Tue.Aug 02, 2022

Understanding the Wildfire Threat to Homes

Disaster Zone

It is fire season and you need this information


Helping Achieve Sustainable IT in the Retail Industry

Pure Storage

Everywhere you look in the retail industry, the business landscape is changing. Omnichannel marketing is revolutionizing how retailers reach customers. Behind the scenes, analytics and artificial intelligence are busy crunching the vast new waves of data being generated.


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Who Belongs to a Union?

Disaster Zone

Which occupations have the most unionization


How Policies That Punish Pregnant Women Backfire

The Rand Blog

There is overwhelming evidence and consensus from the medical and public health communities that supportive approaches are what help pregnant women with substance use disorders. Unfortunately, the overturning of Roe v.


Amazon Prepares to Support Hurricane Relief Efforts

Disaster Zone

Amazon’s size and logistics capabilities can help communities

Recession or Not? For Security Industry, the Real Question Is Still the Supply Chain

Security Industry Association

During this time of Schrodinger’s Recession – with the U.S. economy simultaneously in a recession and not in one – the resilience of the security industry during downturns is being tested. The economy contracted at an annualized rate of 0.9% during the second quarter, following 1.6%

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Security Industry Association Applauds Passage of Chips Bill

Security Industry Association

Provisions Support Security Supply Chain, U.S. Competitiveness. On July 27, the Chips and Science Act of 2022 cleared its final hurdle with passage in the U.S. House of Representatives.

How to Make Your Products Easily Recyclable


Your small business can design for recycling and contribute to a greener community. Learning how to make recycling easy for your customers is something that will pay dividends to your reputation and bottom line–in addition to improving the environment.


Hurricane Season: Tips for Your Severe Weather Response Strategies


We’re more than a month into the 2022 hurricane season and if forecasts are correct, those who live in hurricane-potential areas should prepare for an above-normal season.

The power of Citrix Hypervisor is coming to the cloud


It’s no secret that hybrid work is the future , and the cloud is here to stay.

Got a Labor Shortage? Make It Easier to Work

The Rand Blog

If the United States wants to avoid a long-term worker shortage, it should look to what policy can—but has failed to—fully address. We have a long history using carrots and sticks, but this is a problem we may not be able to cajole or punish our way out of.


Effective Citrix monitoring value-adds to Citrix Service Providers


This is a guest blog post from Rachel Berry, Technical Product Specialist, eG Innovations. Why should CSPs care about Citrix monitoring?

Job: Training and Exercise Coordinator, CISA

Disaster Zone blog

This one is in Seattle


Dedicated Incident Channel Improvements for Slack on Webhooks V3 – Early Access by Jorge Villamariona


Today, we are excited to open Early Access for our improved Dedicated Incident Slack Channel. These improvements include: Viewing all incident details, history, and updates. Performing all incident actions. Adding all responders to the channel. Posting or creating a dedicated zoom conference bridge.


Disaster Zone Podcast: School Shootings

Disaster Zone blog

The School Resource Officer's role and school shootings in general


What is Event Orchestration? 7 ways to start using this powerful new feature from PagerDuty to reduce noise and automate away manual toil today by Vivian Chan


Does your team deal with too much noise? Does your heart sink a bit when you think about how much your rulesets have sprawled in order to manage your event processing needs?

Alert 52

Security Industry Association Appoints Tom Cook and Rita Mounir to Key Group and Committee Leadership Roles

Security Industry Association

Cook assumes the role of chair of the SIA Executive Advisory Board – a panel of executive thought leaders from SIA member companies – and Mounir now serves as vice chair of SIA’s Member Engagement and Experience Committee. SILVER SPRING, Md. –

Feature Stores and Why You Need Them

Advancing Analytics

The Machine Learning and DevOps are generally well established within the data industry, with most teams having some experience with one or both and the value added by their inclusion in workflows and implementations.

Alert 52

For Complex Problems, Can You have Simple Solutions?

Business Continuity Today

When you think of Complex Problems, sometimes trying the simple solution works. However, sometimes simple is not the right answer. Let's see how we can balance the complex solution with the quick fix (that never works).

5 Heat Safety Tips for Workplace Compliance & Employee Health

Alert Media

The post 5 Heat Safety Tips for Workplace Compliance & Employee Health appeared first on AlertMedia. Safety and Security Heat safety

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