Building a Channel Presence.? Why You Need to Hire This Guy.


Since 2008 I’ve been of the most progressive entrepreneurial channel sales executives in the Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity space. When building out a channel program, having the right strategy and go to market plan is critical.

Business Continuity as a Business Strategy

Disaster Recovery Journal

In November 2008, a major fire destroyed a historic building in the main section of Champaign, IL. The 2008 Business Continuity Instituteâ??s A recent trip to a local grocery store demonstrated organizational understanding of business continuity.


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Amazon Solar Shutdown Provides Opportunity for Praise and Reflection on Safe Solar Installations

National Fire Protection Association

Yet many areas of the country do not use the most current edition of the NEC, with some areas using editions dating back as far as 2008. gigawatts in 2008 to an estimated 97.2

Katherine Heigl Puts Grassroots Crisis Management To Work In Hollywood Return

Bernstein Crisis Management

Yes, one year after winning an Emmy for her role as Izzie Stevens on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Heigl abstained from 2008 awards consideration because she “did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.”

Florida Panthers Join Acronis’ #TeamUp Program

LAN Infotech

Founded in Singapore in 2003 and incorporated in Switzerland in 2008, Acronis now has more than 2,000 employees in 34 locations in 19 countries. Florida Panthers join Acronis’ #TeamUp Program to support cyber protection partnerships with world-class sports teams.

Managing Emergencies: The Challenges of the Future

Disaster Planning and Emergency Management

But in 2008 floods stretched from Alnwick in Northumberland to Tewksbury in Somerset, nearly 500 km away. Interestingly, since the first edition in 2008, pandemics have been regarded as the leading risk in terms of their probability of occurrence and seriousness of consequences.

Economic Impact of Russia Sanctions

Fusion Risk Management

The price per barrel of oil has increased to levels not seen since the financial crisis of 2008. The relationship between Russia and the rest of the world is increasingly volatile.

Why Operational Resilience Ignores Resilience Professionals

Plan B Consulting

Since 2008, the business climate has been fairly stable and so organisations haven’t needed to be that resilient. This week, Charlie talks about operational resilience in today’s world and why it is important to become resilient in order to survive.

Why Operational Resilience Ignores Resilience Professionals

Plan B Consulting

Since 2008, the business climate has been fairly stable and so organisations haven’t needed to be that resilient. This week, Charlie talks about operational resilience in today’s world and why it is important to become resilient in order to survive.

Why Operational Resilience Ignores Resilience Professionals

Plan B Consulting

Since 2008, the business climate has been fairly stable and so organisations haven’t needed to be that resilient. This week, Charlie talks about operational resilience in today’s world and why it is important to become resilient in order to survive.

State of the Nation - a UK Perspective on Covid-19

Disaster Planning and Emergency Management

Since 2008, pandemics have been top of the list of 96 threats and hazards in the UK National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies in all editions. Plans were made in the UK in 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2014.

Inflation Considerations for Risk Managers and Insurance Buyers

Risk Management Monitor

Use data and rely on the experience of management that survived the Great Recession of 2008 to 2011 to help navigate these new concerns. According to Beazley’s recent Risk & Resilience Geopolitical Report , inflation is a key area of concern for business leaders and they expect economic uncertainty to remain high through to the end of this year.

How Formula 1 Car Sensors Create Data at Every Turn

Pure Storage

The SECU was mandated in 2008 and acts as the core data storage unit on the car, responsible for processing and transmitting data from the car to the team. Modern F1 race cars are networked, connected, intelligent machines that can include hundreds of sensors and nearly a mile of wiring.

Process Controls, SCADA and Cyber Security

Plan B Consulting

Table 2: A list of incidents in the water industry (Ten, Liu & Manimaran, 2008). This week, Charlie discusses the effects a cyber attack can have on an organisation’s process control and SCADA systems.

Why Data Quality is Important

Advancing Analytics

For example, if you have information on your customers from 2008, and it is now 2022, then there would be an issue with the timeliness as well as the completeness of the data. Data is among the most valuable assets for any organisation.

Haiti: has there been progress in disaster reduction since the last big earthquake?

Disaster Planning and Emergency Management

For example, in the 2008 hurricane season, four named storms arrived.

How Does NAID AAA Certification Intersect With NIST 800-88? (Part 2)

Prism International

And, to assuage any doubt about the integrity and thoroughness of the NAID Electronic Media Erasure specifications, it was NIST 800-88 Guidance that adopted the dual technician recommendation in 2014 from the same requirement originally included in NAID AAA Certification in 2008. This is the second blog of a two-part series.

Audit 40

SIA New Member Profile: Swan Island Networks

Security Industry Association

We transitioned back to the private sector in 2008 and have two cloud-based situational awareness platforms. Pete O’Dell, CEO, Swan Island Networks.

Covid-19: Elements of a Scenario

Disaster Planning and Emergency Management

US Homeland Security Council 2005, UK Government 2008), while in others it did not. UK Government 2008. It is now more than ten years since there was a general push to induce countries to plan for pandemics (WHO 2005). In some quarters, it had an immediate effect (e.g.,

What Dave Komendat, Boeing CSO and ISC West Keynote Speaker, Says Was His Hardest Career Challenge

Security Industry Association

I’ve had the honor of being the chief security officer for Boeing since 2008, so my list of challenging events is fairly long. The challenge he faced was even more difficult than what he encountered after Japan’s Fukushima earthquake of 2011.

Sustainability Reporting Accelerator

Advancing Analytics

These make amendments to the Large and Medium-sized Companies and Groups (Accounts and Reports) Regulations 2008 and the Limited Liability Partnerships (Accounts and Audit) (Application of Companies Act 2006) Regulations 2008 (‘the Regulations’).

Does an Authoritarian Nation State Dictate Your Crisis Communications?

Plan B Consulting

The 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China led to over 69,000 people losing their lives, 374,176 were reported injured, with 18,222 listed as missing as of July 2008. This week Charlie talks about incident management communications within authoritarian regimes. I will leave a bulletin on the terrible events associated with the Palau earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia until next week.

How ISC East Keynote Speaker Ted Metellus Secures the New York City Marathon

Security Industry Association

He lives in Manhattan and has run 33 half marathons, as well as the New York City Marathon in 2008 and 2013. Metellus, race director for the iconic marathon, discusses how road race security has changed since COVID-19 and the role of public-private partnerships in hosting a successful event.

Interpreting Covid-19 as a Disaster

Disaster Planning and Emergency Management

By 2008, the scenario was more or less complete, with the exception of the recovery phase, which has remained difficult to predict ever since (recovery from the 1918-1920 pandemic took about five years, but it included recovery from the First World War and it led into the Great Depression of 1929).

Looking Around the Corner: Why ESG Has Never Been More Important


After the 2008 recession, people lost trust in large corporations. Looking Around the Corner: Why Is ESG Important In The Present And Future. By Steven Minsky. Introduction: Why is ESG important?

Towards a Taxonomy of Disasters

Disaster Planning and Emergency Management

Tierney (2008) provided a functional semantic classification of the size of extreme events (revised by Alexander 2016, p. ) Taxonomy is the process of classifying things or concepts and is usually backed by principles.

S5cmd for High Performance Object Storage

Pure Storage

S3cmd , originally created in 2008, uses custom Python code to directly create and send S3 requests and does not use one of the standard AWS-provided SDKs. This article originally appeared on It has been republished with permission from the author.

Coronavirus and China’s Decision-Making in a Crisis

Marketpoint Recall

The coronavirus outbreak could not occur at a more inconvenient time for Chinese leaders. 2019 was not a particularly pretty year for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They faced significant economic pressure from the U.S.-China

Media 52

Underpants Bomber

Plan B Consulting

For me the 2008 Mumbai attacks, (11 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai, India’s largest city, by terrorists who allegedly came from Pakistan) brought home how easily it is to be caught up in an ongoing terrorist attack.

Algeria, A One Off Terrorist Attack?

Plan B Consulting

Hostage taking may not just occur in remote gas plants in the desert but may take place in international hotels such as the attack on the Taj Mahal Hotel in 2008. I thought this week we should discuss somewhere a bit hotter than the weather we are experiencing in the UK at the moment.

Risk Managers: Is Today’s Violence Worse than the 1960’s? Yes, and Why You Should Care (Sorry, Jim and Max)

Alternative Resiliency Services Corp

The 2008 hotel attacks in Mumbai would have been difficult if not impossible without technology. ​ A quick scan of the headlines will confirm that in the US (and elsewhere) things are getting ugly.