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5 Puzzling Aspects of Media Relations

Bernstein Crisis Management

5 Puzzling Aspects of Media Relations Through decades of work assisting with media-related crisis communications and media training spokespeople who are facing daunting tasks like live nationwide news interviews, we’ve come to realize that many people assume there are a standard set of rules which all reporters must follow.

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Critique of Media Coverage of Disasters

Recovery Diva

Interesting take on how media cover disasters: From Politico: The Cold-Blooded Reality of Disaster Coverage.

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Social Media in Business Continuity

Kings Bridge BCP

Social media is everywhere. People are constantly cataloguing what is happening in their lives on social media with photos, news articles and trendy hashtags. So what is the place of social media from a Business Continuity perspective? Like most things, social media has pros and cons. Social media cons.

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Disaster Zone Podcast: ‘Emergency Management’s Use of Social Media’

Disaster Zone

What are you doing with technology in general and social media in particular?

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Disaster Zone Podcast: How the Media Covers Disasters

Disaster Zone

You need to look at the media as a partner.

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How to Avoid Extremism on Social Media

The Rand Blog

A new scorecard can help users—or parents, or advertisers, or the social media companies themselves—understand when they might be interacting with extremist content. Extremist groups have been trolling the internet for decades, and they have learned to temper their words and disguise their intentions.

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Happy social media day: Five ways to keep your social media account safe


June 30th is social media day, and to celebrate, we’re going to help you keep your account secure for a smart and safe browsing experience! billion people, has at least one account on social media. Statista reports that 60% of the world’s population, or over 5.18

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