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IT asset management (ITAM): Best practices and certs for optimizing IT assets

CIO Governance

What is IT asset management? IT asset management (ITAM) comprises practices and strategies for overseeing, managing, and optimizing company-owned IT systems, hardware, processes, and data.

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Going From Crisis Management to Asset Management

Continuity Insights

Not all assets are equally important to the operation of the facility. While the failure of most individual assets will be little more than a blip in the operation of the facility, failures in certain critical assets can result in a halt in operations, or put the facility itself and its occupants at risk.


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New: Disaster Resiliency Planning Act

Recovery Diva

. “The Disaster Resiliency Planning Act, which builds off of a recommendation from the GAO report, will require the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to provide federal agencies with guidance on how to incorporate natural disaster resilience into their asset management and investment decisions.

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BEHAVIOUR® launches training on the new standard ISO 55001 – Asset Management

Behavior Group

asset management. The post BEHAVIOUR® launches training on the new standard ISO 55001 – Asset Management appeared first on Behaviour Portugal. These programs have three levels and are intended to all professionals who are wanting to acquire skills in the area of ??asset

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Pure’s Holistic Approach to Storage Subscription Management

Pure Storage

Pure’s Holistic Approach to Storage Subscription Management by Pure Storage Blog Pure1 provides a centralized asset management portal for all your Evergreen//One assets. New enhancements make it even easier to manage your subscriptions.

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How Financial Institutions Can Manage Third-Party Ransomware Risk

Continuity Insights

Financial institutions (FIs), in particular, are one of the most attractive ransomware targets due to the value of the assets managed and the criticality of the data involved. Ransomware attacks are occurring with more significant financial impacts and greater frequency.

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How Thermal Cameras Can Boost the Return on Security Investment

Security Industry Association

Facilities are able to leverage a variety of fixed sensors to improve overall awareness, from surveillance to asset management, condition monitoring and beyond. Now, sensors can not only enhance surveillance, they can also improve internal operations for specific, condition-based maintenance applications as well.