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Streamlining Your PC Startup: A Guide to Removing Unwanted Applications

Erwood Group

Task Manager (Windows) / Activity Monitor (Mac): Open Task Manager or Activity Monitor to see which applications launch at startup and how many resources they consume. Activity Monitor: – Open `Activity Monitor` from `Applications > Utilities`. – Go to `Users & Groups`.

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Solutions for a Cold Office


Actively monitoring and regulating the temperature in your office during cold. As winter weather sets in, cold office solutions and discovering how to stay warm in a cold office become more important. This is a content summary only. Click on the blog title to continue reading this post.).


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Introducing dynamic recording capabilities in Citrix Session Recording!


We are committed to providing a great in-session user activity monitoring experience, with … The post Introducing dynamic recording capabilities in Citrix Session Recording! This blog post was co-authored by Leon Feng, Senior Product Manager at Citrix. first appeared on Citrix Blogs.

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How the Latest National Defense Authorization Act Impacts the Security Industry

Security Industry Association

SIA members who actively monitor DOD procurement opportunities and policy changes should review SIA’s NDAA analysis and pay close attention to forthcoming DOD announcements once the FY22 NDAA is implemented.

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Support for Ukraine | Company Statement by PagerDuty


We are actively monitoring our service and security, and enforcing guidelines laid out in our Acceptable Use Policy. In solidarity with the broader international business community, we are suspending all work with the limited number of Russian customers we do engage with and no new accounts will be accepted from Russia.

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Bringing Data Analytics into the Hardware Design Story

Pure Storage

An array may physically be on a data center floor, but we’re still actively monitoring it back here at Pure. By flagging outliers, we can remotely check for, and sometimes even anticipate, failures in customer systems. It enables us to act on them as soon as possible.

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Threat Intelligence: A Key Capability for Our Turbulent Times

MHA Consulting

But in our current period of an ever-expanding set of global threats, most organizations would benefit from developing a system for actively monitoring potential threats to their operations and assets. There was a time when only the military had to concern itself with scanning the horizon for potential dangers.