Cyberattacks on hospitals 

Crisis Response Journal

Lina Kolesnikova reports on the dangers of ransomware attacks that healthcare institutions face

For Omicron it will be Hospitalizations and Deaths

Disaster Zone

There are too many cases to count


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How Valley View Hospital Learns From Disasters

Alert Media

The post How Valley View Hospital Learns From Disasters appeared first on AlertMedia. Customers Emergency Management

The lesser-known hospital heroes 

Crisis Response Journal

Close your eyes and think of a hospital. What do you see? Fuelled by TV and film depictions, perhaps you see the busy environment of the Emergency Department? Or brightly lit operating theatres where surgeons and their teams carry out life-saving and By Ruth Wozencroft

The growing need for sustainable hospitals 

Crisis Response Journal

Funding has been pledged to build several new hospitals in the UK before 2030 in what promises to be the biggest programme of hospital building in a generation, according to the UK Government. Ruth Wozencroft of Q-Bital Healthcare Solutions outlines her i By Ruth Wozencroft

Surging COVID Cases Hitting Hospitals and States Spared in the Past

Disaster Zone

It is not the return to normal that people want

How Hospitals Use Diagnostic Analytics & AI in Healthcare

Pure Storage

Healthcare organizations use diagnostic analytics platforms to understand why things happened—for instance, why a patient had to be hospitalized or why a particular treatment didn’t work as expected. Diagnostic analytics is also known as root cause analysis.

Pledging to make hospitals safe havens 

Crisis Response Journal

Dr Eric de Roodenbeke, CEO of the International Hospital Federation (IHF), outlines his thoughts on increasing the resilience of hospitals and ensuring they are safe havens. By Dr Eric de Roodenbeke

A Smarter, Safer Approach to Hospital Security

Security Industry Association

Hospital security is tricky. A medical center should be a place of healing and provide a welcoming atmosphere, but the reality is that hospitals and medical campuses create environments that are difficult to monitor and secure and regularly experience violence.

It Is Too Early to Declare Victory Over Omicron

Disaster Zone

Many cases, fewer hospitalizations, for now

CHG Healthcare Helps Hospitals Tackle Staff Shortages as Demand for Doctors and Nurses Soars

Pure Storage

These shortages have become more pressing during the COVID-19 pandemic, with hospitals overrun and in urgent need of additional doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to treat and care for patients. America’s healthcare institutions are facing a major staff shortage.

Employing Insurgency in Ukraine, U.S. Hospital Prices, Reaching the Middle Class: RAND Weekly Recap

The Rand Blog

This weekly recap focuses on how insurgency could give Ukraine an edge over Russia, repurposing commercial buildings to help address L.A.’s s housing crisis, Americans’ options for reaching the middle class, and more

'Nobody wants to live near a hospital in Aleppo' 

Crisis Response Journal

"Nobody wants to live near a hospital in Aleppo.” That's how Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs José Manuel García-Margallo summed up the tragedy of a city devastated by five years of civil war in an article published in Spanish newspaper El País on 24 M By Javier Senent

Integrating Technologies, Security and Privacy: Hospital Security Systems Must Do More Than Lock Doors and Record Video

Security Industry Association

Hospitals around the globe face the challenge of meeting the needs of a wide variety of people, from protecting patients (and their confidential information) to ensuring the well-being of staff and physicians to providing a safe environment for visitors.

Risk Assessment vs Risk Analysis


Benefits of Automation Enterprise Risk Mitigation (ERM) Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Risk Technology Vendor Management risk analysis risk assessment

Preparedness Goes Prime Time on NBC’s New Amsterdam

DRI Drive

With a hurricane bearing down on America’s oldest fictional public hospital (based on Bellevue), extremely attractive doctors play hot potato with an enormous EMP binder because no one wants to be in charge of enacting the hospital’s […].

Strategies for Digital Risk Protection


Enterprise Risk Mitigation (ERM) Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Retail Technology digital risk protection

5 Steps to Implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


Enterprise risk management is critical for business success.

What is Vendor Risk Management (VRM)? The Definitive Guide


Enterprise Risk Mitigation (ERM) Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Technology Vendor Management vendor risk management

Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention


Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Technology fraud prevention internal controlsFraud is a constant concern for businesses and other corporate organizations everywhere.

Audit 52

What Is Enterprise Risk Management & Its Importance


The modern corporate organization faces a host of risks that can affect operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Simple awareness is not enough to stay ahead of these risks. You must find ways to manage, mitigate, accept, or transfer these risks.

A Child on a Hospital Floor: A Case Study

Plan B Consulting

The story broke on Monday when Boris Johnson was stopped by ITV reporter, Joe Pike, and was shown a picture of four year old Jack Williment-Barr “sleeping under coats on a hospital floor in Leeds as he waited for a bed, despite having suspected pneumonia”. The post A Child on a Hospital Floor: A Case Study appeared first on PlanB Consulting.

Lebanon: Challenges and Successes in COVID-19 Pandemic Response

The Rand Blog

In Lebanon, COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and daily deaths continue to decline. This is an accomplishment worthy of celebration in the midst of hyperinflation, all-time high unemployment, nadir purchasing power, and a health sector on the verge of collapse

Two Reports on Building a More Resilient Health Care System

Recovery Diva

Each state is grouped into one of three tiers based on the “10 Top-Priority Indicators of State Public Health Preparedness,” which includes factors such as community water system safety, flu vaccination rates, and patient safety in hospitals. From HSToday: Preparing for the Next Pandemic: Building a More Resilient U.S. Healthcare System. The COVID-19 crisis taught us that we rely too heavily on foreign countries for medical supplies and pharmaceutical components.

Attacks against health plans up nearly 35%

Behavior Group

Hospitals… Continue reading. Critical Insight announced the release of a report which analyzes ??breach breach data reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services by healthcare organizations./strong>

2021 “Ecosystem Year in Review Report” Highlights Successes and Tragedies and Resources Needed to Help Improve Global Community Safety

National Fire Protection Association

The year 2021, says the report, was one of modest improvements and tragic setbacks that included massive wildfires, a fatal collapse of an elevated subway rail, and a hospital. [[ This is a content summary only.

Balancing Healthcare Resilience with the Patient Experience


For healthcare systems, building resilience for the future is learned from adapting and responding to critical events and factoring in circumstances that are often unique to the communities they serve such as the patient population, size of the hospital and/ or community, and scope of services.

Ep. 07: Spotlight on Business Continuity Programs in Healthcare | James Mitchell

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: This week, Shane interviews James Mitchell- the Director of Organizational Resilience at the 724-bed Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. 6:16min- Why this particular hospital started their program.

Attackers disrupting COVID-19 efforts and critical supply chains

Behavior Group

Attackers disrupting COVID-19, supply chains In 2020 attackers were observed pivoting their attacks to businesses for which global COVID-19 response efforts heavily relied, such as hospitals, medical and… Continue reading.

Better Data for Public Health: How Nexleaf and PagerDuty are Monitoring Healthcare by Rachel Schmitz


In rural Sub-Saharan Africa, however, it’s estimated that only about 28% of hospitals have reliable electricity. Having an unreliable power source causes a myriad of problems for rural hospitals. Having a reliable power source is something many of us take for granted.

S2, Episode 6 - Katherine Corbishley

The Business Continuity Podcast

We discuss her experience of dealing with power outages around the world and how prior experience in the hospitality industry has helped her as a continuity professional. Katherine Corbishley is Business Continuity Supervisor at a large, global corporate law firm.

Never Ignore Backup and Disaster Recovery

LAN Infotech

Without the billing records, a hospital cannot process payments. Regulatory bodies like HIPAA slap hefty fines on hospitals for carelessly handling data. Hospitality. The information generated in the hospitality industry is in a precarious position.

5 Real-life business continuity planning cases you need to know

Online Computers

The attack also caused the COVID-19 vaccine portal to go offline and induced IT outages at five major hospitals, including Children’s Health Ireland. The 2016 computer virus that crippled UK hospitals.

The Great Supply Chain Disruption

Kings Bridge BCP

The article’s focus is on shortages of oxygen in hospitals across six southern states. If you read further, you’ll discover that not only are supplies low, but there are delivery issues because not enough drivers are available to get the supplies to the hospitals.

BCP 83

Four Questions About the Covid-19 Pandemic

Emergency Planning

Hospitals need to develop very substantial surge capacity and greatly increase their infection control measures. This may involve deploying field hospitals and using the resources of military medicine. What are, and have been, the key challenges in coping with the Covid-19 pandemic?

S2, Episode 8 - Tuba Gursoy

The Business Continuity Podcast

Inspired by the stories we heard from Katherine Corbishley earlier in the season, we spoke to hospitality veteran Tuba Gursoy to find out what we can learn from someone working at the coal-face, in an industry where dealing with incidents and difficult situations is an everyday occurrence.

A Resilience Charter

Emergency Planning

National, regional and local authority emergency plans should be complemented by compatible emergency plans for hospitals, health systems, dangerous manufacturing sites, airports, cultural heritage sites and other key installations. Preamble 1.1