November, 2022

Why It Pays To Educate Employees On Crisis Management

Bernstein Crisis Management

Why It Pays To Educate Employees On Crisis Management. Every employee in your organization — and I’m really talking every employee — has a role to play in crisis prevention and management. While their levels of involvement will vary, you need everyone to understand what’s expected of them, from crisis prevention through response and recovery. Having a well-prepared staff is key to avoiding crises where you can … and responding effectively where you can’t.

5 Crisis-Causing Customer Service Mistakes To Avoid

Bernstein Crisis Management

5 Crisis-Causing Customer Service Mistakes To Avoid. One of the best titles I’ve ever seen on a customer service desk nameplate is, “Director of First Impressions.” It showed they knew they were in a make-or-break position for their business, and that they were well aware initial opinions of clients are often influenced by how they were treated right off the bat – even if they were having a bad day. In fact, especially when they were having a bad day!

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Rebuilding Disaster-Damaged Homes in the Future

Recovery Diva

From Politico: Dream homes and disasters: Is the government ready to confront climate risk? “Billions of new taxpayer dollars are aimed at helping victims of extreme weather leave their vulnerable homes. But without a lot of teeth, the federal programs may just perpetuate the problem.” ” ‘

The Threat of Cyber Attacks is Taking a Serious Psychological Toll on Security Professionals

DRI Drive

Are you confident your BCM strategies can withstand a successful cyber attack? If you’re concerned about your organization’s capabilities, you’re far from alone, according the new research.

Disasters Can Affect Academic Performance for Years

Recovery Diva

From The Conversation: Disasters like Hurricane Ian can affect academic performance for years to come. An excerpt: “One of the most important lessons is that just as it will likely take years to rebuild the infrastructure and homes hit by Hurricane Ian, it could take a similar amount of time to help some children regain a sense of normalcy.

Scott Davis and Cyber Security Professionals Raise 200k for Charity

Scott R. Davis

November 11, 2022 - Orlando Florida | Scott R. Davis along with 16 fellow IT Security Professionals participated in the inaugural Charity Beard Shave at Connectwise's IT Nation.

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How to Build a Crisis Communications Strategy from Scratch


When your company ends up on the news for its next (inevitable) data breach, will your company know what to say, who will do the “saying,” and how you plan to follow up with media requests? In other words, has your company learned to build a crisis communications strategy?

Cybersecurity Isn’t Enough — Become a Cyber Resilient Organization


READ TIME: 4 MIN. November 9, 2022. Cybersecurity Isn’t Enough — Become a Cyber Resilient Organization. Cybersecurity isn’t enough… really ?” you might be asking. Before you throw your hands up in exasperation, a word of explanation.

DRI and Maryland Dept. of Emergency Management Partner For Resilience Training

DRI Drive

Throughout the week of Nov. 14, DRI International has joined with the Maryland Department of Emergency Management (MDEM) to provide a special combination course on cyber resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery – the fourth class of this nature to date!

Important New GAO Report on Recovery

Recovery Diva

From the GAO a brief intro and access to the full report, which is 101 pages. One page Highlights. Full Report: Disaster Recovery – Actions Needed to Improve the Federal Approach

New Cybersecurity Regulations To Impact South Florida Businesses

LAN Infotech

New Cybersecurity Regulations To Impact South Florida Businesses. We live in a world of unrelenting technological advancement and digitalization.

What Is a Smart Water Heater?


Your water heater is one of the top energy-consuming appliances in your home, accounting for 14-18% of your utility bill. You might not think much about it, but upgrading your hot water heater is worth considering. The post What Is a Smart Water Heater?


Fire Safety for Electric Vehicles and Other Modern Vehicles in Parking Structures

National Fire Protection Association

In spite of the global supply chain issues and loss of vehicles in the Felicity Ace cargo ship fire, the sales of electric vehicles (EVs) has been on the move, hitting 6.6 million in 2021, which is more than triple their market share from two years earlier.

Hazard 104

What's the Harm in Talking to Russia? A Lot, Actually

The Rand Blog

Despite the way it is commonly portrayed, diplomacy is not intrinsically and always good, nor is it cost-free. In the Ukraine conflict, the problems with a push for diplomacy are especially apparent. The likely benefits of negotiations are minimal, and the prospective costs could be significant


What Does the Twitter Chaos Mean for Disaster Response?

DRI Drive

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has drawn a lot of attention to the inner workings of the social media network. But for resilience professionals, the bigger concern is the potential disruption of a valuable tool for communicating during a disaster.

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Lack of Hospital Readiness in FL

Recovery Diva

From Politico: Florida hospitals weren’t ready for Hurricane Ian. Some fear the next big storm. “ Despite being under evacuation orders and in the path of the catastrophic storm, five hospitals remained open and removed only a handful of patients before the Category 4 hurricane made landfall ”

Text Message Phishing Scams Hit Fort Lauderdale Businesses

LAN Infotech

Text Message Phishing Scams Hit Fort Lauderdale Businesses. Key Points: Fort Lauderdale business nearly escapes a text message scam. Bank sends a persuasive message trying to manipulate the phone user. Did the FBI, IRS, or DEA just send you a text message wanting you to call them?

Super Charging Your Communications Capabilities

Disaster Zone blog

Have you looked at satellite communications

What is Business Continuity?


As your company’s newly assigned head of global security, you’ve just been informed that running your organization’s business continuity program falls squarely within your role. But what is business continuity?

The Drifting Menace

The Rand Blog

The drifting mine threat is not going away: they are simple, effective weapons that are easily made and deployed even by actors with limited naval capabilities.

The Prime Time to Prepare People for Hurricanes? Before the Storm Has Even Formed

DRI Drive

Behavioral studies have shown that those who develop plans for storms before they’re on the horizon are far more likely to evacuate when the time comes. But according to storm preparation experts, there’s still the chance for missteps.


Big Bucks Going to Puerto Rico

Recovery Diva

From HS Today: Over $1 Billion in FEMA Funds to Mitigate Future Disaster Hazards in Puerto Rico

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Improving Communications With Microsoft Teams’ New Scheduled Chat Feature

LAN Infotech

Improving Communications With Microsoft Teams’ New Scheduled Chat Feature. Key Points in This Article. Microsoft Teams allows users to schedule the chat messages they compose up to seven days in the future. Scheduled chat messages can be edited or deleted before sending as necessary.

Disaster Management and Information Technology

Disaster Zone blog

Professional Response and Recovery Management in the Age of Disasters

Prepare for the Impact of Tropical Storm Nicole


The Global Impact of Severe Weather. By 2050, severe weather and climate-related events are projected to displace 1.2 billion people across the globe, putting communities and the businesses at risk.

Alert 93

Xi Likely Won't Be Attacking Taiwan Anytime Soon

The Rand Blog

Rather than start a war, Xi Jinping is more likely to intensify China's use of coercive measures against Taiwan, including diplomatic, economic, and military pressure coupled with cyber and psychological operations.


European Union Announces Top 10 Emerging Cyber Threats

DRI Drive

Cyber threats are top of mind for modern resilience professionals – but what kind of threats are coming in the future, and are you ready for them?

Consider Disasters When Planning Retirement Home

Recovery Diva

From the NY Times: ‘ Do You Really Want to Rebuild at 80?’ Rethinking Where to Retire. It’s a small yet noticeable shift, experts say — but climate change is causing retirees to start reconsidering moves to disaster-prone dream locales


The Retro Revolution:  Why Manual Workarounds  Are a BC Must 


Because technology is vulnerable to disruption—and disruptions are on the rise—every organization should devise manual workarounds for its critical business processes. An Eye-Opening Exercise Earlier this week I did a two-hour mock disaster exercise with a healthcare client.

Disaster Zone Podcast: Supply Chain Insights

Disaster Zone blog

This is a must-listen to achieve better understanding


How the SF Giants Create a Winning Fan Experience with Data

Pure Storage

In a world where streaming broadcast media and other forms of digital entertainment are competing for the same eyeballs, Major League Baseball (MLB) teams have to work hard and think creatively to attract fans to the ballpark throughout the long regular season.

Nuclear Weapons and Putin's 'Holy War'

The Rand Blog

Russia's nuclear saber-rattling has shifted the stakes of the war in Ukraine. But enabling Russia's blackmail doesn't prevent the catastrophic costs of nuclear escalation.


Big advances coming to data management in 2023


Building an efficient data management infrastructure is crucial for businesses of any size.

GAO Report on Recovery in Puerto Rico

Recovery Diva

Report from the General Accountability Office on recovery in Puerto Rico: Hurricane Recovery Can Take Years, but for Puerto Rico 5 Years Show its Unique Challenges