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What’s Your Volcano Plan? Researchers Warn We’re ‘Woefully Underprepared’

DRI Drive

A volcanic eruption could have powerful impacts on supply chains, climate and food security – but are resilience professionals taking such a threat seriously enough? Not according to the University of Cambridge’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER).

The Floods in Pakistan

Recovery Diva

From the WashPost, these photos and descriptions of the massive flooding ongoing in Pakistan


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Document Core Processes (aka “What’s that post-it?”)

Kings Bridge BCP

I walked into the hotel lobby at a client site a few weeks ago to get some tea and review my notes for the day’s meetings. A businessman was sitting at a table near the coffee stand and was clearly in the middle of an important phone call.

BCP 83

7 Best Practices for Emergency Managers


By recognizing that hazards, including severe weather events, are unpredictable and cannot be completely prevented, emergency managers can instead focus their efforts on promoting a resilient organization.

Hazard 105

Goodbye to All That: How to Phase Out Your Data Center

MHA Consulting

Many organizations are considering reducing their involvement in the data center business and moving some or all of their computing environment to the cloud or a colocation facility. A successful … The post Goodbye to All That: How to Phase Out Your Data Center appeared first on MHA Consulting.

Anticipating Floods

Recovery Diva

From The Conversation: America’s summer of floods: What cities can learn from today’s climate crises to prepare for tomorrow’s


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How to Prevent, Prepare for, and Respond to Mass Attacks

The Rand Blog

A new step-by-step guide can help communities prevent shootings and other mass attacks before they happen, and to save lives when they do. It's written for police, paramedics, local government officials, church leaders, concert promoters, grocery store owners, and school superintendents

Nominate Our Next SIA NPS Awards Committee Chair

Security Industry Association

Call for nominations open through Sept. 30, 2022. Attention Security Industry Association (SIA) members!

PagerDuty Mourns the Loss of PJ by Jennifer Tejada


Earlier this week, we lost a beloved colleague, leader, mentor and friend when Phylicia Jones, affectionately known to us as PJ, passed away. Taken from us far too young, we are devastated and share our deepest condolences with PJ’s family and friends for this unbearable loss. . PJ was a force.

Fire Extinguisher Ratings

National Fire Protection Association

Fire Extinguisher Ratings Fire extinguishers are often the first line of defense when it comes to stopping fires while they are still small. A key component of successfully using an extinguisher is ensuring the type of extinguisher is a match for the type of fire.

Sleep Retreats: A Pricey Trend That Doesn't Have to Be

The Rand Blog

The growing trend toward sleep vacations reflects the increasing awareness that Americans live in a sleep-starved society.


Security Industry Association Announces 2022 SIA Women in Security Forum Scholarship Winners

Security Industry Association

Seven security industry professionals and students will receive scholarships to be used toward continuing education, repayment of student loan debt and professional development. . SILVER SPRING, Md. –

Get highly flexible, SaaS-based app delivery and security with Citrix


Last November, Citrix introduced a paradigm-shifting advancement in application delivery with the first intent-based app delivery and security service. Citrix App Delivery and Security Service consists of two SaaS offerings — Self Managed and Citrix Managed.

Acronis Cyberthreats Report: Ransomware dominates the threat landscape


Based on original research by the experts at our Cyber Protection Operation Centers, the Acronis Cyberthreats Report Mid-year 2022 explores key trends in cybersecurity and data protection, and offers actionable advice to help you stay safe against the rising tide of cybercrime activity.

Vaccinating All Kids for COVID-19 May Demand a Block-by-Block Effort

The Rand Blog

Community-based organizations know how to register voters and increase census participation. Reaching out block-by-block, even door-to-door, they can be just as effective in boosting vaccination rates


SIA New Member Profile: Tempo Cyber Group

Security Industry Association

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Tempo Cyber Group provides cybersecurity analysis and strategy. The company is headquartered in Aventura, Florida.

How Microsoft Sentinel Uses Threat Intelligence to Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity

LAN Infotech

How Microsoft Sentinel Uses Threat Intelligence to Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity. Key Points: Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and widespread, making data your best friend. Data analytics is critical for security, but it’s only part of the puzzle – people and processes are also important.

How to Use Energy Efficiency Tools for Home Energy Savings


Energy efficiency tools help you contribute to a healthier climate, enhance air quality for you and your family, improve comfort and save you money. Thinking twice and doing what you can to conserve energy is a good start.


Reducing Police Violence: Q&A with Melissa Labriola

The Rand Blog

A succession of high-profile police killings has prompted some departments and communities to seek change. But data is sparse, and research is thin. Melissa Labriola helped lead a study of police violence and developed a road map for future research that could move the field forward


Expect the Unexpected: Looking Back on Season Two of Business, Interrupted


And that’s a wrap. Castellan recently finished up season two of its podcast, Business, Interrupted.”. In the season two finale, hosts Cheyene Marling and Brian Zawada reflected on some of their favorite moments. There were so many incredible guests. So many great takeaways and moments,” Marling said.

Recognizing and Preventing IT Employee Burnout


READ TIME: 3 MIN. August 31, 2022. Recognizing and Preventing IT Employee Burnout. The experience of burnout goes beyond simply having a bad day—burnout is a psychological syndrome that results from chronic exposure to adverse or stressful conditions in the workplace.

Should PMs Party?

Plan B Consulting

In the age of camera phones and social media, it has become harder for public figures to hide from the public eye. Charlie discusses how two different Prime Ministers handled leaked pictures from a crisis communications angle, and what lessons BC professionals can learn from this.

Will Robotized Fire Power Replace Manned Air Power?

The Rand Blog

Russia's war in Ukraine entered the summer of 2022 with no clear military victor in sight. Although it is important to exercise caution in drawing any major conclusions, some powerful signs about the future of warfare can be derived from this conflict


What Is Environmental Sustainability?


Environmental sustainability is a phrase that gets used often, but not everyone really understands it. Just what is environmental sustainability? The post What Is Environmental Sustainability? appeared first on Constellation Residential and Small Business Blog.


What to know about zero trust architectures


Zero trust architectures have gained rapid adoption by cybersecurity teams recently with the rise of knowledge workers moving to remote or hybrid work models.

What’s new in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud? — August 2022


Acronis is committed to making it easy for MSPs to extend their offerings and seamlessly manage Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. This blog post highlights the enhancements included in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud release 22.08. Cybersecurity Endpoint protection Innovations and technologies

Middle East Peace: The Biden Administration's Approach

The Rand Blog

The primary goal of President Biden's July trip to the Middle East was clearly to reassert U.S. leadership with traditional allies in the Arab World. There are a few points worth highlighting from the Israel/Palestine portion that may be important to keep an eye on


Now Issued, We Thank Those That Brought the 2023 NEC to the Top of the Mountain

National Fire Protection Association

It’s been a long climb to the top, but we made it – together! The NFPA Standards Council has voted to issue the 2023 National Electrical Code® (NEC®) with an effective date of September 1, 2022. With a pandemic overarching most of this revision cycle, we faced challenges never before seen in working through the NFPA Standards Development Process to create the 2023 NEC.

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A Political Perspective on the Mississippi Water Crisis

Disaster Zone blog

All disasters have some form of political element to them


3 Things Every Organization Should Do to Protect Against Cybercriminals

Risk Management Monitor

Cybersecurity should be a top priority for organizations today, especially as employees continue to work remotely without business-grade protections. In the age of COVID-19, businesses are more vulnerable than ever. Whether it is phishing scams or malware, hackers are constantly finding new ways to attack businesses. In fact, in March 2020 alone, scams increased by 400%, and have continued to increase since then.

6 Browser extensions that will raise your productivity

Online Computers

A browser extension is a small software program that can be installed on a web browser to provide additional features. You can use extensions to modify interfaces, block ads, manage cookies, customize web page styles, and more.

How Citrix Web App Firewall can help mitigate risk of authentication bypass vulnerability


Citrix has crafted new signatures and has updated its Citrix Web App Firewall signature file to help customers mitigate the recent authentication bypass vulnerability in multiple versions of Atlassian Confluence app (versions prior to 2.7.38 and 3.0.5).

Why Is Jackson’s Water System Failing?

Disaster Zone blog

It is in Mississippi