Mon.Jan 23, 2023

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What the Statistics Say About COVID Being Over

Disaster Zone blog

The fat lady has not sung

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Acronis Cyber Foundation Program: Celebrating five years of achievement!



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Building your Ransomware Playbook


Reading about the latest ransomware hack feels a lot like watching a bicyclist hurdle head-first over handlebars into a pile of gravel. Oof, that had to hurt.” And, “boy, am I glad that wasn’t me.” But that’s where the similarity between the two stops.

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Better Science, Volume 2: Maps, Metadata, and the Pyramid

Pure Storage

In our first installment of Better Science , we talked about how Pure Storage® designed a better approach to flash storage systems and the benefits it brings to customers, as well as the environment.

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Royal Mail Ransomware Attacks- Some Comments

Plan B Consulting

B2C 52
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Overcoming Manufacturing Industry Challenges with Big Data. Demand Forecasting Case study

Advancing Analytics

Manufacturing is an industry that is increasingly turning to data and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve operations and stay competitive. With the help of data and AI, manufacturers can gain insights, automate processes, and make better decisions.

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Purity//FA 6.4 Release Highlights

Pure Storage

Below, find regular updates on the latest Purity for FlashArray™ releases. Discover content related to each release, including blog posts, videos, and demos. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for more newness! Current Active Release: Purity//FA 6.4.1

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SIA New Member Profile: Sitasys

Security Industry Association

Security Industry Association (SIA) member Sitasys , a Swiss company located in Solothurn, provides an innovative alarm management platform, best in class finger-print identification and secure train communication.

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An Overview of NFPA 110

National Fire Protection Association

Emergency power generators are an integral component in many fire and life safety systems. For this reason, NFPA 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems, is referenced by many of the most widely used codes and standards.

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How Long Does It Take for your 911 Call to Be Answered?

National Fire Protection Association

This was the question the NFPA technical committee responsible for writing NFPA 1225, Standard for Emergency services Communications, asked in the last revision cycle, while reviewing the existing language on this subject.