Sat.Oct 01, 2022

Guest Post: Protecting SMBs – It’s a Big Job and You’ve Got to Do It

DRI Drive

By Patrick Rougeau CBCP, CISSP, CISA, ITIL Patrick Rougeau is currently a student completing a M.S. in Cyber Security at Quinnipiac University located in Hamden, CT. Rougeau’s career spans over 16 years in disaster recovery, IT consulting/management, and cybersecurity consulting/ management.

5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Online Reputation Management

Bernstein Crisis Management

5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Online Reputation Management. I think we’d all agree any complex task goes a lot better when the proper tools and training are in place before you decide to get started, right? While it’s easy to put online reputation management on the back burner when it’s smooth sailing for your business, laying the groundwork is critical to succeeding when the inevitable storm appears on the horizon.


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International Podcast Day: What People Are Tuning In to and Why

Pure Storage

While you’re traveling, taking a walk, or doing your laundry, you probably aren’t watching live television. But, you might be listening to a podcast. . Today is International Podcast Day, and here at Pure, we’re big fans of the medium.

Aftermath of Hurricane Ian in FL

Recovery Diva

From Politico: ‘Total destruction’: Florida residents live through night of terror. The region was left with 2 million people without power and a fear that a huge death count awaits


Electrical Space: The Final Frontier

National Fire Protection Association

Electrical space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the electrical inspector.” This plays on a quote from one of my favorite Star Trek movies. Space, especially electrical equipment space in buildings, can seem like it is a final frontier because it is getting harder to come by. Or is it?

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ISO 27001 Requirements Checklist: Steps and Tips for Implementation


The ISO 27001 standard for management of information systems helps organizations of any size to manage the security of data assets such as employee information, financial information, intellectual property, and third-party information.

Disasters People Never Imagined or Considered

Disaster Zone blog

People move to places oblivious to the disaster risks of that region or specific location


Why Buying SaaS GRC Software Is a Smart Investment


As organizations and businesses around the world and across industries migrate their IT to the cloud, C-suites are faced with a new dilemma for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions: cloud versus on-premise software.

Audit 52

Disasters and Politics Makes for Strange Bedfellows

Disaster Zone blog

Ah, how being in disaster changes one’s perspective


Protecting Your Corporate Website as an Enterprise Risk Management Strategy


Organizations often view their websites as simple business cards that give customers information. Protecting your corporate website as an enterprise risk management strategy can keep your data, customers, sensitive information, and reputation safe.

American Investment in Mideast to Stay Focused on Larger Economies Amid Ukraine War

The Rand Blog

China is often viewed as the economic powerhouse in the Middle East, but the United States has extensive trade, investment, and financial links.

Civic Education, Twitter's Bot Problem, Police Reform: RAND Weekly Recap

The Rand Blog

This weekly recap focuses civic and citizenship education in America, addressing Twitter’s bot problem, why community engagement is key to police reform, and more