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A client’s confidence in their financial services provider begins from their earliest interactions.

PagerDuty Receives Financial Services Competency From AWS by Inga Weizman


We are excited to announce that PagerDuty is now an approved AWS Financial Services Competency Partner. We’re looking forward to expanding our global reach and helping financial services organizations accelerate their cloud migration and digital acceleration journeys.


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4 Big Challenges to RegTech Success for Financial Services Firms

Pure Storage

The emergence of RegTech solutions has been a lifesaver for many financial services firms as the proliferation of data, increasing sophistication of bad actors, and ever-more complex regulatory requirements make compliance more complicated and more costly. Solutions Financial Services

Financial Services: Are You Ready for the Upcoming Regulations?

Fusion Risk Management

Continuity and excellence in service of customers has increasingly become the new standard for success. Regulators are looking for firms to identify, map, and set impact tolerances for important business services by March 2022.

Meet the Unique Needs of Financial Services with Bare Metal

Pure Storage

Financial services firms are rapidly adopting public cloud services because they recognize the potential for greater flexibility, scalability, cost management, and security than their existing solutions can offer. It’s also particularly well suited to financial services.

From Reactive to Proactive: Challenges, Trends, and Perspectives from Top Financial Services Firms

Fusion Risk Management

In Fusion’s latest roundtable, executives from top financial services firms came together to discuss and share their experiences on their resilience journey. We’re witnessing the digital transformation of risk and resilience driven by multiple tailwinds.

The Playbook for Resilient Operations in Financial Services – March 2022 and Beyond

Fusion Risk Management

Building on our 2021 roundtables where we examined how firms are revisiting their approaches to operational resilience , this March we gathered a community of executive leaders in financial services to examine how firms are putting that thought into practice and adapting their culture, processes, and systems to build a more resilient tomorrow. . You’re investing to make sure your important business services can withstand the unknown.

Risk Assessment vs Risk Analysis


Here are some others: Financial risk. To calculate the financial risk in a given year, multiply the SLE by the ARO. Although people often use the words “assess” and “analyze” interchangeably, the terms are not synonymous in risk management.

What a 1930s Bank Robber Can Teach Financial Institutions About Ransomware

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That’s why the financial sector—trusted with our most sensitive personal and financial information—is the single most important target for today’s ransomware attackers, dwarfing all other industries in both frequency and number of attempts.

3 Guiding Principles for RegTech Success

Pure Storage

When it comes to regulation, the financial services industry has faced an unrelenting increase in the number of rules and obligations over the past several years, including Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML), fraud protection, trade monitoring, privacy, and more.

Fintech Innovation: 7 Areas to Watch in 2022

Pure Storage

How to make the most of opportunities in financial services in 2022. Seven Themes for Innovation in Financial Services. This most certainly applies to fintech and financial services as well. Solutions Financial Services

Strategies for Digital Risk Protection


This refers to all risks introduced by service providers and third parties working with your enterprise. This could include data breaches, intellectual property theft, and financial data theft.

5 Steps to Implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


Risk mitigation requires assessing all your organization’s risks – the strategic, compliance, operational, reputational, and financial risks – and implementing controls to prevent these identified risks from harming your business.

Leading Investment Bank Enhances Digital Services with Modern Storage

Pure Storage

It has not let up since, capping 2021 with stronger digital services, stronger financial results, and most importantly, stronger relationships with its investment banking customers. Like many established financial giants, the bank has a huge virtual infrastructure.

What is Vendor Risk Management (VRM)? The Definitive Guide


It also involves a risk assessment for each contractor, vendor, supplier, and service provider with which your company works. A vendor is an external entity that supplies goods or services to an organization, often in the supply chain. Examples are: Cloud service provider.

Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention


Corporate fraud refers to illegal or deceptive actions committed by an internal or external perpetrator against a business for personal or financial gain. There are three primary types of fraud: corruption, asset misappropriation, and financial statement fraud.

Audit 52

What Is Enterprise Risk Management & Its Importance


There are many different types of risks, such as operational risks, financial risks, or strategic risks; as well as others including reputational, regulatory, or cybersecurity risk. ERM also has financial benefits.

7 compliance mistakes to avoid

CIO Governance

Compliance is a fact of life for just about every company — especially in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government.

How Citrix Workspace app can transform your enterprise mobility


Today, industries like retail, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing are embracing mobile technology, and many organizations are leveraging mobility to empower employees and support a mobile-first strategy.

Five factors driving investment in IDV

Behavior Group

investment, IDV With vast numbers of people forced online to access healthcare and financial services, purchase… Continue reading. For billions of individuals around the world, digital identity became critical in 2020.

New Fusion Integration Enables Clients to Go Beyond Compliance for Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines

Continuity Insights

Fusion Risk Management, a leading provider of operational resilience, risk management, and business continuity software and services, today announced an integration with Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) and enhanced compliance capabilities for the financial services and insurance sectors.

EP15: Building Your Personal Brand in BC | Luke Bird

The Failover Plan Podcast

Guest Bio: Luke Bird is an award winning business continuity and disaster recovery specialist working in global financial services. . Episode Summary: For young professionals in the business continuity field, developing a personal brand might sound challenging.

What’s Next After Completing Your Operational Resilience Self-Assessment?


By now, if you’re a financial institution in the UK, you should be well aware of the new requirements for operational resilience that went into effect earlier this year. Establish impact tolerances for severe, but plausible, disruptions that could affect these services.

Why All CISOs Need to Prioritize Quantum Tech Today


However, while quantum computing may still be in early stages of development, there are several other quantum technologies already in use that are relevant for CISOs in financial services. What financial firm wouldn’t want that?

Can Your Financial Institution Win the Ransomware War?

Pure Storage

In my previous blog post , I discussed the unfortunate outlook surrounding ransomware threats on today’s financial institutions. Discover how Pure Storage can protect your financial institution , today and tomorrow. It offers the peace of mind every financial institution needs.

Disaster Recovery in Unpredictable Times: An Expert Q&A

Solutions Review

Given that IPC is in financial services, what does proper disaster recovery preparation entail for that industry specifically? Prior to the pandemic, the financial sector had grappled with regulatory and security hurdles regarding disaster recovery preparations.

Financial Industry Hit By Surging Numbers of Cyber-Incidents

Behavior Group

Financial services companies in the UK were hit by 819 cyber-incidents, which were reported to the Financial Conduct Authority in 2018. The post Financial Industry Hit By Surging Numbers of Cyber-Incidents appeared first on Behaviour Portugal.

Supply Chain Resiliency: Beyond Third-Party Risk Programs


In your own words, what is supply chain resiliency, and why is it one of the most important areas of cybersecurity in financial services today? With SolarWinds, Accellion, Kaseya, and Log4j, the world realized that third-party suppliers are a key vector of cyber risk.

6 Ways AI is Transforming the Finance Industry

Advancing Analytics

A report by Citigroup , showed that after the technology sector, the financial services industry is the biggest spender on AI services and is experiencing exponential growth. Therefore, keeping on top of fraud is critical to a financial institution's existence.

EP22: Gamifying Business Continuity | James MacDonnell

The Failover Plan Podcast

James has served clients globally across nearly all industry types including manufacturing and distribution, financial services, energy and utilities, medical research and pharmaceuticals, professional sports leagues, non-profit, consumer products, government, higher education and hospitality.

Alliance Partnerships Rise High

Pure Storage

Over the past several years, Pure has been building meaningful alliance partnerships and embedding our technology with leading cloud, software, service providers, and infrastructure partners so we can deliver fast and reliable solutions.

LAN Infotech Listed In Top 5 IT Companies For Law Firms

LAN Infotech

LAN Infotech is excited to announce that we have been named to ChannelE2E’s Top 5 Legal Managed Service Providers (MSPs) List. Along with the other honorees, we have been selected based on our proven track record of delivering reliable and effective services to our clients.

Financial Data Needs Its USB


With digitization of financial services accelerated by the pandemic, the financial services industry is collecting and processing reams of sensitive customer financial data. These APIs act as intermediaries between financial institutions and the third parties.

EP11: Is Business Continuity at a Crossroads? | James Green

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: This week, Shane talks with James Green, Director of Risk Advisory Services for SAI Global. Guest Bio: James Green is the Director of Risk Advisory Services at SAI Global.

The Top 4 Articles of 2021.So Far


In 2021, the digitization of financial services that was hastened by the pandemic is past the point of no return.

Cyber Incident Response Plans – Turning Words into Action

Bernstein Crisis Management

Further, to put the matter beyond doubt, IRPs for cyber risk are required by law in certain states (such as the New York Department of Financial Services framework) and industry sectors (such as health care).

PagerDuty at AWS re:Invent 2021-Deepening Our Collaboration with AWS by Inga Weizman


PagerDuty is very excited to be a Platinum sponsor of AWS re:Invent this year as we continue our long-standing partnership with Amazon Web Services. Rundeck delivers runbook automation and auto-remediation capabilities for developers and SRE’s building services.