaS Safely to Protect their Bottom Line

Solutions Review

In this feature, Zerto ‘s Global Director of Technical Product Marketing Kevin Cole offers commentary on why retailers must use SaaS safely to protect the bottom line. The retail industry is one of the largest users of business-to-business technologies like SaaS. For retailers in particular, a data breach can be extremely costly.

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How the 7-Eleven Storefront Crash Settlement Highlights the Importance of Retail Safety and Perimeter Security

Security Industry Association

A settlement this large reflects the facts – that this one retailer experienced over 8,000 storefront crashes over approximately 20 years, with over 800 stores struck three times or more,” said Reiter. We estimated (and the retailer did not refute) that thousands of customers and employees were injured, and hundreds have been killed.

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