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Survey: Manufacturing Bosses Stepping Up Supply Chain Resilience as Pandemic Response

DRI Drive

As a response, CEOs in the manufacturing sector are taking active steps to mitigate their supply chain risks. The Global Manufacturing Prospects 2022 report from accounting firm KPMG surveyed 150 CEOs in manufacturing worldwide. The past few years have shown us all how precarious the global supply chain can be.

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How Shall We Communicate Risk in an Era of ‘Manufactured Reality’?

Emergency Planning

We might further tie these concepts into the model of information dissemination propounded by Herman and Chomsky in their book Manufacturing Consent. However, we live in an age in which, increasingly, information is manufactured and thus so is reality, simply because people believe the information. The Division of Labour in Society. (


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What Minnesota’s Right to Repair Law Means for Security Products and Manufacturers

Security Industry Association

Taken together, these provisions shield security industry products and manufacturers from the new requirements. The post What Minnesota’s Right to Repair Law Means for Security Products and Manufacturers appeared first on Security Industry Association.

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Digitalize to Decarbonize: The emerging manufacturing imperative


However, being aware of … The post Digitalize to Decarbonize: The emerging manufacturing imperative first appeared on Citrix Blogs. New fossil fuel exploration or biodiversity loss, after all, are more attention-grabbing than making marginal improvements to existing systems.

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The Risks that Manufacturing Firms are Facing and the Impact that Follows

Fusion Risk Management

The reach and criticality of global manufacturers impacts almost everyone. Manufacturers are responsible for sourcing and producing life-sustaining food, medicine, commodities, and goods that we rely on. Additionally, operating in a global environment leaves manufacturers vulnerable to the results of geopolitical tensions.

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Business Continuity Planning for the Manufacturing Industry


Building a Business Continuity Plan for the Manufacturing Industry. For those in the manufacturing industry, critical events threaten financial loss due to unplanned downtime, reduced factory utilization rates, lost revenue, and even employees put at risk. Manufacturing Industry-Specific Dangers. Brand diminishment.

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Cloud storage for manufacturing


In recent years, many manufacturers have fallen behind in adopting broader digital transformation initiatives that span the entire enterprise. According to Deloitte, if manufacturers do not embrace digitization, as many as 35 percent of today’s industrial companies could be out of business or significantly changed within the next 10 years.