Mon.Aug 01, 2022

U.S. Intelligence Sounds Alarms on Security Impacts of Climate Change

DRI Drive

The effects of climate change will be increasingly felt by businesses and communities in the coming years. But a recent report from the National Intelligence Council outlines the many ways it could lead to global security tensions in the short and long term.

How People Analytics Can Enhance Your Company’s Workforce Development Strategy

Security Industry Association

Jill Frack is a senior project manager at Integrated Security Technologies, Inc. In the Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) 2022 Security Megatrends report , workforce development was listed as the Nov.


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What is a business continuity plan?


A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an executive-sponsored, executive-approved document that provides a roadmap for how an organization will restart operations in the event of an unforeseen, natural or human-made disaster, such as a hurricane, fire, or data breach.

SIA New Member Profile: SHP

Security Industry Association

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member SHP is a team of dynamic architects, engineers and designers whose product FrameFrog was developed to help the security and access control industry complete fully functioning installations.

Keepit Moving Forward with Certification Success and Infrastructure Investment


Since announcing Zerto Backup for SaaS and our partnership with Keepit just over a year ago, cooperation between the two companies has gone from strength to strength.

Seven Ways to Build a Truly Equitable DEI Strategy

The Rand Blog

Despite growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) roles worldwide, not much has changed with the power structure in DEI spaces, which still center on the C-suite and tend to be populated with groups that are less knowledgeable on research in DEI.


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In Remembrance of Optane

Pure Storage

Intel Corporation’s announcement last week that it’s winding down the production of its Optane memory business is a sad note for all of us in the storage industry.

Media 52

Has Health & Safety Gone Mad?

Plan B Consulting

After witnessing a near miss incident during a fishing competition, Charlie reiterates the importance of health and safety checks, risk assessments, and great response plans.

Advanced global traffic management with Citrix App Delivery and Security Service – Part 2


In the first blog post in our series , we covered Citrix App Delivery and Security service’s advanced GSLB capabilities and a use case for creating a disaster recovery site in a public cloud for your existing on-prem datacenter.

Could U.S. Weapons Assistance to Ukraine Lead to Russian Escalation?

The Rand Blog

The United States and its allies should certainly continue providing Ukraine with the matériel it needs, but they should also—in close consultation with Kyiv—begin opening channels of communication with Russia. An eventual cease-fire should be the goal, even as the path to it remains uncertai

What’s New: Automation Actions in the PagerDuty Application for Zendesk by Carrie Lacina


A Shift in Customer Expectations. The past few years have led to a significant increase in customer demands, and customer service agents are feeling the pressure. According to a recent Zendesk CX Trends report , 68% of agents report feeling overwhelmed.