New FEMA Social Media Class

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Social Media in Emergency ManagementIS-42.A:

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Using Social Media Is Not Only Good, but Essential in Disasters

Disaster Zone

Social media is an orphaned technology

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Media Collection Containers, Key Control, & Custody

Prism International

Secure data destruction service commonly provides clients with containers to accumulate paper or other media prior to destruction. Conventional media collection containers are provided as a convenience, not a security measure.

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How to Avoid Extremism on Social Media

The Rand Blog

A new scorecard can help users—or parents, or advertisers, or the social media companies themselves—understand when they might be interacting with extremist content

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Fake Social Media, In War and Disasters

Disaster Zone

It is a challenge that will not go away

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High-performance Remote Storage for Media Creatives

Pure Storage

And there’s no end in sight for this growth trend as demand for new content continues to increase in the media workflow. . In this sense, it’s the best of times for the film industry and media creatives. This makes it an exceptional platform for diverse media workflows.

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The BCM Pro’s Role in Managing Social Media During a Crisis

MHA Consulting

The business continuity management professional is unlikely to play a hands-on role in managing social media during a crisis. However, the BCM pro has a key part to play as … The post The BCM Pro’s Role in Managing Social Media During a Crisis appeared first on MHA Consulting.

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The Will to Fight in the Age of Social Media

The Rand Blog

Social media messaging has played a decisive role in strengthening Ukraine's will to fight—arguably the single most important factor in war—against Russia

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What is the Correct Particle Size for Your Destroyed Media?

Prism International

It is understandable that most organizations today want to do the right thing when destroying discarded media on which is recorded personal and competitive information. ” “What is the Correct Particle Size for Your Destroyed Media?”

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Data Firm Exposes 235 Million Social Media Profiles

Behavior Group

A social media data broker has exposed the public-facing profiles of 235 million users via a misconfigured online database, according to researchers. The post Data Firm Exposes 235 Million Social Media Profiles appeared first on Behaviour Portugal.

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What the Media Might Have Missed About South Korea's Elections

The Rand Blog

The toxicity of the anti-feminist discourse in South Korea does not accurately reflect the gender-related tensions and problems that most Koreans currently face. The obstacles to improving gender equity are more mundane and more ubiquitous than the hyperbole of anti-feminism suggests

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China-Pakistan Partnership, Media Literacy, Incarcerated Parents: RAND Weekly Recap

The Rand Blog

This weekly recap focuses on the China-Pakistan partnership in light of the Taliban's rise to power, media literacy education, parenting from prison, and more

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Is social media changing?

Plan B Consulting

With the recent Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal influencing new restrictions surrounding social media platforms, I consider whether the use of social media during incidents will change. One of the fallouts of this incident is that social media platforms are going to be more closely scrutinised and regulated. One of the changes resulting from the Facebook incident will see social media platforms being held more accountable for the content on their platforms.

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Gaining new perspectives on using social media during terrorist attacks 

Crisis Response Journal

Last June I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Terrorism and Social Media Conference 2019 (TASM 2019), hosted at the University Bay Area Campus in Swansea, which is right by the sea, writes Gianluca Riglietti of Panta Ray. The event saw the gathe By Gianluca Riglietti

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Making social media data valuable for humanitarian actors 

Crisis Response Journal

The value of using social media across all disaster phases is well documented with applications being used to disseminate preparedness information, gain situational awareness, and request donations following a disaster. However, the user generated nature By Hayley Watson, Susan Anson

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Leveraging Social Media During a Disaster

Continuity Insights

From the Homeland Security News Wire: During a disaster, many people turn to social media seeking information. But communicating during disasters is challenging, especially using an interactive environment like social media where misinformation can spread easily. Now, University of Georgia researchers have developed a social media tool to better help local emergency managers disperse information to community.

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Crisis Communications Tips for Recorded Talks

Bernstein Crisis Management

Expert advice for hard conversations with clients, the media, and anyone in between. For additional information on Bernstein Crisis Management services, including crisis communications planning , media training , and more, Contact Us today.

Provide Disaster Recovery Information Before the Disaster

Disaster Zone

How emergency managers should use social media

Factoring social media into crisis planning and exercising 

Crisis Response Journal

When you are planning for how you’re going to cope with an emergency, or when you’re in any kind of exercise scenario, you’re not simulating reality if you’re not factoring in social media, says Lorraine Homer By Lorraine Homer

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How brands are using AI to avoid a social media crisis

Marketpoint Recall

But it became more than a logistics problem when fans took to social media to voice their discontent, with some even reaching out to police via social media channels when the chain was forced to close many stores temporarily.

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Why Social Media is Only a Piece of the Puzzle

Alert Media

The post Why Social Media is Only a Piece of the Puzzle appeared first on AlertMedia. Communications

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ISO Releases New Standard for Use of Social Media in Emergencies

Continuity Insights

The emergence of social media, in addition to other media such as television, radio, and newspapers, has provided more communication options and enhanced communication capability, but it has also made communication more challenging. Having effective communication among organizations and with the public are important aspects of emergency management.

Risk Assessment vs Risk Analysis


Benefits of Automation Enterprise Risk Mitigation (ERM) Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Risk Technology Vendor Management risk analysis risk assessment

Strategies for Digital Risk Protection


Map the organization’s complete digital footprint, linking digital assets to IP addresses, applications, social media sites, third-party vendors, temporary development and quality assurance environments, email accounts, and any other digital channels that hackers could exploit.

5 Steps to Implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


Enterprise risk management is critical for business success.

What is Vendor Risk Management (VRM)? The Definitive Guide


Enterprise Risk Mitigation (ERM) Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Technology Vendor Management vendor risk management

Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention


Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Technology fraud prevention internal controlsFraud is a constant concern for businesses and other corporate organizations everywhere.

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The Three Best Rubrik Tutorials on YouTube to Watch Right Now

Solutions Review

Author: ActualTech Media. Best Practices ActualTech Media Rubrik Tech Field DayThis list of the best Rubrik tutorials on YouTube will introduce you to one of the most popular data protection platforms.

What Is Enterprise Risk Management & Its Importance


The modern corporate organization faces a host of risks that can affect operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Simple awareness is not enough to stay ahead of these risks. You must find ways to manage, mitigate, accept, or transfer these risks.

Low-cost tech tools your nonprofit can leverage

Online Computers

Social media. Many nonprofit organizations love the idea of using social media to spread the word about their cause and engage with those they're trying to help. How can my nonprofit use social media? What social media platforms can my nonprofit use?

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Learn How We Started Podcasting

Beyond Resilience

MediaA wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

Podcasting Gear Review

Beyond Resilience

Media TutorialsA wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

Experts Share Top Indicators You Might Be Headed Towards A Crisis

Bernstein Crisis Management

You’ve been contacted by the media (or someone else’s lawyer) about a negative situation. If the media reaches out for a story, well, it’s red alert time and you should either turn to your crisis communications plans or call an expert immediately. Don’t ignore the warning signs!

Effects of Disaster News

Recovery Diva

Natural disasters are typically accompanied by a flood of gruesome images on TV and social media. From HSNW: Post-disaster traumas, children | Homeland Security Newswire. These images can have a powerful psychological impact on children – whether those children are physically in the line of danger or watching from thousands of miles away

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5 Things You Should Never Do When You Get A Bad Review

Bernstein Crisis Management

Don’t leave it to whoever uses social media most. Far too many people are still making the assumption that the youngest and most social media savvy person in the office is the clear choice to manage their brand’s online activity. While there are many talented young social media and marketing managers out there, don’t assume that someone is ready to handle online communications purwely because they have an Insta following or were born after you.

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Rackspace’s Fanatical Destruction of Customer Records

Bernstein Crisis Management

You know, of course, that I immediately took to social media asking Rackspace for some upper-level assistance, to no avail. An unapologetic customer service #fail. Rackpace Technology has long made the bold claim that it provides “Fanatical Support.”.

Disasters Mirror Society


SPECIAL GUEST BLOG by: Vin Nelsen Surrey, British Columbia, Canada [link] “THERE ARE NO NATURAL DISASTERS” Several experts in Disaster Management often use social media to promote this message.

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Why It Should Be The Year Of Crisis Preparedness For Your Brand

Bernstein Crisis Management

When a full 63% of your brand’s market value can be tied directly to how strong its reputation is, a single negative news article or popular social media post bashing its behavior can hit you right where it really hurts — in the bank account! Not only that, but if you run into a similar situation again you better believe the past will be trotted out by eagle-eyed social media users or well-researched reporters to be re-litigated in the court of public opinion.

Fostering a Culture of Safety in Healthcare

Alert Media

The post Fostering a Culture of Safety in Healthcare appeared first on AlertMedia. Safety and Security

How China Plays by Different Rules—at Everyone Else's Expense

The Rand Blog

But there is virtually no opportunity for foreign ownership, input, or influence in the Chinese media marketplace. leaders with an opportunity: Unless China opens its media marketplace to foreign investment and ownership, its firms should be forced to divest their American holdings

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