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Excellence in Operational Resilience: DRI Board’s Mike Janko Takes Us Through His New Book

DRI Drive

Janko is many things – MBCP, member of the DRI Board of Directors, longtime director of global business continuity for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, and now a published author.

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U.S. House Passes Bill to Requiring FCC to Limit New Authorizations for Chinese Equipment, Prohibit Revocation

Security Industry Association

would require the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt rules prohibiting “equipment authorization” for certain Chinese telecommunications and video surveillance equipment. 19, the FCC had published a proposed rule that would prohibit new authorizations for equipment considered part of the FCC’s “Covered List.”


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UK authorities and allies expose Russian cyber attacks on Coronavirus vaccine development

Behavior Group

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published an advisory detailing the activities of the threat group known as APT29, which has exploited organisations globally. The post UK authorities and allies expose Russian cyber attacks on Coronavirus vaccine development appeared first on Behaviour Portugal.

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For SIA Members Only: Contribute a Thought Leadership Article for Our Journal

Security Industry Association

For more than a decade, the association has published SIA Technology Insights , which features analyses of security trends and technologies written by SIA members, and we are now seeking authors for the spring 2024 edition.

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EP15: Building Your Personal Brand in BC | Luke Bird

The Failover Plan Podcast

His writing led to becoming a self published author of "BlueyedBC – Business Continuity for Junior Professionals" and most recently, becoming elected as a Director to the Business Continuity Institute’s Global Board. And we’re going to talk with him about how he developed a personal brand within our field.

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Book Review: Disaster Management and Information Technology

Recovery Diva

Published by Springer Publishers; ISBN-10 3031209389; Price is $100. Funding and Contributions: Includes insights into various sources and players promoting innovative IT solutions like the European-funded project FASTER, or the wisdom from authorities like Peter T. Editors: Hans Jochen Scholl, Eric E. Holdeman, F. Kees Boersma.

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Academic Publishing and Malpractice

Emergency Planning

Graff described malpractice among academic journal editors and called for a bill of rights to protect authors against such excesses. During that time I have encountered all sorts of behaviour, good and bad, by authors, reviewers and editors. Herein I am going to concentrate on malpractice by authors. Irrelevant submission.