Thu.Sep 14, 2023

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The real burden of risk

Emergency Planning

A piece of the Sanriku coast at Minamisanriku, NE Japan. In 2011 there was a 20.5-metre tsunami here. Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE AR-SA In 1966 the eminent Californian risk analyst Chauncey Starr published a seminal paper in Science Magazine in which he stated that "a thing is safe if its risks are judged to be acceptable." In effect, he built his reputation on the premise that the acceptability of risk is arbitrary.

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SIA New Member Profile: Wicket

Security Industry Association

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Wicket offers computer vision technology for facial ticketing, access control, frictionless payment and credentialing. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with an additional office in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and customers across North America and in Europe. SIA spoke with Jeff Boehm, chief marketing officer at Wicket, about the company, the security industry and working with SIA.


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Bringing Data Analytics into the Hardware Design Story

Pure Storage

Bringing Data Analytics into the Hardware Design Story by Pure Storage Blog When a FlashArray ™ or FlashBlade ® device ships for the first time, it’s a proud and exciting moment for all of us in engineering. There are celebrations and fanfare, handshakes and shouts. And then, with (metaphorical) tears in our eyes, we bid the product a fond farewell—wishing it well like a dear friend about to head off on the data analytics journey of a lifetime.

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California Approves Right to Repair Legislation – Security Products Exempt

Security Industry Association

With final passage of Senate Bill 244 by the state legislature Sept. 13, 2023, California will become the third and largest U.S. state to adopt “right to repair” legislation broadly applicable to manufacturers of electronic devices. Resulting from advocacy efforts by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and our industry partners, all states enacting right to repair legislation so far – New York, Minnesota and, with the governor’s potential signature, California – have included pr

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SME Relationships: Proven Solutions for Seamless Collaboration and Success

Speaker: Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions

💢 Do you find yourself stuck in never-ending review cycles? Are you wondering if your Subject Matter Expert actually got that last review request? Are you having trouble trying to decipher impractical or conflicting feedback? 💢 If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, you may benefit from a crash course on managing SME relationships!

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Automating the MSP back office


Managed services are transitioning rapidly from legacy, break-fix services to recurring cloud-centric and subscription-based services. In this article, we take a look at three big issues that MSPs can automate to vastly improve the smooth running of any MSP back office — saving time, money and even tears!

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RIMS Canada Conference Kicks Off with Top Honors for Canadian Risk Professionals

Risk Management Monitor

Catherine Dowdall (right) receives the Donald M. Stuart Award from Valerie Fox (left) for lifetime achievement in risk management OTTAWA—The 2023 RIMS Canada Conference is officially underway here in Ottawa, Ontario, convening more than 1,400 Canadian risk professionals in the nation’s capital. After opening remarks from RIMS CEO Gary LaBranche and RIMS Canada Council Chair Steve Pottle (below), the conference began with recognition for outstanding accomplishments from RIMS Canada members.

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Identifying Important Business Functions: Your Building Blocks for DORA Compliance and Incident Management

Fusion Risk Management

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) aims to ensure financial and operational resilience for individual businesses as well as ensure economic stability for the European Union (EU) as a whole. The ability to be compliant and mitigate the impact of disruption through a robust incident management strategy begins with understanding the most critical business functions that comprise your organization.

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AI-Driven Employee Empowerment: Crafting Tailored Learning Paths for Skill Development

Advancing Analytics

In the rapidly evolving world of work, continuous learning and skill development are more important than ever. But how can we identify our skill gaps and find the right learning resources to fill them? Enter the power of large language models. This blog will showcase a prototyped an LLM system designed to do just that. This LLM system is not just a tool; it's a friendly guide, a mentor if you will, that assists our employees in identifying their skill gaps and creating personalized learning path

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The Four Phases of Disaster Recovery

MHA Consulting

The rise in the use of third-party computing services has given many companies a false sense of security regarding the recoverability of their IT systems. In today’s post we’ll look at why organizations still need to be adept at IT disaster recovery (IT/DR) and describe the four phases of restoring IT services after an outage. Related on MHA Consulting: Learning to Talk to Your IT/DR Colleagues Knowing How to Recover Is Still Important With the migration toward cloud computing and Software as a

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Is Training the Right Solution?

Speaker: Tim Buteyn

Let's set the scene: you’ve identified a critical performance gap in your organization and need to close that gap. A colleague suggests training, but you suspect there’s something going on that training can’t address. How can you determine if training is the right solution before you commit your budget and resources to a new training program? In this webinar, you will learn how to determine if training is the right solution using the Behavior Engineering Model.

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Celebrating Acronis: Champion of Canalys Managed BDR Leadership Matrix 2023


Landing a spot on the Canalys Leadership Matrix is an impressive achievement that showcases the industry’s top-tier vendors who continuously demonstrate excellence across channel and technology strategy, performance and execution. Canalys Managed BDR Leadership Matrix 2023 has named Acronis a Champion, which is the highest level of classification.

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Are Your Backups Safe From Ransomware? Your 8-Point Checklist for Backup Security & Data Protection

Solutions Review

Solutions Review’s Contributed Content Series is a collection of contributed articles written by thought leaders in enterprise technology. In this feature, Continuity ‘s CTO Doron Pinhas offers The average cost of recovery from a ransomware attack has more than doubled in a year, according to a Sophos survey. The global report also shows that just 8% of organizations manage to get back all of their data after paying the ransom.

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Maximizing Crisis Communications ROI: Strategies for Success


Discover strategies to maximize crisis communications ROI. Uncover how to mitigate risk, safeguard reputation, and utilize technology effectively. The post Maximizing Crisis Communications ROI: Strategies for Success appeared first on Bryghtpath.