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Disaster Zone

22 Trucks

Today’s FEMA Logistics Presentations on Cascadia Subduction Earthquake Scenario

Disaster Zone

I’m very encouraged about the planning that has been done


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The Logistics of Flying People from Place to Place Can Be Broken

Disaster Zone

American Airlines had 2,000 flights canceled this past weekend

The Intersection of Logistics and Crisis Management

Business Resilience Decoded

Episode 82: The Intersection of Logistics and Crisis Management Vanessa is joined by logistics expert Fred Cartwright, business development manager with Haversack, for a talk about the crisis facing the global supply chain. Logistics gets under your skin,” he says.

How GSC Logistics Uses Emergency Communications to Keep Their Business Moving

Alert Media

The post How GSC Logistics Uses Emergency Communications to Keep Their Business Moving appeared first on AlertMedia. Customers Emergency Communication

When and if Russia Will Invade Ukraine?

Disaster Zone

As in disasters, it is logistics that rules the day

Reinventing IT to Thrive Amid Persistent Disruption


When I sat in on a CIO roundtable with tech leaders across IT, education, logistics, and the public sector, we […].

Improving Pandemic Preparedness

Recovery Diva

These include decisive decision making, rapid expansion of organizational capacity, fast development of new logistics systems, and mobilization of assistance from external agencies both within government and in civil society. The police do not have the logistics capacity and skills for a major operation of this kind, nor the required linkages with the cooperating agencies in civil society. What follows is a guest posting from Mr. Ian McLean, a retired public official in NZ.

How The Development Of A Crisis Response Program Strengthens Resilience Management


For many, the supply-chain challenge is no longer about logistical bottlenecks but instead the availability of raw materials due to sanctions and the lack of alternate sources. Article Originally Published on Forbes in May 2022.

Seven cybersecurity and privacy forecasts for 2020

Behavior Group

The logistics industry and private vehicles are increasingly being targeted by… Continue reading. The developments in the area of cybersecurity are alarming.

USPS Faces Another Crisis Communications Crunch

Bernstein Crisis Management

This allows, from our perspective, for the customers to plan, to have predictability,” Robert Cintron, the Postal Service’s vice president of logistics, reported the Washington Post. Breaking down a reputational tough spot.

Supply Chain Management why should I care?

Business Continuity Today

Whether is it is to keep your business running or managing a disaster logistics is king. Whether is it is to keep your business running or managing a disaster logistics is king. Why should you care about Supply Chain Management? As an emergency manager or a business continuity manager, the supply chain is the lifeblood of your organization.

97% of IT Leaders Say Insider Data Breaches are a Major Concern

Behavior Group

The logistics industry and Egress announced the results of its second Global Insider Data Breach survey, which looks… Continue reading. A study found that 97 percent of IT leaders say insider breach risk is a significant concern.

Ep.02- Adaptive BC (Part 1): How did we get here? | Dr David Lindstedt & Mark Armour

The Failover Plan Podcast

He is currently the Global Director of Business Continuity at Brink’s, Incorporated, the worldwide leader in cash management solutions and secure logistics. .

Facebook Prophet and the Stock Market (Part 2)

Advancing Analytics

g(t) is our trend function, this can be either a piecewise linear or piecewise logistic trend. The trend function The trend function typically takes one of two forms, piecewise linear or piecewise logistic growth trends. Simplistic logistic growth plot.

Ep. 03- Adaptive BC (Part 2): Where do we go from here? | Dr. David Lindstedt & Mark Armour

The Failover Plan Podcast

He is currently the Global Director of Business Continuity at Brink’s, Incorporated, the worldwide leader in cash management solutions and secure logistics. .

Four Questions About the Covid-19 Pandemic

Emergency Planning

If this could not be done, there needed to be pre-arranged agreements to manufacture equipment and supplies very rapidly and predetermined logistical supply-lines. Improvisation of supply and logistics could prove to be lethal.

What Can You Do with Unstructured Data?

Pure Storage

Logistics. Logistics is a complex business. Supply disruptions caused by the recent lockdowns and Suez Canal blockage have showcased how important the supply chain and logistics are to our everyday lives. The logistics industry has a wealth of historical data at its fingertips.

The Ukraine Invasion: People Must Come First

Fusion Risk Management

These companies can provide a variety of services, including situation intelligence, security personnel and planning, emergency medical support, logistical support, and more.

EP18: The Bus is Coming! What do we do? | David Lindstedt Mark Armour James Green

The Failover Plan Podcast

He is currently the Global Director of Business Continuity at Brink’s, Incorporated, the worldwide leader in cash management solutions and secure logistics. . Episode Summary.

Economic Impact of Russia Sanctions

Fusion Risk Management

Work with your shipping, transportation, and logistic suppliers to determine the most effective routes to send your goods to ports that avoid the region. The relationship between Russia and the rest of the world is increasingly volatile.

Cisco Live 2022 Preview: Meet the New FlashStack Solution and IT’s Newest Superhero

Pure Storage

Business, Interrupted: The Importance of Compassion in a Crisis


It takes logistics. The world is fatigued post-pandemic. And for operational resilience professionals, there seems no end in sight for managing multiple crises or disruptions at once. So, how do you keep going?

Insights into creating a successful Disaster Recovery Test – Part 2: Preparation


Test preparations include reviewing DR Plans for correctness, collaborating with the various stakeholders, identifying test metrics, and managing logistics. Insights into creating a successful Disaster Recovery Test. Part 2 – DR Test Preparations.

Now You can Invoke PagerDuty Rundeck Actions Within the PagerDuty Slack Integration by Joseph Mandros


And, while this is all happening, the integration also proactively captures and records the logistics of the incident as it happens, making the documentation process fully transparent and accessible to all stakeholders. Collaboratively diagnose problems to resolve incidents faster.

The Ukraine Invasion: What Are the Impacts on Supply Chain Dynamics?

Fusion Risk Management

Logistics Route and Capacity Constraints : Supply chain transportation and freight is already being impacted across the globe. These decisions will have a direct and immediate impact on the cost of logistics and freight-based travel. .

A brief critique of UK emergency arrangements in the light of the Covid-19 crisis

Emergency Planning

In the case of coronavirus, the medical profession has taken control of the agenda, yet most of the failings--and there are many--refer to civil protection issues: communications, logistics, coordination.

Business, Interrupted: Peeling Back the Layers of Supply Chain Resilience


That also includes considerations and planning for transportation, logistics, strategies, customer communications, and more. Have contingencies when supply chains fail—from logistics to transportation to raw materials.

Improving Animal Rescue Response Times through WIRES


Access for rescue teams was extremely difficult in the immediate aftermath, and we needed to focus on 24/7 phone support for people dealing with displaced wildlife, and urgent logistical support for our volunteers.

State of the Nation - a UK Perspective on Covid-19

Emergency Planning

Although the virological, medical and epidemiological problems are obviously very complex, medical scientists - and politicians - should not be making risk management and logistical decisions if they do not have the expertise.

Real Storage as a Service vs. B.S. (Broken Subscriptions)

Pure Storage

Asset management, capacity management, shipping logistics and lifecycle management including non-disruptive capacity upgrades and any required service infrastructure refresh.” . In the storage industry today, everyone is talking about delivering a service.

Customer Insights: The Importance of Safety and Preparedness

Fusion Risk Management

Remember, it will be increasingly difficult, either logistically or financially, to create new vendor or third-party relationships during a crisis. .

Business, Interrupted: Shipping, Security, and Supply Chain Continuity


But the challenges aren’t just materials and logistics. This past holiday season, many consumers were met with frustrations as products on shelves dwindled and manufacturers were left scratching their heads trying to solve what seemed a never-ending problem for 2021—supply chain disruptions.

From Homes to Healthcare, KPN Keeps Digital Services Running

Pure Storage

KPN serves millions of customers across the Netherlands, from hospitals using our IoT telemetry services to monitor their equipment to shipping companies running business-critical logistics systems on our cloud. This is a guest post by Jeroen van Gemert, DevOps engineer, KPN.

Why Your Business Needs to Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6

LAN Infotech

Many South Florida businesses, such as healthcare providers, resorts and casinos, aviation and aerospace companies, and logistics firms, among others, may want to consider making the switch to 6E rather than 6. Online All the Time: Why Your Business Needs to Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6.

Hurricane Season is Approaching ? Are You Prepared?

Fusion Risk Management

Maintaining a membership with a global emergency medical assistance services provider means employees will have access to a network of logistics coordinators, physicians, vetted clinics or hospitals, ambulances, and aviation services as well as online guides to medical information.

What’s the difference between a risk assessment and a business impact analysis?

IT Governance BC

Whether you’re creating a disaster recovery or business continuity plan, you must conduct a risk assessment and a BIA (business impact analysis).

How to Mitigate the Effects of Floods on Your Supply Chain


Any disruption in the sub-tier supplier base and logistics network can lead to disastrous interruptions and should be monitored. Floods may now be an unfortunate counterweight to the wildfires that have come to characterize summers worldwide.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Supply Chain with Analytics

Pure Storage

Analyzing aggregated data from these different supply chain sources can give organizations a comprehensive view of their logistics networks. Supply chain and logistics teams can use reporting analytics from their transportation management systems to make more informed decisions.

Microsoft Team Solutions for Law Firms in South Florida

LAN Infotech

While the logistics of a hybrid workplace can be challenging, managing partners and associates are looking for solutions. Microsoft Team Solutions for Law Firms in South Florida. The covid-19 pandemic created workplace challenges for every sector, including law firms in South Florida.