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Global Health Data Sharing: The Case of China and the Two Coronavirus Pandemics

The Rand Blog

Although tensions over the coronavirus seem to be prompting China to isolate itself in terms of data sharing, the first coronavirus pandemic in 2003 actually helped open China to health collaborations with other countries.

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Celebrating 20 years of innovation and industry leadership: CEO Blog


Since launching in Singapore as a backup solution in 2003, Acronis has expanded our service offerings immensely. As the CEO of Acronis since 2021, I couldn’t be more proud of our company’s trajectory and the growth it has achieved in the preceding decades.

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5 reasons to upgrade to the new LTSR today


The latest Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2203 Long Term Service Release (LTSR) rolls up over two years of features and functionality updates from eight releases — Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2003 to 2112 — since the last 1912 … The post 5 reasons to upgrade to the new LTSR today first appeared on Citrix Blogs.

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Covid-19: Elements of a Scenario

Emergency Planning

When it came, in 2009, it was less deadly than expected, but that does not negate the possibility of a highly contagious disease with a case fatality rate equivalent to that of SARS in 2003, namely 10%. Major epidemics and pandemics (what is the difference?) They also involve very high degrees of uncertainty.

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Disaster Risk Reduction is not a Paradigm

Emergency Planning

The 1970s were a period in which Kuhn's ideas were vigorously debated by people who were much more knowledgeable in the philosophy of science than I will ever be (Meiland 1974, Nickles 2003, Scheffler 1972). In fact, 'paradigm' is one of the most misused words in the scientific lexicon. first edition 1962). Meiland, J.W. Nickles, T. (ed.)

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Reflections on the Turkish-Syrian Earthquakes of 6th February 2023: Building Collapse and its Consequences

Emergency Planning

Mosalam 2003. A view on how to mitigate earthquake damages in Turkey from a civil engineering perspective. Research on Engineering Structures and Materials 7(1): 1-11. Whittaker, K.J. Elwood and K.M. Engineering Structures 25(1): 103-114. [1] 1] [link] [2] [link]

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A Closer Look at Some Assembly Occupancy Requirements

National Fire Protection Association

Many of the details emerging are eerily similar to The Station nightclub fire which claimed the lives of 100 people and injured 230 more in February of 2003. In both instances, flammable interior finish and blocked exits were believed to have played a role in the fast-spreading fires and high number of fatalities.