Survey: Manufacturing Bosses Stepping Up Supply Chain Resilience as Pandemic Response

DRI Drive

As a response, CEOs in the manufacturing sector are taking active steps to mitigate their supply chain risks. The Global Manufacturing Prospects 2022 report from accounting firm KPMG surveyed 150 CEOs in manufacturing worldwide.

How Shall We Communicate Risk in an Era of ‘Manufactured Reality’?

Emergency Planning

We might further tie these concepts into the model of information dissemination propounded by Herman and Chomsky in their book Manufacturing Consent. Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media.


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IT in manufacturing insufficiently prepared to support long-term hybrid work

Behavior Group

Riverbed | Aternity reveals that 51% business decision makers (BDMs) in the manufacturing industry believe that 50% of their workforce will remain hybrid post-pandemic. Security hybrid work manufacturing

Business Continuity Planning for the Manufacturing Industry


Building a Business Continuity Plan for the Manufacturing Industry. For those in the manufacturing industry, critical events threaten financial loss due to unplanned downtime, reduced factory utilization rates, lost revenue, and even employees put at risk.

Military Yet to Fully Leverage Additive Manufacturing

The Rand Blog

Modernizing manufacturing IT infrastructure with the cloud


The benefits of … The post Modernizing manufacturing IT infrastructure with the cloud first appeared on Citrix Blogs. This is a guest blog post by George Watkins, Product Marketing Manager, AMD. In the ever-shifting world of enterprise IT, certain trends stand out.

Business Continuity Planning for the Manufacturing Industry

Continuity Insights

By Everbridge: For those in the manufacturing industry, critical events threaten financial loss due to unplanned downtime, reduced factory utilization rates, lost revenue, and even employees put at risk. Unfortunately, facing a critical event has become less of an “if” than a “when” situation, and preparedness is vital COVID-19 shone a light on how susceptible. Source. Crisis Communication Cyber Disaster Recovery Enterprise Risk Management

08/05/2015 Implementing Business Continuity within Manufacturing

Plan B Consulting

I have worked with a number of defence manufacturers in the past and always find business continuity for manufacturing difficult. The post 08/05/2015 Implementing Business Continuity within Manufacturing appeared first on PlanB Consulting.

Lessons learned from conducting BIA’s in manufacturing

Plan B Consulting

I have been talking about doing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), on the building manufacturing plants in the Philippines, where I am presently working. I have found that with manufacturing, to make the BIA meaningful, it required a substantial adjustment of my methodology.

Hot work incidents and statistics remind us of the importance of pre-incident planning and a dedicated fire watch in chemical, industrial, and manufacturing settings

National Fire Protection Association

Nearly 14 months after the explosion in the Port of Beirut, many questions remain about the catastrophic disaster but one thing we know is that hot work acted as the ignition source for the epic chain of events.

Risk Assessment vs Risk Analysis


Benefits of Automation Enterprise Risk Mitigation (ERM) Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Risk Technology Vendor Management risk analysis risk assessment

Strategies for Digital Risk Protection


Enterprise Risk Mitigation (ERM) Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Retail Technology digital risk protection

5 Steps to Implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


Enterprise risk management is critical for business success.

What is Vendor Risk Management (VRM)? The Definitive Guide


Enterprise Risk Mitigation (ERM) Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Technology Vendor Management vendor risk management

Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention


Financial Services Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Insurance Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Retail Technology fraud prevention internal controlsFraud is a constant concern for businesses and other corporate organizations everywhere.

Audit 52

What Is Enterprise Risk Management & Its Importance


The modern corporate organization faces a host of risks that can affect operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Simple awareness is not enough to stay ahead of these risks. You must find ways to manage, mitigate, accept, or transfer these risks.

Security Policy Brief: What Right to Repair Legislation Means for the Security Industry

Security Industry Association

Lastly, without any vetting process for unauthorized repair facilities, the potential for consumer harm is significant and undermines the innovations the industry has developed by impacting manufactures intellectual property and copyright safeguards. Advocacy State Legislation Manufacturers

Tracking the True Cause of the Baby Formula Shortage

DRI Drive

Abbott Laboratories, a Michigan-based baby formula manufacturer, shut […]. By now, when you see a headline about a sudden shortage of something you can guess “strained supply chain.”

Good Grief: Candy Corn Maker Hacked in Time for Halloween

DRI Drive

A ransomware group successfully hacked Chicago-based Ferrara Candy, the world’s largest manufacturer of the Halloween seasonal favorite (for some) candy […].

Smart Factories: Connecting the Shop Floor with the Digital Supply Chain


when applied to the manufacturing industry, is a concept of integrating smart manufacturing machinery, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation, and advanced analytics to help make every worker and factory more efficient.

War of the Worlds: How Cognitive Dissonance and Repression Shape Russian Perceptions of the Conflict in Ukraine

The Rand Blog

How is it that of the two cognitions Russians are wrestling with, the Kremlin's manufactured truth often prevails

The legal implications of paying ransomware demands: The evolving state of ransomware


Ransomware remains the top threat to SMBs and enterprises across healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and other vital sectors, according to the Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2022.

What Service Providers Need to Know About Supply Chain Risk Management

MHA Consulting

Many service providers tune out talk about supply chain risk management since they think the issue only affects manufacturers and retailers.

Fentanyl Makes an Already Dangerous Drug Market Deadlier Than Ever

The Rand Blog

Failure to recognize and respond to how rapidly illegal drug markets have changed with the arrival of illegally manufactured synthetic opioids will continue to put many Americans at risk of exposure to fentanyl, endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands more for years to come

Security Industry Association Applauds Passage of Chips Bill

Security Industry Association

Manufacturing. semiconductor manufacturing, including $39 billion in incentives for building and modernizing U.S. Expansion of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (MEP). manufacturers with supply of key components. Provisions Support Security Supply Chain, U.S.

Practicing Restraint of Pen, Tongue and Send Button

Bernstein Crisis Management

A mid-level manager at a global manufacturing company accidentally sends an email with highly confidential information about one customer – to another customer. A critical crisis prevention best practice. That darn Send button.

What the Buy American Rule Changes Could Mean for the Security Industry

Security Industry Association

Any significant change to BAA implementation can disrupt the federal supplier base and potentially reduce the competitiveness of offerings from suppliers that manufacture their products in the United States to meet both BAA and TAA requirements, and negatively impact U.S.

Supply chain cybersecurity: Pain or pleasure?

Behavior Group

Whether you are a small printing services company working with an accountant or an organization with a full manufacturing and distribution supply chain, suppliers are important to your daily operations and… Continue reading.

Ep. 06- Driving BC from the top during COVID | Sheeba Philip

The Failover Plan Podcast

With both manufacturing operations in Uganda, Africa, and retail and operational activities in Texas, Sheeba has to shift immediately into business continuity mode without any formal training or plan. 16:15min- Adapting the manufacturing business in a foreign company.

SIA New Member Profile: Hochiki

Security Industry Association

Primarily an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we have been an OEM supplier to most, if not all fire alarm manufacturers at one point or another. To my knowledge, we are the last remaining sensor manufacturer in the United States.

NFPA and Mike Holt Discuss the 2023 NEC at a June Facebook Live Event

National Fire Protection Association

If you’re not familiar with NEC Live, it’s a weekly video series featured on the NFPA NEC Facebook page that gives electricians, inspectors, engineers, manufacturers, and other professionals a chance to engage and discuss electrical-related topics and ideas in real time.

How Citrix ADC gives you flexibility to weather chip shortages


These shortages have affected most manufacturers that produce specialty networking hardware. Can Software Save Your Network? The supply chain shortages that have hit the networking chip market have made this a very interesting time.

SIA Member Profile: System Surveyor

Security Industry Association

System Surveyor is a mobile, cloud-based platform that enables everyone involved – system integrators, end users, subcontractors and even technology manufacturers – to collaborate on the design, installation and management of a physical security system.

How Citrix Workspace app can transform your enterprise mobility


Today, industries like retail, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing are embracing mobile technology, and many organizations are leveraging mobility to empower employees and support a mobile-first strategy.


Emergency Planning

It can signify a means of diversifying assets so as to optimise the way they can be used to exploit people, for example, by shifting manufacturing production to places where wages can most easily be suppressed.

How Schuster Concrete Companies saves valuable time with Citrix Podio


There are many complex processes, reporting requirements, and manual workflows in the manufacturing and construction industry. In fact, nearly 50 percent of construction professionals still manually prepare a daily report, leaving less time for high-value work.

It’s Time for Automotive OEMs to Put Data First

Pure Storage

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry are facing a rude awakening. Data-led technological advances are sweeping away decades of engineering-led tradition that was based on volume manufacturing and vehicle sales.