Dealing With Future Pandemics

Recovery Diva

Farrar, the director of the Wellcome charitable foundation in the United Kingdom, discusses the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and what society must do to prepare for future global crises From Issues in Science and Technology magazine:“ Major Reforms Have Been Driven by Crisis,” b y Jeremy Farrar, Molly Galvin.

Survey: What New Risks Will the Post-Pandemic Environment Bring?

DRI Drive

The post Survey: What New Risks Will the Post-Pandemic Environment Bring? News AuditBoard Covid-19 Pandemic risk management


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Report: How Has the Pandemic Changed Risk Management?

DRI Drive

With the continuing impacts of the pandemic, social unrest, geopolitical shakeups, cyber threats and other never-ending uncertainties, are organizations prepared to manage the risks and disruptions facing them, or are they in danger of being overwhelmed?

The Pandemic Has Added a Mental Health Crisis to the Organizational Risk Landscape

DRI Drive

As the last two years have shown, living and working during a pandemic has taken a toll on employee mental health – which could create a new risk and compound existing ones for organizations who ignore it. News business disruption Covid-19 Mental Health Pandemic


BCP Builder

What does KFC running out of chicken have in common with how companies respond to a pandemic? The post Pandemic appeared first on BCP Builder. Both rely on a business continuity plan to recover.

Post-pandemic leadership strategies 

Crisis Response Journal

April 2022: Mostafa Sayyadi offers advice to those in leadership positions in a post-pandemic world in terms of leadership skills, knowledge management and business adaptations

Helping Your Organization Retain Its Pandemic Survival Skills

MHA Consulting

Sooner or later, the pandemic will ease up and business life will get back to something like normal. Business Continuity Planning Pandemic Planning pandemic plan pandemic response pandemic skills

Four Questions About the Covid-19 Pandemic

Emergency Planning

What are, and have been, the key challenges in coping with the Covid-19 pandemic? Viral pandemics can have impacts that are as significant in the socio-economic field as they are in epidemiology and viral medicine. Emergency planning is an essential tool in the response to a pandemic.

Pandemic Information Spreads Like Peanut Butter

Disaster Zone

It is everywhere

New GAO Report on Pandemic Response

Recovery Diva

GAO’s Oversight of the Pandemic Response. In March 2020, Congress passed the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act, a multi-trillion dollar stimulus bill, to respond to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. The CARES Act also includes a provision for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to regularly report on the pandemic response by the federal government.

Flying Blind in a Pandemic

Disaster Zone

At-home testing clouds the case count

Is the Pandemic Almost Over?

Disaster Zone

Some say yes, almost over

Pandemic Flux Syndrome — Dealing With Your Mental Health

Disaster Zone

The length of the pandemic has had significant impacts

Pandemic Mental Health

Disaster Zone

Where are we now, what can we do

What is Happening with the Pandemic?

Disaster Zone

What's going to happen next

Yo-Yo Pandemic Response Predicted

Disaster Zone

Mask off, mask on. Testing off, testing back on

Disaster Zone Podcast: Dealing with Pandemic Mental Health Stress

Disaster Zone

We all have had stress of one sort or another from the pandemic

How Politics are Polarizing the Pandemic Response

Disaster Zone

Ethical leadership is needed

Learning from the Covid 19 Pandemic

Recovery Diva

It’s time for a new scientifically feasible and politically sustainable strategy to make the coming lull in the pandemic permanent From Politico: The Covid Emergency Is Ending. Here’s What We Should Do Next.

700K Deaths from the Pandemic

Disaster Zone

It is nothing to brag about

An Update on the COVID Pandemic

Disaster Zone

Progress, but still a force to be reckoned with

Your Pandemic Book Reading List

Disaster Zone

In case you have not had your fill of it

Leading in the post-pandemic world 

Crisis Response Journal

January 2022: In his latest blog, Mostafa Sayyadi aims to inspire a new wave of thinking in the fields of leadership and organisational studies and to help people achieve their plans and goals as they recover from the pandemic

Business, Interrupted: Post-Pandemic Thinking Like a Risk Manager


The Pandemic Pivot. As this team focuses on preparing for and responding to disruptions, it’s becoming clearer after the past year how much impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on planning and response, leading to, in some cases, a pivot in program focus.

Survey: How the Pandemic Has Evolved Risk Management Strategies

DRI Drive

A recent report spotlights how the private sector is incorporating the lessons learned from the pandemic. The post Survey: How the Pandemic Has Evolved Risk Management Strategies appeared first on DRI Drive. COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of business, including risk and resilience. The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) surveyed risk and insurance professionals as well as senior executives globally to gain a picture of the role of risk […].

Is the Pandemic About to Be Over?

Disaster Zone

Wishful thinking — maybe

The Pandemic Opportunity—Build Your Dream Team

PEAK Learning

The post The Pandemic Opportunity—Build Your Dream Team appeared first on PEAK Learning. Use the Real Deal, to Hire the real deal. Who says you can’t produce your brightest results—improve productivity, engagement, performance, innovation, and enjoyment— during the darkest times?

Disaster Zone Podcast: IT Support in a Pandemic

Disaster Zone

That support remains critical to our functioning even until today

The Pandemic — It’s Not All Good News

Disaster Zone

The winter surge in cases may be beginning

Survey: Manufacturing Bosses Stepping Up Supply Chain Resilience as Pandemic Response

DRI Drive

The post Survey: Manufacturing Bosses Stepping Up Supply Chain Resilience as Pandemic Response appeared first on DRI Drive. The past few years have shown us all how precarious the global supply chain can be.

Faith Strengthens During Pandemic

Disasters and Faith-Based Organizations

From Business Wire: Faith Strengthens Amidst Pandemic Pandemonium.

Interpreting the Pandemic for Decision Making and Action

Emergency Planning

As the Covid-19 pandemic progresses, causing distributed crises in one country after another, it is like watching all I have taught about for the last four decades flash past in a sort of speeded-up film. A related question concerns whether the lessons of this pandemic will be learned.

L.A. Pandemic After Action Report Reveals Challenges in Managing the Response

Disaster Zone

It sounds like a “cleaned-up” version will be forthcoming

What’s Changed for Our Customers? The Pandemic Power Pivot

PEAK Learning

For so many businesses, one of the potentially brutal but high-octane upsides of this pandemic is that everything is on the table. The Pandemic Power Pivot appeared first on PEAK Learning.

Most enterprises started a modernization program due to the pandemic

Behavior Group

The post Most enterprises started a modernization program due to the pandemic appeared first on Behaviour Portugal. Security enterprises modernization program pandemic

Is There A Groundhog Pandemic in Our Future?

Disaster Zone

It ain't over till it's over

Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit update

Disasters and Faith-Based Organizations

From the NYC Disaster Interfaiths Services: PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS TOOLKIT FOR NYC FAITH COMMUNITIES. Update: Additional Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit materials Note this document is 111 pages.

Qatar: Challenges and Successes in COVID-19 Pandemic Response

The Rand Blog

Qatar adopted a spectrum of policies and health measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and encouraged its innovation ecosystem to play a role in fighting the pandemic.

Dr. Fauci on the Pandemic and What's Ahead

Disaster Zone

As we like to say, "It is what it is

Pandemic effects on crisis responders and emergency planners 

Crisis Response Journal

The pandemic has affected all of us and uncertainty is mentally and emotionally uncomfortable. The last 18 months have been uncertain on a life and death coin toss for some. Dr Audrey Tang provides some pointers