Mon.Jun 27, 2022

FlashBlade//S and Evergreen: Future-proofing the Next Decade and Beyond

Pure Storage

Back in February, Rob Lee, CTO, Pure Storage, wrote about Why FlashBlade Is Truly Evergreen , and with our recent announcements around FlashBlade//S ® , it should be clear why building storage platforms designed for sustainability and scalability is so critical to our customers.

Environmental Racism: How Historic Redlining Continues to Affect Communities

The Rand Blog

Starting in the 1930s, neighborhoods across America were redlined—marked on government maps as too hazardous, as in, too Black or too immigrant, for federal home loans.


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Real Storage as a Service vs. B.S. (Broken Subscriptions)

Pure Storage

In the storage industry today, everyone is talking about delivering a service. I’ve previously written about subscriptions vs. as-a-service models.1 In short: Subscriptions start with financial discussions (CAPEX vs. OPEX).

Considering robotic process automation to enhance your business resilience? Here are some key considerations

Plan B Consulting

Robotic process automation can bring resilience advantages to mission-critical IT and business processes but its introduction requires wider business planning. Here Ravi Dirckze looks at key considerations on the path to effective business automation.

Adaptation or Extinction. How’s Your Storage Vendor Doing?

Pure Storage

The greatest existential threat is the lack of adaptation. Once upon a time, giant apes roamed Southeast Asia. Believed to have stood 10 feet tall and weighed around 1,000 pounds, Gigantopithecus is gone now.

Your first steps to closing the cybersecurity talent gap


According to the 2021 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, while the cybersecurity workforce gap is closing globally, it is growing in North America. As of June, 2022, over 400,000 cybersecurity professionals are needed in this region.

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10 reasons to try Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure


Organizations today are looking for a simple way to deliver apps and desktops on demand, from the cloud, with simplified management and a strong layer of security to keep data safe and off the device.

Compass 2022 Key Takeaways: Charting a New Course for Operational Resilience

Fusion Risk Management

Compass Customer Summit Series. Just like a compass helps chart a course, create a roadmap, and deliver you to your destination, Fusion assists our customers on the path to a robust, connected resilience capability.

A Presto Data Pipeline with S3

Pure Storage

This blog originally appeared on and has been republished with permission from ths author. . This post presents a modern data warehouse implemented with Presto and FlashBlade S3; using Presto to ingest data and then transform it to a queryable data warehouse.

Alert 52

SIA New Member Profile: Metrasens

Security Industry Association

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Metrasens offers leading advanced magnetic detection technologies.

S5cmd Hits v1.0 and Intro to Advanced Usage

Pure Storage

This blog originally appeared on Medium. com and has been republished with permission from ths author. . Object storage usage continues to broaden and move into applications and analytics that demand high performance.