Wed.Oct 05, 2022

An Insurance Debacle is coming to Florida Homeowners

Disaster Zone blog

No insurance and no flood insurance will sink many people

ISC East Session Preview: Securing IIoT Using Zero Trust — The Future of IIoT Cybersecurity

Security Industry Association

ISC East 2022 is coming up Nov.


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Rising Fire Death Rates Underscore Need for Fire Prevention Week Focus

National Fire Protection Association

Anniversaries are an important part of life. Whether personal, professional, or of historical importance, celebrating a milestone in our lives reminds us of the things that matter most to us.

Bridging the Gap Between CIOs and CFOs


READ TIME: 4 MIN. October 5, 2022. Bridging the Gap Between CIOs and CFOs. Moving your business forward with its digital strategy requires common ground between technology leaders and financial decision makers.

What is Authentication vs. Authorization? The Main Differences


Authentication and authorization are essential processes of identity and access management. While the terms are often used interchangeably, authentication and authorization fill different functions.

Video: Top 5 Things Physical Security Leaders Should Do to Enhance Cybersecurity

Security Industry Association

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month , and the Security Industry Association (SIA) Cybersecurity Advisory Board is marking the occasion with a series of blogs, articles and videos containing helpful tips and guidance on key cybersecurity topics.

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Workplace bullying as an organizational problem

Continuity Insights

Though workplace bullying is conceptualized as an organizational problem, there remains a gap in understanding the contexts in which bullying manifests—knowledge vital for addressing bullying in practice. In three studies, we leverage the rich content contained within workplace bullying complaint records to explore this issue then, based on our discoveries, investigate people management practices linked. Source. Crisis Communication Cyber Disaster Recovery Enterprise Risk Management

How Citrix works with hyperscalers to simplify your move to the cloud


Moving to the cloud might seem daunting for a growing organization. What about the downtime that affects employee productivity? Or the compromises you’ll have to make on security? Or the flexibility your workforce will have to give up?