RIMS ERM Conference 2021: Integrating Net Zero Commitments into ERM Plans

Risk Management Monitor

With a commitment to be net zero by 2040, it had already reduced emissions across the company by 30% by 2019. In a session titled “Integrating Net Zero Commitments into ERM Plans” at the RIMS ERM Conference 2021 , Michelle Tuveson, executive director of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, led an interactive session focused on how risk managers were handling their companies’ emission reduction pledges and efforts.

Modern space exploration will transform the world of work

IBM Business Resiliency

trillion by 2040. In the 80s and early 90s, few people could imagine the impact the World Wide Web would one day have. The idea that it would be an integral, ubiquitous part of our business and personal lives seemed laughable.


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Electrifying Changes Are Coming to the Automotive Industry

Pure Storage

In fact, most automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) expect to produce only EVs by 2040. The automotive industry was once considered slow to change and technologically behind the times. But it’s not your grandfather’s auto industry anymore.