Active Directory and Single Sign On (SSO) in Business Continuity

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When we head to client sites, we listen for the key words Active Directory. This limits your work from home (or work from alternate sites) recovery strategy. This part of IT infrastructure can be a blessing for every day functionality. It can also fall apart dramatically during an incident. Before we get to the implications of what might happen if it goes down, let’s give a general explanation of what it is. Active Directory.

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Did Your Emergency Response Team Survive the Pandemic?


In the past, when planning tabletop exercises and full-scale drills with emergency response teams, I would pose the following questions: Do you have an alternate site for the EOC if the current one becomes unusable?


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Alternative sites. Personnel issues – absence or inability to get to any alternative location.

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In the exercise, we simulated the loss of the depot and simulated the staff and vehicles operating from their designated alternative sites. This week I discuss the importance of contingency planning. I try not to criticise the government.

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Alternate site and technology requirements (including the ability to work remotely). What is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)? Last Updated on May 31, 2020 by Alex Jankovic. Reading Time: 5 minutes.

The New Normal

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Rather than just Main-Site to DR-Site switchover testing, the Disaster Recovery Plan will also need to include regular work from home testing. Denial of access to site’, ‘3. Relocation Sites.

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