FEMA's Post-Disaster Building Evaluation Safety Guidance

Disaster Zone

For inspecting buildings

Acronis earns security accolades in independent evaluations


That’s why, we’re thrilled to highlight five recent independent evaluations of the cybersecurity capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.


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Evaluating the Global Risk Landscape and Creating Actionable Responses


The post Evaluating the Global Risk Landscape and Creating Actionable Responses appeared first on Everbridge Businesses hoping to exit 2021 with momentum will face new challenges and evolving threats in 2022.

So Much Tech, So Little Progress: We Need a Framework for Evaluating Solutions

Chisel AI

Insurance underwriting has come to a crossroads. The digital and information revolution that started a generation ago has now created pain points within insurance that will need to be solved yesterday.

Liverpool University leads evaluation of large-scale emergency exercise

Crisis Response Journal

A research team from the University of Liverpool has provided evaluation and support to a multi-agency exercise, codenamed ‘Operation Raptor’, at the second busiest airport in the world, London Heathrow

Forrester recognizes Citrix as a strong performer in New Wave ZTNA evaluation


Forrester evaluated the vendors based on criteria that included strength of current offering and market presence, … The post Forrester recognizes Citrix as a strong performer in New Wave ZTNA evaluation first appeared on Citrix Blogs.

Finding the Best Emergency Notification System Vendor: Tips for Your Evaluation Process

Alert Media

The post Finding the Best Emergency Notification System Vendor: Tips for Your Evaluation Process appeared first on AlertMedia. Emergency Management Business Continuity Emergency Communication

75% of Companies Currently Re-evaluating Security Strategies

Continuity Insights

From Continuity Central: A new report released by Menlo Security highlights growing concerns about securing users as the trend for hybrid and remote working is set to remain. Securing the New Workplace Reality presents the results of a survey of 545 IT decision-makers in the US and the UK, including a third at C-level. It looks. Source. Cyber Enterprise Risk Management News

Disaster Zone Podcast: Plans Vs. Playbooks

Disaster Zone

Is it time to re-evaluate your planning process

Solutions Review Releases 2022 Buyer’s Guide for Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Solutions Review

Nearly 10 million technology professionals will use Solutions Review to help them evaluate business software this year. Backup and Recovery Solutions News Featured Backup and Recovery Buyer's Guides Buyer's Resource Disaster Recovery Solutions Review Vendor Evaluation

Solutions Review Releases 2022 Buyer’s Guide for Disaster Recovery as a Service

Solutions Review

Nearly 10 million technology professionals will use Solutions Review to help them evaluate business software this year. Backup and Recovery Solutions News Buyer's Guide Buyer's Resource Disaster Recovery as a Service DRaaS Solutions Review Vendor Evaluation

Review of FEMA Priorities

Recovery Diva

From HSToday: Emergency Management Leaders Evaluate FEMA’s Priorities in the Changing Face of Disasters

Working on an RFP or RFI? DRI Can Help!

DRI Drive

Did you know that DRI provides our Certified Professionals with free assistance in constructing, distributing, and evaluating Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Information (RFI) for products and services?

Revealing the Impact of Non-Lethal Weapons

The Rand Blog

military forces in a variety of contexts, but the Pentagon faces a challenge in ensuring their appropriate use and evaluating the potential effects of their deployment Non-lethal weapons can be useful to U.S.

How Should the U.S. Military Share Secrets?

The Rand Blog

Who should evaluate this advantage, and at what level For security cooperation to work, allies may need access to details of U.S. military plans and activities. But does the need for a clearly defined U.S. advantage prevent sharing information that may be broadly in the U.S. interest?

Major NSF Grants Awarded for Resilience Studies

Recovery Diva

million in awards to teams to conduct and evaluate ready-to-implement pilot projects that address community-identified challenges. Community-Based Solutions to Enhance Disaster Resilience. The NSF announced a $15.9 A significant portion of the funds was awarded to projects focusing on resilience to natural disasters in the context of equipping communities for greater preparedness to and response after disasters such as floods, hurricanes and wildfires

As Easy as APIE: This Simple Disaster-Response Model Is Highly Effective


This simple disaster-response model—the letters stand for Assess, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate—offers serious benefits to any organization trying to gain control of a disaster and manage its way back to safe and productive operations.

BCM 67

Say Hello to VOI: The Best Way to Assess the Value of Your BCM Program


However, in evaluating intangible assets such as a business continuity program, it’s more helpful to look at VOI, or value on investment.

BCM 62

Treating Supervised Drug Consumption Sites like Cannabis

The Rand Blog

What could be done to make it easier to pilot and evaluate these sites in the United States Some communities hard-hit by the opioid crisis are interested in opening supervised consumption sites—places where people who use drugs can consume them under supervision of trained staff.

Download Your Planning Templates

Disaster Recovery Journal

This template guides you through the development and effective execution of a wide range of business continuity exercises, including planning, goal setting, evaluation, and documentation of lessons learned. Business Continuity Policy Template.

Letters and Cards Telling People About Local Police Reduce Crime

The Rand Blog

They then evaluated how knowing some information about individuals one has never met can manifest in judgments about them and potentially reduce crime

5 Crisis-Causing Customer Service Mistakes To Avoid

Bernstein Crisis Management

Most practices see similar categories of issues popping up with some regularity, and you may want to put together an actual playbook with if/then reactions for common events.Part of prior prep is evaluating your own mental bandwidth for the day too. 5 Crisis-Causing Customer Service Mistakes To Avoid. One of the best titles I’ve ever seen on a customer service desk nameplate is, “Director of First Impressions.”

BCM 109

Rethinking the EU's Role in European Collective Defence

The Rand Blog

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is forcing European nations to quickly re-evaluate how best to maintain their collective security.

Technical architecture: What IT does for a living

CIO Governance

Not that it’s possible to evaluate the technical architecture without understanding how well it supports the business architecture. Technical architecture is the sum and substance of what IT deploys to support the enterprise. As such, its management is a key IT practice.

What is a PEST analysis? Preparing your business for external impacts

CIO Governance

PEST analysis is used to evaluate external and macro environmental factors that impact your organization, specifically political, economic, social, and technological ones. PEST analysis definition.

Women in Insurance: Q&A with Nancy Mellard, Chair of The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

Chisel AI

The insurance industry has to identify and evaluate diverse talent looking at new skill sets and work experience that, traditionally, were either not utilized or valued during the selection process.

Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 LTSR Premium Edition (CU1) achieves Common Criteria EAL2+ Certification


LTSR Premium Edition CU1 has achieved Common Criteria certification at the Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2+. Citrix is pleased to announce that Citrix Hypervisor 8.2

CISA certification guide: Certified Information Systems Auditor explained

CIO Governance

Offered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), the credential is designed for IT and IS auditors tasked with evaluating an organization’s information systems to identify issues and potential security threats.

New Cybersecurity Regulations To Impact South Florida Businesses

LAN Infotech

Businesses must start reviewing the proposed legislation and evaluate its potential impact on your organization. Evaluate Your Ransomware Policies. New Cybersecurity Regulations To Impact South Florida Businesses.

What is SCOR? A model for improving supply chain management

CIO Governance

It’s not something that can be set up and left alone — your supply chain needs to be regularly evaluated so it stays efficient and productive. Supply chain management (SCM) is a critical focus for companies that sell products, services, hardware, and software.

Why cybersecurity products always defy traditional user reviews

Behavior Group

I read with interest the latest batch of evaluation data from MITRE on various endpoint solutions, this time focusing on the detect, response and containment of these various solutions against malware created by FIN7 and CARBANAK threat groups.

ESG Risk Assessment Template


By objectively identifying ways in which you’re already in line with ESG best practices, you can better evaluate the risks to your ESG status: Is your loan granting program sustainable? FREE Excel Sheet Download: ESG Risk Assessment Template Download Your Copy.

New research on performance criteria for Aircraft Hangar Fire Protection Systems; Register for upcoming webinar to learn more

National Fire Protection Association

Politico’s Recovery Lab

Recovery Diva

More than 18 months into the pandemic, the impacts of those decisions are showing up in data that can be tracked and evaluated. State Pandemic Scorecard. For the past year, POLITICO’s Recovery Lab project has been chronicling how the pandemic is playing out around the country with a special eye to the innovations and policies enacted by officials at the state and local levels.

Citrix ADC 12.1 achieves Common Criteria certification


The evaluated configuration consists of the physical platforms MPX 8900 FIPS and MPX 15000-50G FIPS. Citrix is proud to announce that Citrix ADC version 12.1 has achieved Common Criteria certification.

Recapping Citrix Launchpad: Security Innovations


Related Stories Previewing Citrix Launchpad: Security Introducing Citrix Secure Private Access Forrester recognizes Citrix as a strong performer in New Wave ZTNA evaluation.

Have you experienced an operational cable failure in a life safety system due to fire/effects? If so, want to hear more about your experience!

National Fire Protection Association

To determine if temperature impacts the transmission and functional/operational quality of alarm/data signals and voice messages in fire and non-fire rated environments, the Fire Protection Research Foundation kicked off a project titled: “Evaluating Data and Voice Signals in Pathway Survivable Cables for Life Safety Systems”.

5 Key Questions to Ask Backup and Disaster Recovery Providers

Solutions Review

Solutions Review lists the five questions you need to ask backup and disaster recovery providers when you’re evaluating platforms. For five key backup and disaster recovery questions to ask yourself, consult our Backup and Disaster Recovery Buyer’s Guide.

Citrix named an IDC MarketScape Major Player


The report evaluated major eSignature software providers for their role in improving content-centric workflows and how they can … The post Citrix named an IDC MarketScape Major Player first appeared on Citrix Blogs.

Introducing Citrix Secure Private Access


Related Stories Forrester recognizes Citrix as a strong performer in New Wave ZTNA evaluation Previewing Citrix Launchpad: Security Introducing intent-based Citrix App Delivery and Security Service.