Tips for creating an effective business continuity plan


You are ready to begin writing an effective business continuity plan (BCP) for your organization and its critical functions. You have followed our advice on how to communicate your business continuity program to senior executives.

Outsourcing Business Continuity Planning - Outsource BCP

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If your enterprise has a disaster recovery plan, you’re on the right track, but these plans don’t always go into the details of how your business will operate and regain access to your data during an outage. business continuity business continuity planning BCP


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Can You Afford Business Continuity Planning?

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Really, you don’t have a choice but to afford Business Continuity Planning. Admittedly, plans do not come free. But the costs to your business will be much lower than if you have to clean up after a disaster and don’t have a plan. Why You Need a Plan.

4 Steps to Business Continuity Planning Success


Google search “business continuity planning steps” and you’ll find a yard sale of results. How long does the business continuity planning process take? Is it 5 steps, or 7, or 4? Which are the most involved and which are the most important?

What is a business continuity plan (BCP)


A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a “must have” for any small to medium-sized business (SMB) but it is not a “once and done” process.

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Business Continuity Planning for the Retail Industry


Business Continuity in the Retail Industry. When a critical event occurs, a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) documents the procedures and resources each department within an organization will use to keep the business impact to a minimum.

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How to Prepare a Business Continuity Plan


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Business Continuity Planning for the Manufacturing Industry


Building a Business Continuity Plan for the Manufacturing Industry. To protect their organizations from negative impacts, leaders must prioritize the development of a business continuity plan (BCP). The Importance of Building a Plan.

5 Real-life business continuity planning cases you need to know

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Business continuity planning is essential for all New Jersey businesses, no matter what size or industry. In the event of an unexpected disaster or emergency, it is vital that your business has a plan in place to ensure that operations can continue as normal.

How to create a business continuity plan – with free template

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Comprehensive BCM (business continuity management) measures are essential for responding effectively to a disruption and providing a minimum acceptable service during a disaster. A crucial aspect of BCM is the development of an effective BCP (business continuity plan).

Top 5 Pitfalls of Business Continuity Planning

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Disruptions don’t need to turn into crises if you have an effective business continuity plan in place. If your organization is looking to create or revamp its business continuity plan, be sure to avoid these five common pitfalls. Blog Business Continuity

Introduction to Business Continuity Planning

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Introduction to Business Continuity Planning. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) should be one of the top priorities for organization leaders. What some organizations fail to realize is what the Business Continuity is not. and business continuity plans.

Business continuity planning tips for nonprofits

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A business continuity plan (BCP) is a document that contains guidelines on how business operations can continue during unexpected disruptions. Related article: How to update your disaster recovery plan.

Business Continuity Planning and Remote Work Challenges

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Remote Work and Business Continuity Planning Challenges. The work in the office going forward will be different, and in some aspects, it will introduce a new set of challenges for Business Continuity Planning efforts. Business Continuity Planning will be different.

Every Business Continuity Plan Should Include Disaster Recovery


An organization’s ability to recover from a disaster requires careful planning, testable processes, and the right technology. While often paired with business continuity (BC), disaster recovery differs in that it is a component the BC program. How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan.

How to write a business continuity plan: the easy way

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You’ll rarely get advance warning about disruptions, so you need to prepare for whatever might come your way with a BCP (business continuity plan). What is a business continuity plan? But business continuity planning isn’t about recovering IT. Earthquake.

Is Business Continuity Planning Dead? Not really!

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Is Business Continuity Planning Dead? The death of the business continuity planning and profession has been predicted quite a few times over the last decade. The truth is that business continuity planning will likely never die. Business Continuity Management.

Why the Business Continuity Plan Must Be a Living Document


The business continuity plan – sometimes known as a disaster recovery plan – is an essential document for all organizations, designed to ensure their operations can continue with minimal interruption in the event of an unexpected disruption.

How to create an effective business continuity plan

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business continuity plan, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Recovery A business continuity plan outlines procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of disaster, whether fire, flood or cyberattack.

What needs to be included in a business continuity plan checklist?


Those with high-level business continuity plans in place will be putting elements of these into action. For many, however, it is time to dust off what plans they have and update them to take account of the current threats. Business Continuity Plan Checklist .

Top reasons why Business Continuity Planning is ignored!

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Top reasons why Business Continuity Planning is ignored! The business is always busy, and because of this, it comes up with a myriad of justifications for ignoring Business Continuity Planning efforts. Top justifications why Business Continuity Plan is not implemented.

Business Continuity Planning for Small & Medium-Sized Organizations

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Business Continuity Planning for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations. Readers note: Please check our recently published high-level Business Continuity Planning guide. . have unique challenges not generally understood by larger Business Continuity Advisory firms.

An expert eye and an objective view: why get external support with your Business Continuity Planning


To have a realistic chance of withstanding any business threat, business leaders need to build a challenge-based culture into their business continuity planning (BCP). You have not updated your plan in a while. You have not tested your plan. Fail to plan.

Finagle’s Law and the importance of business continuity plan testing


When it comes to Business Continuity Plan testing, we should all consider Finagle’s Law. By implementing a regular schedule of business continuity plan testing we can ensure that our BCP is regularly updated and improved so that we are primed and ready at any given moment.


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Ensuring business continuity during an emergency is simply good business. Business continuity planning (BCP) is a critical component of emergency preparedness. Now that I have your attention, let’s explore what business continuity planning is and what it entails.

What is the difference between a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan?


Both a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan are critical elements of good security. Business continuity involves creating a coherent and comprehensive plan of action. Business Continuity plans cover a wider scope.

EP10: Can You Build Business Continuity Plans in a Productivity App? | Chris Rivera

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: This week, we explore a simple option for those who aren't quite ready for business continuity software. This week, we explore a simple option for those who aren't quite ready for business continuity software.

How Project Management Applies to Business Continuity Planning

Continuity Insights

By Owen Manningham: Disruptive events are inevitable in a business. Moreover, the probability of occurrence has increased in the recent past for both natural and man-made disasters. Unfortunately, they strike without a warning and when least expected. For this reason, only businesses that are prepared manage to recover and bounce back. About 25% of them. Source. Enterprise Risk Management Professional Development

What You Need in Your Business Continuity Plan

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Business continuity is a term that often gets thrown around but it has more than 10 parts to it. So stay tuned for Assurance IT’s other blogs about business continuity. Only 20% of the businesses have a formal business continuity plan and this is not enough.

Disaster Recovery Plan vs. Business Continuity Plan: Is There a Difference?


Disaster recovery and business continuity are two terms often used interchangeably – but doing so risks missing some of the key differences between the two strategies. To debunk the disaster recovery plan vs. business continuity plan debate, we look at: What each means.

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Business Continuity Plan Maintenance: How To Review, Test and Update Your BCP


We’ve written before about how all organizations need to have a robust business continuity plan. A comprehensive BCP gives your business assurance that it can continue operations, even in the event of an unexpected incident or full-blown crisis. .

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What Does a Business Continuity Plan Typically Include? [Complete Guide]


What Does a Business Continuity Plan Typically Include? A business continuity plan (BCP) is your first line of defense against any challenge that threatens the core functionalities of your organization’s operations. How to Create a Business Continuity Plan.

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Why Your Business Continuity Plan Fails

Business Continuity Today

The Business Continuity Show Twitter - [link] Facebook - [link] LinkedIn - [link] YouTube - [link] Sister Shows EM Weekly Website - [link] Twitter - [link] Facebook - [link] LinkedIn - [link] YouTube - [link] EM Student Web - [link] Twitter - [link] Facebook - [link] LinkedIn - [link] YouTube - [link] BCPs are like an organization’s parachute. BCPs are like an organization’s parachute.

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Business Continuity Planning for the Manufacturing Industry

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By Everbridge: For those in the manufacturing industry, critical events threaten financial loss due to unplanned downtime, reduced factory utilization rates, lost revenue, and even employees put at risk. Unfortunately, facing a critical event has become less of an “if” than a “when” situation, and preparedness is vital COVID-19 shone a light on how susceptible. Source. Crisis Communication Cyber Disaster Recovery Enterprise Risk Management

7 Costs of Not Having a Business Continuity Plan

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By Matt Pacheco, TierPoint: According to the World Economic Forum, the top global risks businesses face today include extreme weather, economic divergence, infectious diseases, and natural resource crises. Between the global threat landscape, ransomware attacks, supply chain shortages, and the ever-shifting business targets you have to hit as an organization, the cost of not having. Source. Enterprise Risk Management

Why Your Security Strategy Needs Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans 

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Maintaining corporate security during a disaster and keeping employees safe goes hand in hand with returning to productivity, according to CRJ Key Network Partner, Dataminr. By Dataminr

Back-to-Basics: Why Is Business Continuity Planning So Important?

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Read on for a refresher course on business continuity, BC planning, and BCDR here. We’ve heard the numbers countless times – 40 to 60% of small businesses that experience a total shutdown of operations never reopen. Those are the latest estimates according to FEMA. Source. Crisis Communication Disaster Recovery Enterprise Risk Management Professional Development

Mental Health: A Central Component of Your Business Continuity Plan

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One thing the pandemic has demonstrated is the importance of positive mental health and its relationship to the resiliency of your organization. Burnout and fatigue, remote working, and overlooked employee needs can all create stress and thereby, lead to uncertainty and disruption. In this contributed piece to Entrepreneur, Brian Day, CEO of Fuze, presents his. Source. Crisis Communication News Professional Development

Leading From the Front in Business Continuity Planning

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By Cassie Steele: If the past year or two has taught us anything it is that business interruption events can take the most unpredictable forms. Looking back, it is intriguing to see today that in March 2020, just as the world was cottoning on to the scale of the looming crisis, 51 percent of businesses had no. Source. Disaster Recovery Enterprise Risk Management Professional Development

Eat the Frog: Tackling the Tough  BCM Challenges You Habitually Put Off 

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Almost every business continuity management program has gaps that are well-known to the BCM office but never addressed, usually because closing them would be hard.

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