Leading Investment Bank Enhances Digital Services with Modern Storage

Pure Storage

As disruptors flood the investment banking market unburdened by the same weight of regulations that govern the sector, established players are realizing that they will either live or die by the capabilities of their IT infrastructure.

Is the UK Putting COVID-19 in the Rear View Too Early?

DRI Drive

The Bank of England’s 2022 H1 Systemic Risk Survey asked the UK financial sector how confident they are in the financial system and which risks […]. News Covid-19 cyberattacks Pandemic UK banks


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What Is Reputational Risk For Banks?


What Is Reputational Risk For Banks. In the banking industry, managing reputational risk is a complex and ongoing discipline. Just like any business, banks face a myriad of risks. What is Reputational Risk Management in Banks? How Can Banks Manage Reputational Risk?

What a 1930s Bank Robber Can Teach Financial Institutions About Ransomware

Pure Storage

Legend has it that when Willie Sutton, a notorious bank robber from the last century, was asked why he robbed banks, he responded, “That’s where the money is.” Willie Sutton didn’t rob banks at random.

Ransomware Sees Further Decline, Banking Trojan Use Steps Up

Behavior Group

ransomware, banking trojans, malicious t’s Q4 threat report found that banking trojans accounted for 56% of all malicious payloads in email in Q4, while remote access trojans (RATs) accounted for 8.4%.

In Cybersecurity, the Agility and Speed of Small Banks is an Advantage


As a financial services cybersecurity professional who has worked on three continents for large multinational institutions, I understand the advantages and challenges for security departments at banks both large and small.

Top banks in cyber-attack ‘war game’

Behavior Group

The Bank of England is testing the UK’s ability to withstand a major cyber-attack on financial institutions. Cyber-attack Some 40 firms, including leading banks, are taking part in a one-day “war-gaming” exercise designed to assess their resilience. The Bank is conducting the exercise on Friday in partnership with regulators and the Treasury. The post Top banks in cyber-attack ‘war game’ appeared first on Behaviour Portugal.

Crypto: What We Need to Protect


Some of the world’s largest banks and payments companies are working toward and executing strategies to allow their customers to buy, sell and use crypto as an everyday asset. Like bank accounts, if someone has your information, they can potentially take your assets. Digital Banking

Maltese bank thwarts huge cyber heist by taking its IT systems offline

IT Governance BC

At least that was the thinking at the Bank of Valletta in Malta, which last week prevented a daring cyber heist by shutting down its IT systems and plunging the organisation into cyber darkness. The Bank of Valletta’s decision shows the lengths organisations should go to prevent cyber crime.

Prevent the Disaster, Forget the Recovery

Disaster Recovery Journal

They run on small number statistics, have ill-defined parameters, and small data banks incorporating elastic memories. Personal crystal balls are notoriously bad at predicting the future. The crystal balls are plagued or programmed with a logic that is. The post Prevent the Disaster, Forget the Recovery appeared first on Disaster Recovery Journal. General Dr Planning

Keeping cool with climate-smart air conditioning 

Crisis Response Journal

It is a necessity, write Helena Naber, Thanavat Junchaya and Jeff Gibson from World Bank As the world rapidly warms and urbanises, air conditioning is becoming essential for public health and economic prosperity. Comfort cooling’ is no longer a luxury.

The bantam menace

Oz's Business Continuity Blog

Our recent bank holiday weekend didn’t go entirely to plan. It started off well enough. Mrs Oz and I spent several hours in the garden, as planned, starting on our latest project, the details of which I won’t bore you […].

Breakthrough Awards: Barclays, our G.O.A.T. Winner for EMEA

Pure Storage

Today, the bank offers consumer, corporate, and investment services to millions of customers and clients across the globe. Today, many of the bank’s production workloads reside on nearly 100 arrays. Barclays has an ambition to become a net-zero bank by 2050.

EP09: Adopting Adaptive Business Continuity | José M. Garay

The Failover Plan Podcast

Jose has been leading BC programs at Peruvian companies within the pension funds, insurance and banking industries. . He has been leading BC programs at important Peruvian companies, such as Prima AFP (pension funds), Rimac Seguros (insurance company) and Interbank (bank).

Quantivate Surpasses Industry Standard for Enterprise Risk Management Software With Addition of Risk-Level Assessments

Continuity Insights

Quantivate has announced that its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software now gives banks and credit unions the ability to choose between risk-level assessments and category-level assessments. Quantivate continues to meet banks and credit unions where they’re at with our latest. The update allows the company to better serve financial institutions at all stages of maturity. Source. Enterprise Risk Management News

FIS Completes Acquisition of SunGard

Continuity Insights

FIS™ a global leader in banking and payments technology as well as consulting and outsourcing solutions, has announced the closing of its acquisition of SunGard, one of the world’s leading financial software and technology services companies. The acquisition uniquely positions FIS to offer a broad range of enterprise banking and capital markets capabilities that will.

Business Continuity in Saudi Arabia – It’s Good!

Plan B Consulting

I have only worked for two banks but both had ISO 22301. I am not sure how many banks in the UK have that particular standard. In this bulletin, Charlie discusses business continuity in Saudi, where he has been conducting exercises and workshops.

Business Continuity in Saudi Arabia – It’s Good!

Plan B Consulting

I have only worked for two banks but both had ISO 22301. I am not sure how many banks in the UK have that particular standard. In this bulletin, Charlie discusses business continuity in Saudi, where he has been conducting exercises and workshops.

Announcing the launch of the Veritas Flex 5150 Appliance

VOX Veritas

On October 23, Veritas announced the latest addition to its Appliances roster, the Flex 5150, designed and developed to meet the specific needs of edge applications, such as remote and branch offices, bank branches, medical clinics, and retail outlets

Why It Should Be The Year Of Crisis Preparedness For Your Brand

Bernstein Crisis Management

When a full 63% of your brand’s market value can be tied directly to how strong its reputation is, a single negative news article or popular social media post bashing its behavior can hit you right where it really hurts — in the bank account! Would you be ready if you needed crisis management today?

Breakthrough Awards: Celebrating Customers Fueling Innovation with Data

Pure Storage

British universal bank Barclays uses Pure FlashArray™ for many of its production workloads and adopted Pure’s consumption-based Evergreen//One ™ subscription service. Congratulations to the winners of the second annual Pure Storage® Breakthrough Awards ! .

Economic Impact of Russia Sanctions

Fusion Risk Management

One of the tools that central banks use to help combat inflation is to raise interest rates. However, there is concern from central banks that doing so can lead to additional market pressures and unintended consequences.

Best Tech Gifts for the 2021 Holiday Season


Empower your colleagues and loved ones this holiday season with portable power banks so that they can take charge(s) wherever they go. Free two birds with one key with Anker’s combo power bank with two USB-A ports plus a built-in wall charger. READ TIME: 6 MIN. December 8, 2021.

Understand resiliency patterns and trade-offs to architect efficiently in the cloud

AWS Disaster Recovery

Example Corp provides banking services like credit balance checks to consumers on multiple digital channels. Example Corp operates several business-critical services, such as the ability for consumers to make bank payments, that have very low tolerance for disruptions.

BBVA: What it Takes to Secure Tomorrow


BBVA was the first bank in Europe to launch a crypto custody service. How can a bank decide whether to build crypto custody services or partner with third-party providers? BBVA is the first bank in Europe to deploy Chronicle, Google Cloud’s security analytics platform.

Payments: More Than a Cyber Risk


As we write, technology is dismantling payment barriers and governments are erecting them; cash is on the way out, and crypto, central banks and BigTech are trying to muscle their way in. As everyone in the fincyber world knows, payments are to thieves like honey to bees.

Financial Services: Are You Ready for the Upcoming Regulations?

Fusion Risk Management

Are you ready for the new Bank of England, PRA, and FCA regulatory requirements? Resilience dominates the agenda for organisations globally. Continuity and excellence in service of customers has increasingly become the new standard for success.

Managing Sanctions Risk from Russia’s War on Ukraine

Risk Management Monitor

These sanctions have targeted Russia’s financial system and its international financial connections by restricting transactions between Russian banks and those in other countries, most notably through the SWIFT global financial network. Organizations need to look at their touchpoints with Russia, including investors and shareholders, lenders and banks, direct and indirect clients, contractual counterparties, and goods and services sourced directly or indirectly from Russia.

Cybersecurity’s New Superpower: Neurodiversity


One way we are helping to solve this problem at Bank of America is to focus a piece of our recruitment and retention efforts on neurodiversity. Cyber threat activity is at an all-time high.

Additional Russia Sanctions Target Professional Services Teams

Fusion Risk Management

Nearly three months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. In response, the United States and its allies initiated unprecedented sanctions against Russia, its financial institutions, and politically exposed persons to put economic pressure on the nation in an effort to stop the war.

S2, Episode 5 - Richard Bale

The Business Continuity Podcast

Richard Bale has had a storied career working for London Buses and major American banks in the city – as well as working for recovery providers on the supplier side.

Quantivate Announces Enhancements to Its Award-Winning Business Continuity Software

Continuity Insights

On the heels of winning two awards for its Business Continuity solution, Quantivate today announced the launch of its newest update to assist bank and credit union customers in complying with ever-changing guidelines. Quantivate Business Continuity is a holistic platform that provides financial institutions with tools for end-to-end business continuity and disaster recovery planning and. Source. Compliance News

Expansive Product Innovation, New Client Acquisition Fuel Fusion’s 2021 Growth

Continuity Insights

Driven by continued product innovation and its focus on customer centricity, Fusion recorded significant global client growth across industries, particularly with global financial institutions including four of the top global banks and. Fusion Risk Management, a leading provider of operational resilience, business continuity, and risk management software and services, has announced record results from 2021.

EP21:Reaching the Next Generation of Planners | Burley & Navarro

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: Industry Groups are an essential part of any profession. They allow practitioners and thought leaders to share knowledge and generate ideas with their colleagues in a collaborative setting.

The Top 4 Articles of 2021.So Far


1: DBS: On Becoming the Wizard of Digital Transformation While many financial institutions were forced into rapid digitization in 2020, Singapore’s DBS Bank embarked on the journey years ago. CISO Seng Wei Keng says his firm thinks of itself as more of a tech company than a bank.

Take this cybersecurity preparedness quiz to test your IT security smarts

Online Computers

You receive an email from a bank claiming you won $20,000. The email sender asks you to click on a link directing you to the bank's website. On this site, you are instructed to provide your personal information: name, bank account number, and online bank account password.

Ep.08: Why Were Some in Business Continuity Sidelined During COVID? | Michael Herrera

The Failover Plan Podcast

Prior to founding MHA, he was a Regional VP for Bank of America, where he was responsible for Business Continuity across the southwest region.

Infinite Blue to Guide Financial Institutions Through Upcoming UK Regulatory Operational Resilience Requirements

Continuity Insights

Infinite Blue, a leading provider of business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning and response management software, is prepared to help its customers achieve compliance with the new Bank of England, PRA and FCA regulatory requirements before they take effect in March 2022.

5 Steps to Assess and Mitigate Cyber Security Risks

Continuity Insights

So, it’s vital to understand and manage cyber risks before your business is compromised and your security is held to account by banks, insurers, investors, and of course, customers. By Sungard Availability Services: As multinational enterprises put more resources into security and breach prevention, criminals are increasingly diverting their activity towards smaller businesses as softer targets.

Ukraine-Russia Conflict Sanction Impacts

Fusion Risk Management

The United States and its allies announced that certain Russian banks would be shut off from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications (“SWIFT”). The world is becoming increasingly volatile and uncertain.