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Book Review: The Continuing Storm: Learning from Katrina

Recovery Diva

Review of: The Continuing Storm: Learning from Katrina. Authors: Kai Erikson, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor Emeritus of Sociology and American. Studies, Yale University and Lori Peek, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Natural. Hazards Research Center, University of Colorado Boulder. Publisher: University of Texas Press Austin Texas. ISBN: ISBN: 978-14773-2433-2 (hbk); 978-1-4773-2434-9 (pbk); 142 pages; Paperback Price $27.95;Hardcover Hardcover Price $90.00.

Using Per Protection Group SafeMode with Pure Cloud Block Store

Pure Storage

Disaster recovery—whether it’s in response to a ransomware attack or an on-premises data center failure—is an ever-present consideration on the minds of many IT teams today.


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Say Hello to VOI: The Best Way to Assess the Value of Your BCM Program


There’s a good reason business loves the concept of return on investment (ROI); it expresses the worth of an activity in terms everyone understands: dollars. However, in evaluating intangible assets such as a business continuity program, it’s more helpful to look at VOI, or value on investment.

BCM 61

Cloud Data Security Challenges, Part 1: Gaining Visibility

Pure Storage

There’s a good reason cloud security has become the fastest-growing segment of the security market: Companies are realizing that their data isn’t necessarily secure just because it’s in the cloud and behind the shield of a major hyperscaler/cloud provider. .

Improving Animal Rescue Response Times through WIRES


Everbridge’s xMatters Digital Service Availability Platform is Improving Animal Rescue Response Times through WIRES in Australia. Australia Flood Disaster 2022.

Windows 11 Security: What’s New?


Threat actors capitalized on the shift to hybrid work by launching massive attacks on end users and remote applications. Microsoft Windows, being a leader in the desktop OS and SaaS markets, was a prominent target.

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Citrix ADC with Google Anthos: Multi-layered API protection for modern apps


In the previous post in our series on Citrix ADC and Google Anthos , we covered the importance of security and how Citrix ADC can strengthen your security posture across hybrid and multi-cloud using Citrix Web App Firewall (WAF).

S5cmd for High Performance Object Storage

Pure Storage

This article originally appeared on It has been republished with permission from the author. FlashBlade is a high performance object store but many of the basic tools used for browsing and accessing object stores lack parallelization and performance.

Make Rapid-Fire Reporting Standards Work for You


The age of speedy incident reporting regulation is here. To minimize disruption from third-party attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, ransomware, and nation-state threats, regulators around the world are implementing landmark incident reporting standards.

Now in Preview: Service continuity for ChromeOS and Safari for MacOS


It has been a busy Q2 for the service continuity team at Citrix. We have been focused on growing the adoption of the feature in Citrix Cloud and have been working with customers on testing and validation.


Zero-Days Are Here to Stay: Here's How You Can Prepare


More than six months since Log4j made the headlines, the threat of zero-day exploits, or previously unknown vulnerabilities, looms large over the heads of business leaders and cybersecurity teams.

Create custom virtual channels with Citrix Workspace app for HTML5


One of the key functionalities that contributes to Citrix Workspace’s superior user and admin experience are virtual channels. These provide seamless connectivity between the server and client sides using Citrix’s proprietary ICA protocol.


Supply Chain Resiliency: Beyond Third-Party Risk Programs


With SolarWinds, Accellion, Kaseya, and Log4j, the world realized that third-party suppliers are a key vector of cyber risk.

Why Operational Maturity Helps Businesses Reduce the Great Resignation Trend by Laura Chu


Why Operational Maturity helps businesses reduce the great resignation trend. The past few years have led to fundamental business and cultural shifts for both companies and employees. .

Science and Security: Setting the Direction for the UK's Research Relationship with China

The Rand Blog

UK-China research has the potential to sustain the very forms of academic excellence that a more-isolationist approach sets out to protect, while also raising the possibility of bridge-building and tackling shared problems.

The consequences of poor IT training

Online Computers

It's no secret that New Jersey businesses today rely heavily on technology. In order to keep up with the competition, they should have a strong IT department with well-trained employees. This is why it’s unfortunate that many businesses don't realize the consequences of poor IT training.

How to Improve Safety Culture: 7 Workplace Strategies

Alert Media

The post How to Improve Safety Culture: 7 Workplace Strategies appeared first on AlertMedia. Safety and Security Safety Culture Security and Safety

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How to Manage Supplier Risk and Performance in an Uncertain Global Economy

Risk Management Monitor

Essentially every company that manufactures goods today depends on other companies to supply the raw or value-added materials that go into their finished products. Most companies recognize that good supplier relationships are more than simply arm’s length transactions between opposing parties. A better way of looking at those relationships is as partnerships—albeit ones that require management and alignment of objectives first and foremost, but ultimately mutually beneficial relationships.

Case Study: Lessons Learned from Conducting a Cybersecurity Audit

Business Resilience Decoded

Case Study: Lessons Learned from Conducting a Cybersecurity Audit by Disaster Recovery Journal & Asfalis Advisors Case Study: Lessons Learned from Conducting a Cybersecurity Audit by Disaster Recovery Journal & Asfalis Advisors