USCG: Marine Transportation System Recovery Unit (MTSRU)

Disaster Zone

Understanding maritime disaster recovery process

RAND's New President, the U.S. Foreign Service, Transportation Equity: RAND Weekly Recap

The Rand Blog

This weekly recap focuses on RAND's next president and CEO, Jason Matheny, insights into Americans' views on diplomacy and diplomats, solutions for transportation equity, and more


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Wheeled MLRS Systems Going to Ukraine

Disaster Zone

It is more transportable

Actions Being Taken to Open Up the Supply Chain

Disaster Zone

A focus on the transportation system

Leveraging AI for People Screening: Millimeter Wave Tech and Deep Learning Can Produce Effective, Automated Virtual Searches

Security Industry Association

High-performance people screening systems using millimeter wave imaging technology has historically been used primarily in aviation security operations, where regulators, like the Transportation Security Administration, have well established detection, operational and functional requirements.

The Still Essential 90-Year-Old Technology: Radar Can Do What Visual Security Solutions Alone Cannot

Security Industry Association

Critical Infrastructure Markets Solutions Transportation SIA Technology InsightsKai Moncino, director of global business development, security, Teledyne FLIR. Since 1934, when radio detection and ranging was introduced to the U.S.

Waste: The critical legacy of flooding 

Crisis Response Journal

The growing importance of waste management is pushing society to consider it to be as vital as other CI sectors such as energy, and transportation, writes Lina Kolesnikova

Shanghai Lockdown Could Be the Start of More Supply Chain Challenges

DRI Drive

With cases continuing to climb, disruptions and rising costs are extending out to the transportation […].

Will the Russia-Ukraine War Cause Global Food Shortages? It’s Complicated

DRI Drive

As the invasion of Ukraine continues, agricultural supply disruptions are impacting harvests and global fertilizer production are causing spikes in food prices, transportation and more.

Climate Change Will Transform How We Live, but These Tech and Policy Experts See Reason for Optimism

The Rand Blog

To slow climate change and adapt to the damage already underway, the world will have to shift how it generates and uses energy, transports people and goods, designs buildings, and grows food.

Fine by Me: The Proposed $1 Million Fine of Colonial Pipeline  


The Department of Transportation recently announced a proposed $1 million fine of Colonial Pipeline for shortcomings in its recovery planning that increased the societal damage in the wake of the cyberattack on the company last year.

BCM 65

EP17: Building My Own Online BIA App | Michelle Marx

The Failover Plan Podcast

We’re speaking with Michelle Marx, who is the Resilience and Business Continuity Manager at Transport for London. . We’re speaking with Michelle Marx, who is the Resilience and Business Continuity Manager at Transport for London.

Plan Your Ransomware Attack Response Now


A transportation authority. A food processing chain. A fuel pipeline system. A police department. These are some of the larger targets hit with ransomware attacks in the U.S. so far in 2021.

Economic Impact of Russia Sanctions

Fusion Risk Management

The impact of this will be directly felt on consumers in the form of higher gas prices, larger costs to heat their homes, and greater costs for other types of transportation. The relationship between Russia and the rest of the world is increasingly volatile.

Why DataOps Is Important to Future Success


We’re living in a time when data is generated in enormous numbers—by us, our devices, and the networks that transport it. Think of everyday interactions. Checked your e-mail? Entered your PIN somewhere? Drove your networked car somewhere? Every revolution of a wind turbine?

Why DataOps Is Important to Future Success


We’re living in a time when data is generated in enormous numbers—by us, our devices, and the networks that transport it. Think of everyday interactions. Checked your e-mail? Entered your PIN somewhere? Drove your networked car somewhere? Every revolution of a wind turbine?

International call to stop violence and protect health-care 

Crisis Response Journal

November 3, 2015: A joint statement signed by several international organisations, including the ICRC, IFRC and the World Medical Association, was issued today calling for an end to violence against health-care workers, medical transports and facilities

USPS Faces Another Crisis Communications Crunch

Bernstein Crisis Management

Now, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has the unenviable task of explaining the agency’s latest plan; in short, to get ahead of a projected $160 billion deficit over the next decade by using less air transport and relying on its significant ground network instead.


Emergency Planning

Everyday risk factors are different when floods, transportation crashes, landslides, toxic spills, structural collapses occur against a background of asymmetric warfare, armed insurgency, fighting or rampant terrorism.

Book Review: Justice, Equity, and Emergency Management

Recovery Diva

The chapter reviews recovery needs of older adults, those with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), children, and pregnant women, opportunities in housing, health, transportation, employment, and access to services. Recommendations proposed by the authors include community emergency and resilience centers, library internet access available to all community members, public transportation systems, and internet as a public utility (p.

What the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Means for Security and Life Safety Companies

Security Industry Association

This includes funding far above baseline for many existing highway, transit, rail and other programs included in surface transportation reauthorizations that are operating under a short-term extension through Dec. On Nov. 5, on a bipartisan basis, the U.S.

Road traffic collision claims 43 lives in France 

Crisis Response Journal

In the early hours of Friday, October 23, 2015, a traffic accident between a timber transportation truck and a coach carrying people caused 43 casualties, burned alive, including the three-year-old son of the truck driver, writes Editorial Advisory Panel By Christophe Libeau

What Can You Do with Unstructured Data?

Pure Storage

Public Transport. Unstructured data can be utilized to run public transportation systems more efficiently. Historical ridership data and live data can be analyzed in real time to schedule public transport systems more dynamically. . Imagine you’re going on a run.

Supply Chain Risk: Assessing the Vulnerability of Suppliers Is an Essential Part of Business Continuity

Continuity Insights

Inadequate capacity to offload ships and transport goods has contributed to delays. By Don Schmidt, CEO, Preparedness, LLC: Covid-19 has significantly impacted the global supply chain, and experts forecast disruption will continue for an extended period. It’s not the only cause or contributing factor affecting global commerce. Demand for goods spiked as Covid shutdown factories. Source. Enterprise Risk Management

Untapped Opportunity & Value-Added Service: Residential Shred Bags

Prism International

The Residential Shred Bag provides a seal n’ shred method that allows for the content to be transported securely without concern for spills or data breach. Guest Article By: Joshua D. Hundeby-DeVries, CSDS.

Your North Star in a Compound Crisis

Fusion Risk Management

There have been many issues related to transport; from borders being closed; to staffing shortages; to ships like the Evergreen running around that prompted shortages of supplies. Every day most of us spend at least some of our time reading or watching the news.

Haiti: has there been progress in disaster reduction since the last big earthquake?

Emergency Planning

This is impossible to substantiate, but goods manufactured in a donor country, brought to Haiti by transport from that country and distributed by personnel from the same country would do little to stimulate the Haitian economy.

$25 Million in New Grant Funding Established for Safety and Security Barriers

Security Industry Association

As part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Congress secured funding to protect pedestrians from vehicle attacks. The ongoing threat to public safety in crowded spaces, special events and street venues has received notice in H.R.

Businesses face challenges in Reopening after Coronavirus

Erwood Group

Employees that don’t have transportation, may look to avoid public transportation and even carpooling to avoid contact with other people. This will allow them to travel and share contact with fewer people and less crowded transportation.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Supply Chain with Analytics

Pure Storage

Supply chain analytics is the analysis of aggregated data from a variety of different sources, including application systems for procurement; inventory, order, and warehouse management; fulfillment; and transportation management (including shipping). Real-Time Transportation Tracking.

Why Do We Not Believe…?

Plan B Consulting

The two men wanted to bomb the track leading to the camp, so that the Nazis would find it difficult to transport people there. aw Mordowicz, was recaptured and sent back in a cattle truck packed with people being transported to an extermination camp.

How the FY22 Appropriations Bill Impacts Security Companies

Security Industry Association

Transportation Security Administration. President Biden has signed an appropriations bill funding several government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice.

New Course Coming Soon: Learn How to Apply for and Win Grants for Security Projects

Security Industry Association

It will specifically focus on applicable grant programs in education, transportation and critical infrastructure sectors as identified by the U.S.

Cybersecurity as a Matter of National Security


Transportation Malicious insider or misconfiguration 10. READ TIME: 4 MIN. October 13, 2021. Cybersecurity as a Matter of National Security. Business security, energy security, food security…national security. All one in the same.

2022 SIA Women in Biometrics Awards Profile: Gena Alexa

Security Industry Association

Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Department of Defense.

Detecting and Confronting Procurement Fraud

Risk Management Monitor

For example, in 2018, a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) procurement official was indicted for receiving over $300,000 in illegal bribes and gratuities from a construction company that performed work for MBTA. Accountancy firm Crowe and credit rating company Experian have said that large enterprises and governments experienced 59% of procurement fraud in the United Kingdom, costing them $120 billion (£89 billion) collectively. It is estimated that over $2 trillion (£1.6

Covid-19: Elements of a Scenario

Emergency Planning

International Air Transport Association, Geneva, 14 pp. It is now more than ten years since there was a general push to induce countries to plan for pandemics (WHO 2005). In some quarters, it had an immediate effect (e.g.,

The Ukraine Invasion: What Are the Impacts on Supply Chain Dynamics?

Fusion Risk Management

Logistics Route and Capacity Constraints : Supply chain transportation and freight is already being impacted across the globe.

Business, Interrupted: Peeling Back the Layers of Supply Chain Resilience


That also includes considerations and planning for transportation, logistics, strategies, customer communications, and more. Have contingencies when supply chains fail—from logistics to transportation to raw materials.

Supply Chain Risk in Action

Kings Bridge BCP

Automobile and transportation equipment production would essentially end in North America, with 11 million jobs lost and a $1.1 Why am I talking about supply chain risk today? On Lake Superior – well, technically St.

BCP 52