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Solutions for a Cold Office


Actively monitoring and regulating the temperature in your office during cold. As winter weather sets in, cold office solutions and discovering how to stay warm in a cold office become more important. This is a content summary only.

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Introducing dynamic recording capabilities in Citrix Session Recording!


We are committed to providing a great in-session user activity monitoring experience, with … The post Introducing dynamic recording capabilities in Citrix Session Recording! This blog post was co-authored by Leon Feng, Senior Product Manager at Citrix.


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How the Latest National Defense Authorization Act Impacts the Security Industry

Security Industry Association

SIA members who actively monitor DOD procurement opportunities and policy changes should review SIA’s NDAA analysis and pay close attention to forthcoming DOD announcements once the FY22 NDAA is implemented. On Dec.

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10 Reasons You Need A Situational Awareness Program Now

Swan Island Network

Active monitoring and a consolidated situational capability can give you a jump start on saving lives, property, and reputation. Monitoring your organization 24×7 can give you additional information to prevent, mitigate, and recover from breaking situations.

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Support for Ukraine | Company Statement by PagerDuty


We have provided resources for our employees to donate or volunteer, and are working actively with non-profit partners on opportunities to provide direct assistance or support relief efforts in the region. .

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7 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Fails


You’re not actively monitoring your IT infrastructure for threats. A strong cybersecurity practice includes proactive monitoring, preferably with 24/7 log management for threat detection. READ TIME: 5 MIN. July 28, 2021. 7 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Fails.

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100 Data Protection Predictions from 75 Experts for 2023

Solutions Review

“Whether North America is in recession or not, companies are actively cutting costs, and reducing IT infrastructure, which has always been an easy choice for CEOs.

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Journey to a More Sustainable and Responsible Enterprise

Fusion Risk Management

In a Fusion Customer Roundtable on November 10, 2021, Paula Fontana, Senior Director Product Marketing, and I discussed how resiliency, risk, and compliance professionals know that ESG is much more than just a marketing activity – it is the missing link to resilience strategy.

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Suffering from Wi-Fi interference? Try these tips

Online Computers

You can do some spot checking by actively monitoring signal levels using appropriate apps and wireless adapters while walking around. So check with your IT partner if they can conduct radio frequency spectrum analysis and monitoring on your network for you.

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Security in 3D: LiDAR and Other Sensors Allow the Creation of Rich, Video Game-Like Digital Maps

Security Industry Association

The LiDAR creates point clouds and monitors the entire scene precisely – both static points and moving points. The operator can observe all intruders on a monitor in real time and can see their positions, their sizes, their movement speed, and the trajectories of their movements.