Cyber Incident Response Plans – Turning Words into Action

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Yet surprisingly few have meaningful and up-to-date incident response plans (IRPs) in place to manage and mitigate this threat. Each aspect of the IRP must be considered in conjunction with the plan as a whole such that a single, cohesive plan remains in place over time.

Communications and Active Shooter Response Planning

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Do you have a plan on how to communicate with your team, your clients, and stakeholders? Now is the time to take a look at your plan, test it and revise it if you need to. Do you have a plan on how to communicate with your team, your clients, and stakeholders?


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Do you have a data breach response plan?

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It’s highly likely that your organisation will be among them, so it’s important to have a plan in place to deal with cyber security incidents. Only 30 % of organisations have an incident response plan. Implementing an incident response programme can be challenging.

How to Create an IT Incident Response Plan for Your Business

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The post How to Create an IT Incident Response Plan for Your Business appeared first on AlertMedia. Safety and Security Emergency Preparedness

How to Create an Active Shooter Response Plan

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The post How to Create an Active Shooter Response Plan appeared first on AlertMedia. Emergency Management Safety and Security Active Shooter Safety

6 Steps to Creating an Effective Emergency Response Plan

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The post 6 Steps to Creating an Effective Emergency Response Plan appeared first on AlertMedia. Communications Emergency Management Emergency Communication Emergency Preparedness

How to Set Up a Crisis Response Team (and Why You Need One) 

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Every company should have a crisis response team. Why Every Organization Needs a Crisis … The post How to Set Up a Crisis Response Team (and Why You Need One) appeared first on MHA Consulting. Organizing and training such a team is not hard if you follow a few key steps. .

Aligning Cyber Incident Response Planning with Your BC/DR Program


In the IT realm, CIO’s and CISO’s now focus their efforts on mitigating those risks, and planning responses to potential data breaches, malware and other cyber threats. As a result, more and more organizations have begun developing Cybers Security Incident Response Plans (CSIRPs).

Making the Most of the Hybrid Emergency Operations Center

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Business Continuity Planning Emergency Plan Emergency Response Planning Emergency Operations Emergency Operations Center Emergency Operations Centers emergency planning emergency response eocThe Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has gone hybrid.

What are the benefits of tabletop exercises for organisations looking to improve their risk posture?


Planning for the unexpected is critical when it comes to ensuring your organisation has what it takes to survive over the long-term. That’s where business continuity planning comes in. Tabletop exercises are an important part of developing and testing any business continuity plan.

Take part in a training exercise that covers the whole world and all disciplines 

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Our regular blogger Robert Fagan announces an international training exercise that looks at whole community resiliene and response planning in the face of threats to lifeline infrastructures. By Robert Fagan

Make Rapid-Fire Reporting Standards Work for You


But the recent directive by India’s Computer Emergency Response Team, known as CERT-IN, made headlines around the world for its requirement that firms disclose cyber incidents within just six hours. Develop an effective incident response plan and handling strategies.

Getting Ahead of Cybercriminals: 5 Essential Cybersecurity Practices


Create an Incident Response Plan. Develop a comprehensive incident response plan for your business, so you know exactly how to respond should you fall victim to cyberattack. READ TIME: 4 MIN. February 9, 2022.

7 Skills Leaders Must Master for Effective Response to Critical Events


Much of the discussion on and organization’s state of readiness for critical events focuses on the capabilities and planning of the enterprise. Routine emergencies, like natural disasters, are events that we’ve seen before and can plan for based on past experience.

How to Respond to a Cybersecurity Event

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Here is a general outline on how to respond to cybersecurity events: Step 1: Retrieve the Incident Response Plan. Hopefully, your IT provider has helped you design an incident response plan–a guide on how to respond to a cybersecurity event.

How to Put CISA’s “Shields Up” Recommendations Into Action 

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Have a communications plan and emergency crisis response team with marching orders at the ready. Reporting is a key part of any incident response plan, but paying it forward with early reports may help other organizations, too. Test your emergency response plans.

A Resilience Charter

Emergency Planning

The purpose of this charter is to specify the responsibilities of the state and citizens in the field of resilience against disasters, crises and major public emergencies and incidents. Emergency management and response should be a civilian responsibility and should be fully demilitarised.

How Business Continuity Leaders Can Shine a Light on a Dark Day

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That means business continuity leaders like you must be able to communicate and execute crisis response plans quickly and effectively. When all or some of your organization’s critical operations are down, keeping things running smoothly and recovering quickly is everything.

7 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Fails


5 4% of small businesses believe they’re too small for a cyberattack , and subsequently , don’t have a plan in place for reacting to cyber threats. You don’t have an incident response plan. View Essential Cybersecurity Plan. View Standard Cybersecurity Plan.

Aligning BC/DR to CSIRP Challenges


An agile response requires tested and documented Incident Response Plans – including Crisis Management, Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Plans.

Hazardous Conditions: Mitigation Planning and Pandemics

National Center for Disaster Prepardness

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of coordinated responses among emergency management and other stakeholders to implement an effective strategy for handling a long and complex disaster. Some states identified that more research and planning is needed to mitigate a pandemic.

Russia and the Ukraine: How Geopolitical Events Impact Resilience Management


When it comes to business continuity planning, a lot of organizations think about anticipated event types and make plans to adequately address them. But the strongest and most resilient organizations don’t focus on single event response.

Cyber Security: 8 Steps to Cyber Resilience


The three-step process of risk identification, analysis, and evaluation provides a foundation for the development of business continuity and disaster recovery plans to maintain operations during an internal or even external crisis. READ TIME: 4 MIN. July 7, 2021.

Business, Interrupted: How to Respond When A Headline-Making Cyber Crisis Becomes Your Reality


When we talk about cyber resilience, it’s all about being prepared for a cyber disruption with built-in planning for organizational flexibility and adaptability for response. Get The The Cyber Response Builder. At the top of the list is incident response plans and testing.

Post-Pandemic Business Continuity Recovery Strategies


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when developing your own business continuity plan: Have training documents prepared. Predict and plan for factors such as geographical spread of the virus or its variants, how local governments may respond to it, and potential intervention strategies.

Are You Protecting Your Reputation With A Plan?

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Why, then, is it so common to encounter major brands with national reputations…and no reputation management planning to speak of? As someone who’s seen it first-hand many times, I’ll guarantee those with prior planning and preparedness spend less money, lose less customers, generate less negative media coverage, and generally get back to ‘business as usual’ much more quickly than those without. Is my plan complete? Proactive reputation planning.

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RIMS TechRisk/RiskTech: Using Cyberrisk Analytics to Improve Your Cyber Insurance Program

Risk Management Monitor

These could include improving your security and claims posture by addressing potential cybersecurity gaps, updating incident response plans, and identifying vendor partners to help improve security posture or respond to incidents. As ransomware continues to spread and payment costs increase, cyber insurance rates have gone up exponentially.

Ransomware Attacks Leave Businesses Around the World Reeling

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NTSC sees ransomware as more than just an IT problem and says it can drive an organization out of business when the response is ineffective. A written plan helps an organization avoid rash decisions and have an organized, calm response.

The Impact of Hybrid Work Environments on Resilience Management


How do you know which new risks exist and how can your organization better plan to respond? That’s why the two organizations have come together to encourage others to give serious consideration and planning into issues that may affect remote workers’ health and safety.

3 Questions to Improve Cyber Incident Recovery

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For improved response, NIST recommends that organizations incorporate lessons learned into their response plans and update their response strategies.

Did Your Emergency Response Team Survive the Pandemic?


In early 2019, FEI’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) involved a room that had been identified specifically for emergency or incident response teams to report to if a crisis occurred. In March 2020, many emergency and incident response teams faced mandatory stay-at-home orders.

Economic Impact of Russia Sanctions

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In response to the sanctions, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said : “These sanctions that are being imposed, they are akin to declaring war.” The relationship between Russia and the rest of the world is increasingly volatile.

NIST CRIED: The Four Steps of Incident Mitigation

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cyber security education, cybersecurity response, incident mitigation, NIST cyber security framework, risk mitigation Mike Tyson notably said, “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth.”

Cyberrisk Management Tips for Businesses Amid the Russia-Ukraine War

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At this point, for most companies that are not in a high-risk position as a direct result of the war, the best course of action for risk professionals is to focus on ensuring your company has an updated and detailed incident response plan on hand and distributing it to relevant members of the organization, reviewing and potentially strengthening your general cybersecurity posture, and reminding employees about cyber hygiene.

What to Do if a Wildfire is Approaching Your Business

Disaster Safety

If wildfire may be nearby, put your Business Continuity Plan (OFB-EZ) into action?. Know your community’s emergency response plan and have a plan for where to go. It’s standard practice by emergency response to shut off the gas supply to prevent feeding a fire.

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Introducing Fusion’s Dynamic Response Console

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How many different plans need to be activated, and in what order? Activate the right response when it matters most with Dynamic Response Console. Generate Response. Review & Edit Response. Activate Response. Get Started with Dynamic Response Console.

Threats, Impacts, BCPs


The rationale for developing Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) is that in the event of a disruption – regardless of the threat – those Plans exist to ensure the continued delivery of critical products and services to our customers.

BCM 52

What to Do if a Wildfire is Approaching Your Home

Disaster Safety

Know your community’s emergency response plan and have a plan for where to go. It’s standard practice by emergency response to shut off the gas supply to prevent feeding a fire. wildfire?threatens, threatens, follow these?last-minute

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The Ethical Dilemma of Being Resilient

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As resiliency professionals, we are often called upon to plan on continuing our business operations in the face of disruption – no matter what the cause. Global business response to the Ukraine crisis.

Risk Assessment vs Risk Analysis


A risk assessment forms the backbone of your overall risk management plan. Put another way, risk refers to the fact that an organization’s ambitions may not work out as planned or that its objectives might go unmet. New risks could emerge for which you have no plan (yet).